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This blog will look at regularly topical and prescient issues that go to the management of public affairs in corporations and organisations, as well as how issues management, corporate social responsibility, corporate reputation stewardship, stakeholder engagement, corporate ethics and corporate communications affect the community.

From time to time, we'll also look at issues like employee engagement with their workplaces, the impact of new media and peer-to-peer networks on large organisations and how companies are shaping public policy.

George Onisiforou

Everybody’s business

It now seems that for those big organisations receiving taxpayer bailout money from governments, economic troubles are the least of their worries; these companies have become increasingly.. more >

George Onisiforou

New power shift

When Facebook tried to amend its user information policy last month, it found itself being the victim of its own dynamics — this is a company that thrives in giving its users the to.. more >

George Onisiforou

Recovery dot com

The recent global economic developments have given governments a new air of authority over other institutions, including businesses. The possibility of increasing public scrutiny in priva.. more >

George Onisiforou

An era of responsibility

There are lessons to be learned for businesses in Barack Obama's inaugural address, which was a call for restoring trust in government and a promise for an era of responsibility towards h.. more >

Wayne Burns

2,408 words: powerful leadership messages

As a communication tableua, President Barack Obama's Inauguration speech is a guide to good leadership communications because of its brevity, economic use of descriptors, and because it a.. more >

Wayne Burns

Crafting the corporate message - pessimistic optimism

The New York Times columnist David Brooks has been analysing the tone of language and messages from Barack Obama noting that he has become highly skilled in December and January in the ar.. more >

Wayne Burns

Don't vacuum

Stakeholders are not likely to know about an organisation's activities unlesss thay see or hear about it in the media (including blogs and social networking sites), are involved directly .. more >

Wayne Burns

A clamour to yammer

Many of us have not yet twittered, never mind yammered.  But check out yammer.com, and think about whether this business-only microblogging site could help you and your public a.. more >

Wayne Burns

Blogging coming into its own

Well-known corporate communications blogger Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement) notes today that not all bloggers - as often assumed by many reporters - want to be journalists or be percei.. more >

Wayne Burns

Getting the message right on carbon

Governments are finding it tricky to get the messages right to influence the behaviour of the public to strike a balance between putting a price in carbon to reduce emissions, and not har.. more >

George Onisiforou

Reconsidering corporate decision-making

A few nights ago at the Lowy Institute, the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Ian Macfarlane, attributed the current economic crisis on financial executives pursuing short.. more >

George Onisiforou

A crisis for corporate social responsibility?

Public affairs practitioners can now visit the UN Global Compact's website to do some serious thinking around the implications of the current global financial crisis. The world's larg.. more >

Wayne Burns

Business in China and the Olympics afterglow

Talk to senior corporate public affairs executives working in China post the 2008 Olympics and they will tell you confidently that the Beijing Games is already changing business in the Pe.. more >

Wayne Burns

Now is the time for all good public affairs practitioners to come to the aid - of themselves!

It is June, so it must be Melbourne, Australia. And if its August, it would be Hong Kong. These are the months and the cities when my mind - and the efforts of the staff at Centre fo.. more >

Wayne Burns

Political messaging

For those of you who may be following Australian politics today, the six-months old national Labor Government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is being admonished by the Opposition and by jou.. more >

Wayne Burns

Turn the page and turn it off - it's corporate speak.

There is violent agreement among most public affairs folk that 'corporate speak' - the stock in trade of some business leaders and many politicians - is playing a starring role in diminis.. more >

Wayne Burns

Policy influence amid political bushfires

Over the years the Centre has often received calls during an election campaign from C suite executives asking how in the world they can get political candidates and elected officials to g.. more >

Wayne Burns

Welcome to the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Blog

The language of community and corporate 'stakeholders' has been given a good work out over the last month with the staging of the Olympics Torch relay, in the past a successful engagement.. more >

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