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Lean and mean: the changing landscape of corporate power in the age of flexibility L

Harrison, Bennett (Basic Books (Harper Collins), New York, 1994.)
This book puts forward the view that the big corporation is not dead but alive and well and playing a major role in the global economy. Key headings include:- Reassessing the Idea that Small Firms are the Economic Development Drivers - The Emerging System of Globally Networked Production - Rethinking Economic Development Policy.

Legal dimensions of international grantmaking.L

Various (Council on Foundations, Washington, DC., 1999.)
A series of articles relating to the way in which US corporations and foundations are responding to opportunities to make charitable expenditures abroad. These articles were published in International Dateline a publication of the Council on Foundations. Headings include:- Simpler Approaches to Cross-Border Giving Through Domestic Collaborations - Private Ruling Takes Pragmatic Approach to International Regranting - International Donor-Advised Funds - How a Private Foundation can use “Friends of” Organizations - Grantmaking by Private Foundations in the International Arena - What’s Behind the Foreign Public Charity Equivalence Affidavit? - The Out of Corpus Rule Reviewed.

Legal issues arising from Aboriginal claims affecting public affairs in the mining and energy industries.L

Hunt, Michael (Institute for International Research Group of Companies)
A background paper on the “Management of Aboriginal Issues”, outlining the challenge for public affairs professionals in managing the impact of Aboriginal issues on their companies’ mining, petroleum or other development projects. The legal aspects are outlined in detail.

Lessons from the literature on downsizing and reorganization in the 1990’s.L

H.R.N. (H.R.N., Philadelphia, PA, 1993.)
An article evaluating the relative success or failure of downsizing and reorganization of Fortune 500 companies during 1992 and 1993.

Lessons of Wesley Vale.L

Ryan, Gerald (Mallesons, Stephen Jaques.)
A paper detailing how companies should go about developing major projects in today’s environmentally conscious Australia.

Let the people judge : Wise Use and the private property rights movement.L

Echeverria, J. & Eby R.B. (eds.) (Island Press, Washington D.C., 1995.)
A collection of articles by various authors outlining the work and ideology of the Wise Use movement in the U.S.A. and their differences of opinion with environment protection and conservation movements. Key headings include:- The Wise Use and Property Rights Movements - Conservation Leaders Speak Out - Resource Conflicts - The Takings Issue - The Economics of Conservation - People and Wildlife - Effective Activism - Message and the Media.

Leveraging state government relations: how to win in today’s most critical public policy arenas.L

Pedersen, W. (ed.) (Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., 1990)
A Public Affairs Council Handbook reflecting the need for strong, innovative and technically advanced public affairs programs targeted at the new powerful decision makers. Headings include:- Evolution of a Function - The New Environment - Managing, Marketing, Measuring - Ways and Means - Help Isn’t Far Away.

Leveraging the impact of public affairs. Chapter 1 - Reviewing your relationship with executive management. L

Nowlan, Stephen E. & Shayon, Diana R. (H.R.N., Philadelphia, PA.)
An article outlining the often precarious relationship between public affairs professionals and management. Key headings include - Successful Relationships - Evaluating your Performance in Supporting Corporate and Division Management - The Evaluation Checklist - Improving your Relationship Management Performance.

Leveraging the impact of public affairs. Chapter 2 - What’s right and what’s wrong in your department.L

Nowlan, Stephen E. & Shayon, Diana R. (H.R.N., Philadelphia, PA..)
An evaluation process designed to help pinpoint ways your department can improve its operations. Headings include:- Management by Objective - Your Department Relationship to the Health of the Company - Efficiency of Effort - Developing the Skills of the People in your Department - Building a Constituency in the Company - Relationships with your Department’s Superior - Decentralizing your Programs and Activities - Future Orientation - Contact with Major Organizations and Activist Leaders.

Lifting the lid on Canberra.L

Various. (Financial Review, Tuesday June 8, 1993.)
A special 12 page report on Canberra, the bureaucracy, lobbyists, a guide to parliament house, a cabinet document, legislation and more.

Listening & responding: Shell’s approach to sustainable developmentL

Shell Australia (Shell Australia, Melbourne, 2002)
A folder of information relating to Shell’s advances in meeting their commitments on sustainable development in Australia and overseas.

Lobbying Canberra in the nineties : the government relations game.L

Sekuless, Peter. (Allen & Unwin, Nth. Sydney, 1991.)
An insight into the role of a Lobbyist in Canberra. The author, a lobbyist for twelve years under the Fraser and Hawke Governments draws on his experience of government minders and bureaucratic red tape. Chapter headings include:- The Lobbying Industry - Services Provided by Professional Lobbyists - Coping with the Bureaucracy.

Lobbying the new regime.L

Hooper, Narelle (Business Review Weekly, May 7, 1993.)
An article discussing the role of lobbyists and special interest groups in influencing government and the decision-making process.

Long range plan 1998-2000.L

1998 Long-Range Planning Task Force. (Public Affairs Council, USA, 1998)
A systematic look by the Public Affairs Council at their operating environment, membership needs and expectations, and strategic priorities. This document is designed to help members get the maximum return for their membership dues. Key headings include:- Public Affairs Issues; Council Management Issues; Mission Goals and Master Strategies; Implementation Priorities.

Looking for signs along the righteous path.L

Way, Nicholas (Business Review Weekly, Dec., 23, 1996.)
An article outlining the value to Australian companies of carrying out sound business ethics when dealing with overseas companies and offshore branches of their own companies.

Looking good & doing good : corporate philanthropy and corporate power.L

Himmelstein, Jerome L. (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, USA., 1997.)
This book explores the culture and politics of corporate giving in America, why it has become politicised and how corporations are responding to controversy about their donations. Key headings include:- “The Making of Corporate Philanthropy “, “The Workaday Worldview of Corporate Philanthropists “, “The Dilemmas of Corporate Philanthropy”, “Corporate Giving Under Fir e : Planned Parenthood and The Capital Research Center”, “Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Politics”, “An Economic Act with Social and Political Dimensions”.

Mabo and afterL

Durack, Peter; Brunton, Ron; Rutherford, Tony (Institute of Public Affairs, Perth, 1992)
Three articles outlining the Mabo case and its aftermath. 1. The Consequences of the Mabo Case. 2. Mabo and oral traditions 3. Some political and economic implications

Mabo: A Judicial revolution: the aboriginal land rights decision and its impact on Australian lawL

Stephenson, M.A. and Ratnapala, Suri (Ed.) (University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia, Queensland, 1993)
A collection of articles by expertis in law relating to the Native Title Act. Headings include:- Public Law Aspects - Mabo and Its Implications for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders - Mabo and Political Policy-making by the High Court - Mabo and Land Rights - Searching for a Golden Thread - 204 Years of Invisible Title - Mabo - A New Dimension to Land Tenure - Whose Land Now? - Native Title and Pastoral Leases - Copyright Protection for Australian Aborigines in the Light of Mabo - Folk-Law or Folklore: When a Law is Not a Law. Or Is It? - Some Problems of Proof: The Admissibility of Traditional Evidence - Mabo and the Miners.

Mabo: the native tile legislation: a legislative response to the High Court’s decisionL

Stephenson, M.A. (Ed.) (University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia, Queensland, 1995)
A sequel to “Mabo: A Judicial Revolution” this book is a collection of articles by experts in law, native title claims, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal matters who view the legislation from many angles.

Machiavelli’s legacy to public affairs: a modern tale of servants and princes in UK organisations.L

Harris, Phil.; Moss, Danny; Vetter, Nadja. (Unpublished. Centre for Corporate and Public Affairs, Manchester Metropolitan Univ., Manchester, UK.)
This paper reviews the public affairs and corporate lobbying functions within a number of leading UK organisations. It suggests both have gained increasing recognition particularly within the highly regulated sectors of industry. Key headings include:- “Defining Public Affairs”, “Corporate Lobbying”, “Practitioner Roles”, “Reporting Relationship and Management Interaction”, “Involvement in Management Decision Making”, “Factors Affecting Public Affairs Practitioner Roles”.

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