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International best practice in health, safety and environment regulation in the chemicals and petroleum industries.L

RUST PPK, AEA & Luminico. (RUST PPK, Environment & Infrastructure.)
Study carried out on behalf of Victorian Government Department of Business and Employment on review of International Best Practice in Health, Safety and Environment Regulation in the Chemical and Petroleum Industries. Considerable investigations were carried out within the chemical industry overseas together with the local industry. K19 - Summary Paper.

International business & societyL

Wartick, Steven L & Wood, Donna J. (Blackwell Publishers Inc., Maiden, Massachusetts., 1998)
This book explores the subject of business and society within the international environment. Key headings include:- Business and Society: Global Issues and Global Environments - SEPTE and the Global ISMs - Managing International Business - Government Relations - Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsiveness - Managing International Stakeholder Relations - Micro-Level Issues: Ethics and Values - Managing Business Ethics in Diverse Societal Environments - Tying It Together: International Issues Management and Public Affairs - Managing Global Corporate Social Performance - Business and Societies: the Future.

International Family Conference : Keynote address.L

Santamaria, B.A. (News Weekly, July 16, 1994.)
The Key note address to the Australian Family Association’s International Family Conference detailing the role of the family in history, the working mother and its impact on the family, and the future, what it holds for families in western society.

International Journal of Strategic Management. Special Theme: The stakeholder corporation. Long range planning. vol. 31, no. 2, April 1988L

Various (Elsevier Science, London, 1988)
An issue of the International Journal of Strategic Management which features articles relating to The Stakeholder Corporation. Headings include:- The Stakeholder Corporation: Introduction to the Special Issue - The Stakeholder Corporation: A Business Philosophy for the Information Age - For Whom Should Corporations Be Run?: An Economic Rationale for Stakeholder Management - Including the Stakeholders: The Business Case - Giving People a Stake in the Future - Researching the Dynamics of Board - Stakeholder Relations - Communication with Stakeholders: An Integrated Approach - Corporate Governance in China: Explosive Growth and New Patterns of Ownership - Edith Penrose: Pioneer of Stakeholder Theory

International public affairs organization.L

Unknown. (Unknown.)
A discussion paper on how a company may organise its international public affairs program. Two key considerations are the level of commitment of top management to external issues and the overall corporate management structure.

International public affairs: managing within the global villageL

Lenn, Jeffrey D. (Unknown)
This article highlights the unprecedented challenges and opportunities for public affairs professionals with the advent of globalisation. Key headings include: The New Shape of International Public Affairs - The International Imprint on the Public Affairs Portfolio - The International Imprint on the Structure of Public Affairs - The International Imprint on the Public Affairs Staff

International public relations review. Vol. 16, No. 1, 1993.L

Various (International Public Relations Association, Maryland, U.S.A. 1993.)
A journal covering worldwide public relations practice, with contributions from practitioners. Headings in this issue include:- “Public relations in Southern Africa”, “Public Relations in Finland”, “The boom in Latin America”.

International public relations: how to establish your company’s product, service, and image in foreign markets.L

Wouters, Joyce (American Management Association, New York, 1991.)
A guide to carrying out public relations strategies in foreign markets. Emphasises the need for planning and how to ensure that public relations and corporate goals are equal. Headings include:- Researching your Market - Identifying the Right Media for Your Industry - Using Foreign Agencies and Consultants - Recruiting and Hiring - Components for Success Abroad: Assuming and International Marketing Mentality - The Future is Outside our Borders: The European Common Market After 1992.

International public relations.L

Black, S. (ed.) (Kogan Page Ltd., London, 1993.)
40 case studies from the International Public Relations Association Golden World Awards for Excellence, covering the variety of challenges and opportunities facing public relations practitioners worldwide. Contents arranged under the following headings:- Corporate and Business - Public Affairs - Protecting the Environment - Employee Relations - Community Relations - Transport and Energy - Health Care and Medicine - Business to Business - Art and Culture - International Media Relations.

Introduction to government affairs at ChampionL

Champion International Corporation (Champion International Corporation.)
A copy of Champion International Corporation’s Government Affairs Program.

Investor capitalism : how money managers are changing the face of corporate America.L

Useem, Michael (Basic Books (Harper Collins),New York., 1996.)
An insight into the way in which large institutional investors such as managers of pension funds, bank trusts, insurance contracts, charity endowments and mutual funds, pool the money of small investors and have built large stakes in the countries enterprises, and how these enterprises have coped with the changes. Headings include:- 1. The Investor Challenge - The New Rules of Investor Capitalism - When Investors Challenge Company Performance - Cultural Resistance to Shareholder Insistence - Vanquishing Opponents. 2. Constructing Investor Capitalism - Restructuring the Corporation - Managing the Shareholder - Engaging the Company Director - Transforming Company Leadership - The Expanding Universe.

Investor relations : a practical guide for NASDAQ companies.L

NASDAQ Company Services (NASDAQ Company Services, Washington, 1983.)
A handbook for business on setting up an Investor Relations program. Topics covered include:- Cultivating the Investment community - Shareholder Publications - Defending Against a Takeover Attempt - Tapping New Markets.

Investor relations. (Various articles).L

St. Goar, J., McMullen, M., Pound, J. et al (Various)
Several articles by various authors relating to investor relations. Headings include:- What price investor relations - IR : staying on top in the ‘90s - Shareholder activism and share values - Coles Myer’s web of corruption.

Involvement: Westpac in the communityL

Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, 2001)
A book outlining the ways in which the Westpac Banking Corporation is involved with their local communities. The three key words to their program are Issue, Involvement and Impact.

Is anyone responsible? How television frames political issues.L

Iyengar, Shanto (University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1994.)
The issue of how television presents political issues to the public in America is covered in depth. The questions of neutrality, research, effects of episodic framing, and the way in which certain issues have been depicted are all included.

Is the PRIA sufficiently representative?L

Fisk, Denis (Public Relations, September 1993.)
An article discussing the suspected reasons for the lack of members of the PRIA and possible steps that could be undertaken to rectify the matter.

Issue analysis : tools and techniquesL

Webber, James B. (Unknown.)
An article highlighting the means available to assist in issue analysis in a business environment. Headings include:- Trend Evaluation and Monitoring - Stake- holder Audit - Scenarios - Situation Appraisal - Vulnerability Analysis - Implications Wheel - Cross Impact Analysis - Issues Alert Matrix - Strategy Implementation - Political Strategy Formulation.

Issue analysis worksheet : helpful tool for getting the jump on public issues.L

Long, Richard. (Communication Forum, Jan. 1987.)
A twenty eight step process Issue Analysis Worksheet used by Dow to lead to an Issue Overview Statement, A Strategy Proposal and A Position Paper.

Issue management : “No longer a sideshow”.L

Miller, William H. (Industry Week, November 2, 1987.)
An article defining issue management and discussing its place in the corporate hierarchy.

Issue management (a slide presentation).L

Woodhouse, Ben (Dow Chemical Company, Michigan, 1992.)
Copies of a slide presentation by the Director of Global Issues Management, Dow Chemical Co. on issue management. Topics covered include:- Profiling an Issue: Is it or isn’t it? - Developing a Global Issue Strategy: One Approach - A New Issue Management Tool: External Advisory Panels - Issue Management Means Business (see also Ia64)

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