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This blog will look at regularly topical and prescient issues that go to the management of public affairs in corporations and organisations, as well as how issues management, corporate social responsibility, corporate reputation stewardship, stakeholder engagement, corporate ethics and corporate communications affect the community.

From time to time, we'll also look at issues like employee engagement with their workplaces, the impact of new media and peer-to-peer networks on large organisations and how companies are shaping public policy.

Wayne Burns

Key Insights: Trends and Developments in Leadership Communications

The Centre recently held a full-day executive education module focused on trends and developments in leadership communications. The module was led by the Centre’s Executive Director Wa.. more >

Wayne Burns

What can we learn from Boeing’s crisis response?

In recent months, Boeing has stared down a major crisis. Just three years after the model’s first flight, the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet has crashed twice, killing 336 people in the two inci.. more >

Wayne Burns

The Centre’s top five predictions for 2019

With the New Year marched in, and with most of us hardly believing that it’s been 12 months since we didn’t become better people, it’s time for the Centre to make its annua.. more >

Wayne Burns

The Centre’s new professional award and recognition framework

Following consultation and working with many of our Member organisations, the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs is launching a new professional award and accreditation framework, effective.. more >

Wayne Burns

The Centre’s Top Five public affairs predictions for 2018

As the gym named Resolution begins to morph into a bar named Regret now that New Year pledges are falling to the wayside, it is time again for the Centre to offer up its five predictions for.. more >

Wayne Burns

Best Wishes and Best Reads

As the holiday season looms, all of us at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs wish you a festive and fabulous time with your loved ones, and some down time from managing issues, reputati.. more >

Wayne Burns

Basic reputation hygiene nose-dives at United Airlines

While the fall-out continues from the online viral cyclone sparked by Dr David Dao being ‘voluntarily deplaned’ from a United Airlines flight in Chicago last week, a few observat.. more >

Wayne Burns

The Centre's Top Five predictions for corporate public affairs in 2017

As we have done in previous years (it’s déjà vu all over again), we have collated our Top Five predictions for corporate public affairs for the coming 12 months. For 2016.. more >

Daniel Arias

Social media in government relations

The next big things in social media in government relations were identified by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs in a recent webinar. Considering the reach of social media int.. more >

Daniel Arias

Trends in Corporate Responsibility reporting

Corporate responsibility reporting, if approached with deliberation and a view to tactical execution, can be used as an opportunity to identify and generate content that can engage a broad s.. more >

Daniel Arias

Effectively managing up

The Centre recently hosted a professional development webinar on good practices in managing-up. The webinar was hosted by Centre Director Wayne Burns and Robert Hadler, former Gener.. more >

Wayne Burns

The Centre’s Top Five Public Affairs Predictions for 2016

The start of a New Year turns many a businessperson’s mind to their career and business trajectory for the next 12 months. As we have done in past, the Centre has collated wh.. more >

Wayne Burns

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs to probe corporate community investment in national research on ‘giving’

I am excited to let you know that the most detailed contemporary research into business ‘giving’ in Australia – including corporate community investment – will be con.. more >

Wayne Burns

Making strategy real – the Famous Five

The road to implementing corporate public affairs strategy in the face of the constant headwinds of a dynamic business environment are littered with good intentions. The Centre’s.. more >

George Onisiforou

Tips for managing public affairs across borders

The Centre recently held a webinar on good practices in managing international affairs across borders. The webinar profited from the insights offered by two guest speakers: Peter Egglest.. more >

Wayne Burns

Five trends in 2015 that will change public affairs

Straight out of the starting blocks for 2015, we are sharing five trends the Centre has identified will be writ large in the corporate public affairs management function in 2015, and that we.. more >

George Onisiforou

Managing Public Affairs suppliers and agencies

The Centre recently hosted a professional development webinar on good practices in managing public affairs suppliers and agencies. The webinar, led by Centre Director Wayne Burns, benefitted.. more >

Wayne Burns

Corporate Public Affairs and Project Management

An oft underestimated capability residing in the corporate public affairs function is project management. Hardly among the most glamorous of business capabilities, good project mana.. more >

George Onisiforou

The human media

A study by the US-based Pew Research Centre challenges the perception of social me.. more >

Wayne Burns

10 Worst Things to Do in Corporate Public Affairs

We often read lists (they most often come in fours, sevens and tens) of action we must take or things we must do to strengthen management performance and outcomes. Over the past fe.. more >

Wayne Burns, Director Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

Which way will Weibo go?

China's micro blogging platform Sina Weibo, a phenomena whose echo chamber frequently targets foreign companies, often in campaigns and memes initiated by shady and commercially self-inte.. more >

Wayne Burns

PR is dead

Indian philosopher and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Rabindranath Tagore, last century mused: ‘Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp .. more >

George Onisiforou

Is charity still part of corporate responsibility?

In its early stages, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was mainly about handing over cheques to charities. This is not currently the case, as CSR has evolved from mere philanthropy. .. more >

George Onisiforou

The dimmed lights of the CEO

The most recent results of Edelman’s annual global survey reveal that although trust in institutions (government, business, NGOs and the media) has improved in the past year, trust .. more >

George Onisiforou

The 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs series: A snapshot of activities relating to corporate responsiblity

The Centre’s 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs research found that activities related to corporate responsibility are integrated into 65 per cent of Australian public affairs .. more >

George Onisiforou

The 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs series: Demonstrating the function’s value

Results from our 2012 State of Public Affairs research show that public affairs functions in Australia predominantly gauge their performance by assessing external stakeholder perceptions .. more >

George Onisiforou

The 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs series: Reputation matters, but not to all

Results from the Centre’s 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs survey show that many organisations are still not measuring their reputation amongst key stakeholders. There h.. more >

George Onisiforou

The 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs series: A social media world

Social media has become an accepted and important component of the public affairs function in Australia, as evidenced by the Centre’s latest survey of the function. Our recently com.. more >

George Onisiforou

The 2012 State of Australian Public Affairs series: Going the distance

Over the next few weeks we will highlight key insights from our recently completed State of Australian Public Affairs research. It is the eighth of its kind undertaken by Centre staff spa.. more >

John F. Mahon

A unique battle for the US presidency

The current battle for the Republican Presidential nomination is unique in several ways. First, there is a deeply divided fractionated Republican party between ultra conservatives, .. more >

George Onisiforou

License to lead

Edelman released the 2012 results of its annual Trust Barometer study this week, unveiling good news for the business world. The study consists of surveys of the general public in 25 coun.. more >

Wayne Burns

Insights to managing yourself more effectively

How they manage themselves is the essential 'self-raising' ingredient to the success of most highly accomplished, respected, in-demand (and highly paid) corporate public affairs executive.. more >

Wayne Burns

2012 Social Media Predictions

What has social media likely got in store for the corporate public affairs management functions in organisations (private and public sectors) in 2012? The Centre for Corporate Pub.. more >

George Onisiforou

Once again, social business

‘Social business’ is not a new term. It was first introduced by Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus to describe non-loss, non-dividend businesses focusing on social rather tha.. more >

George Onisiforou

Issues management crucial for corporate reputations

John Mahon, a leading authority on issues management and Professor of Management at the University of Maine’s Business School, addressed participants at the Centre’s Heads of .. more >

George Onisiforou

Engaging employees through social media

The Centre held a professional development module on social media and internal communications this week in Sydney. During the module, Australian public affairs practitioners had an opport.. more >

George Onisiforou

Counting on Asia

This year’s Roundtable for Asia regional heads of function and senior public affairs practitioners (held by the Centre and the US Public Affairs Council in Hong Kong) sparked off an.. more >

George Onisiforou

In need of ‘sparks’

Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist and author, describes himself as a ‘frustrated optimist’. So it is fitting that during a discussion last week in a packed Sy.. more >

George Onisiforou

Enter, stage left, cloud computing

With all the hype surrounding social media it is easy to ignore other important technological developments that can have significant impact on a company’s operations and relationshi.. more >

George Onisiforou

Priorities for public policy

Participants at the Centre’s recent Head of Function and Senior Practitioner Roundtable had an opportunity to discuss the changing political climate and pressing policy issues. <.. more >

George Onisiforou

Social media impact public affairs

The Centre recently hosted its annual Heads of Function and Senior Practitioner Roundtable in Sydney. Doug Pinkham, president of the US Public Affairs Council, addressed participants duri.. more >

George Onisiforou

Value in stakeholder engagement

Last week, the Centre hosted a practitioner breakfast meeting with prominent professor Ed Freeman, from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. During the dis.. more >

George Onisiforou

Spotlight on internal communications

Our conversations with practitioners in Australia and Asia suggest that corporations have elevated the focus afforded to internal communications as a value-creator for their business. Loo.. more >

George Onisiforou

Doing business in Asia

The Centre and the US Public Affairs Council held their annual Roundtable for regional heads of function and senior public affairs/public relations practitioners on September 3 in Hong Ko.. more >

George Onisiforou

The rise of the supply chain

A series of recent media analyses focuses on a rising number of employee protests relating to the working conditions in China and other Asia countries. Chinese workers, in particular, ar.. more >

George Onisiforou

What is reputation?

Often the worlds of academia and business interact to ‘drive’ what we call best practice. A recent article in the Corporate Reputation Review - ‘A systematic revi.. more >

George Onisiforou

Integration of communication and stakeholder engagement

The Centre’s research in Australia verifies that companies, and especially multinational corporations, are integrating their stakeholder engagement and communication efforts within .. more >

George Onisiforou

Issues framing in an economic downturn

Centre members across Australia, New Zealand and Asia had the opportunity to listen to one of the leaders in thinking, advising and writing in issues management during yesterday’s &.. more >

Wayne Burns

Integrated management function is in vogue

Three quarters of companies in Australia manage an integrated Public Affairs function — arguably the highest rate of integration internationally. The Centre for Corporate Public .. more >

Wayne Burns

The best of times, the worst of times

In ordinary times, stewarding corporate reputation can be a hard task. In extraordinary times – which the International Monetary Fund now calls a great recession – this ef.. more >

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