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Issue management bibliography.L

Issue Action Publications. (Issues Action Publications, Leesburg, VA., 1995.)
A reference list of American Literature on the subject of Issue Management. Books and articles are included.

Issue Management Council : Membership Directory.L

Issue Management Council (Issue Management Council, Leesburg, VA., 1999.)
Membership Directory issued by the Issue Management Council and updated annually. Also includes Geographic listing, Organizational listing, and a Listing of issues.

Issue management guidebook.L

Unknown. (MS Management Service AG, St. Gallen.)
A guidebook presenting the theory and practice of issue management. Concepts are presented visually and written. Chapters are arranged in sequence. Chapter headings include:- The Conceptual Framework - The Issue Cosmos - The Key Activities - The Setup: Defining Issue Management Roles - The Core Competencies: Innovation and Communication.

Issue management process : a guide to understanding how we approach key issues.L

Weyerhaeuser Company. (Weyerhaeuser Company.)
A pamphlet outlining the Weyerhaeuser Company’s issue management process. Headings include:- How Issues are Identified - How Issues are Classified (Prioritized) - How Employees Will be Involved - The Benefits of Issue Management.

Issue management: a strategic approach to corporate external relations.L

Bartha, Peter F. (Issue Management Council, Leesburg, VA.)
An article summarising the evolving practice of issue management in North America. Business is learning to relate to society.

Issues Management: Theory and Practice.L

Bartha, Peter F (Gestion-Revue Internationale de Gestion, V.15, no.5.)
A discussion on issues management, the establishment of an issues monitoring system and the role of issues management within a company.

Issues addressed by existing corporate policies on health, safety and the environment : an informal survey.L

The Environmental Policy Center: Law Companies Environmental Group (The Environmental Policy Center: Law Companies Environmental Group, WashinFgton D.C., 1990.)
A report compiled to assist companies develop or update their environmental, health and safety policies.

Issues advertising.L

Hopkins, John (Unpublished.)
Copy of a speech given by John Hopkins, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs’ Lancemore Hill Conference, June, 1989. A speech outlining the principles of issues advertising - Simplify; Present in terms of public’s self interest; Be Candid; Show Balance; Advertise Before the Problem Becomes Acute; Know your Target; Use all Communication Techniques. A video which accompanied the presentation is also available (see Ivc12).

Issues Advertising.L

Ogilvy & Mather (Ogilvy & Mather, Melbourne, 1989.)
A selection of advertisements relating to a variety of issues - companies include: - Waste Management Inc. - Shell - Weyerhauser Forest Industries - Smith Barney (Investment Firm) - Aids (Grim Reaper Advertisement) - Partnership for Drug Free America - Tylenol. Copy of presentation delievered by John Hopkins, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather also available (see Ia31).

Issues and image research : the issues have changed.L

Morgan, Gary C. (Roy Morgan Research Centre P/L.,1989.)
A presentation to the Lancemore Hill Conference on Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, June 1989. The paper details the changes in the public attitude to issues which concern them and how they are measured.

Issues management - case studies. Key concepts of issues management.L

Bartha, Peter F. (Canadian Business Review, Summer 1984.)
A discussion of the key concepts of issues management to help in the analysis of case studies from the perspective of astute business firms.

Issues management - new tool for old times.L

Ashley, William C. (Unknown)
An article outlining the need for companies to have in place an effective crisis management program rather than waiting for a crisis to happen. Headings include:- Current Styles, Past Needs - Defining Strategic Issues - Five Steps to Effectiveness - Functional Involvement or Who Does What.

Issues management - what are the issues? : an introduction to issues management.L

Johnson, Jon. (Business Quarterly, Autumn 1983.)
An article discussing issues management, its definition and the role of Canadian companies in identifying, evaluating, and responding to the social and political issues which may impact upon them. Headings include:- Issues Management Process - Impediments to Effective Issues Management - Methodological Impediments - The ‘Credibility Gap’ - Overcoming the Impediments - The Task Force Approach.

Issues management : corporate fad or corporate function.L

Wartick, Steven L., Rude, Robert E. (California Management Review, Vol. XXIX, No. 1, 1986)
An article investigating issues management, its history , current status and what the future holds. Headings include:- IM: The First Decade - IM: Current Status - IM: An Assessment - IM: Resolving the Identity Problem.

Issues management (slide presentation-abridged version).L

Woodhouse, Ben (Dow Chemical Company, Michigan, 1992.)
A copy of a slide presentation by Ben Woodhouse from Dow relating to issues management in the Chemical Industry. Headings include:- Profiling an Issue - Developing a Global Issue Strategy: One Approach - A New Issue Management Tool: External Advisory Panels - Issue Management Means Business (see also Ia7).

Issues management in political parties.L

Short, Jim. (Unpublished.)
An address to the Public Relations Institute of Victoria on the need for political parties to recognise issues within their own party on such things as leadership, policy formation and in a broader sense issues such as Republicanism, Mabo and Multiculturalism and their effect on the wider community.

Issues management in strategic planningL

Renfro, William L. (Quorum Books, Westport, Conn., 1993.)
The issues management process is presented and explained in detail, followed by how to design and build an issues management function into an organization and the role of the issues media in the public issue process. Headings include:- Issues Management: Origins, Concepts and Models - Organisational Design - The Evolving Issues Process.

Issues management model : Corporate affairs concepts.L

Allen, Geoff (Allen Consulting Group P/L., Melbourne, 1992.)
A system of analysis to aid in clarifying a set of amorphous issues and assist in the development of priorities and strategic plans. It helps to raise awareness of issues and be the basis upon which a research and advocacy agenda can be fixed.

Issues management process.L

Allen Consulting Group Pty. Ltd. (Unpublished.)
An article highlighting the benefits of an issues management process to aid the development of priorities and strategic plans. Headings include:- “Stakeholder Theory”, “The Legitimacy Gap”, “Issues Scanning and Vulnerability Analysis”, “The Issues Life Cycle”, “Creating Opportunities and Repositioning Issues”, “Assessing Priorities”.

Issues management: an examination of issue identification and issue analysis activities in corporations.L

Sullivan, Maureen E. (Issue Management Council, Leesburg, VA.)
A study of issues management taking a grounded theory approach, arguing that corporations structure the function according to their particular needs. Issue identification and analysis are studied in detail. The role of the public relations practitioners in issue identification and analysis activities is also examined.

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