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Rebuilding trust after a crisis

Date 14 Nov 2019
Location Melbourne
Price AUD 1300.00
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Corporate public affairs practitioners and teams are in the trust business. Corporate trust informs corporate reputation. And trust has never been more valuable, nor more fragile.

With contributions from Guest Faculty comprising senior practitioners with experience in and a track record of leading trust recovery efforts in organisations, this full-day executive education module looks at good and best practice approaches, strategies, and tactics to rebuild trust with stakeholders following a crisis.

The module will be delivered by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Faculty and Guest Faculty Jane Anderson, Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Insurance Australia Group, and Christian Bennett, Head of Government Relations and Industry Affairs, Woolworths.

The module is ideal for mid-level to senior practitioners.

Graduates of this module will have been exposed to the latest trends and developments in how organisations – including leaders in their sectors and industries – rebuild trust and rebuild reputation following a crisis.

The module will feature:
• understanding the lifecycle of a crisis, trust recovery, and reputation recovery;
• investigating the very important difference between trust and reputation, and how rebuilding each of these requires vastly differing approaches and tools;
• the art of, and risks around, corporate apologies and ‘saying sorry’;
• case studies on good and best practice trust and reputation recovery;
• what can go wrong (and often does) when seeking to rebuild trust;
• how to understand stakeholder perceptions;
• the role of senior management and organisational leaders when seeking to rebuild trust;
• insights from Faculty and Guest Faculty on engaging employees as part of rebuilding trust; and
• insights from peer-to-peer discussions and learning.

This is a full-day accredited Centre for Corporate Public Affairs module, which upon completion earns the practitioner five professional development credit points, and certification that the module has been completed.

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