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Monitoring the business environmentL

Sharp, Daniel A. (Unpublished)
Paper presented to 1983 Heads of Roundtable Business International, Guilin, China. Paper analyses the various ways in which US multinational corporations structure their assessments of the external business environment.

Moree aboriginal employment strategy: a report to Reconciliation StrategyL

Lewis, Griff (Reconciliation Australia, Kingston, ACT., 2001)
The MAES was set up to address race relation problems in the Moree area and to increase Aboriginal employment in the local cotton industry. Key Headings include: A Profile of Moree - Moree Aboriginal Employment Strategy - Employment Statistics and Outcomes - Operational Features - Improving the Strategy - Impact on Moree - The Future of the Moree Aboriginal Employment Strategy - The Application of the Moree Model in Other Centres.

Multinationality and illegal corporate behaviour : an empirical examination.L

Nigh, Douglas & Cochran, Philip L. (College of Business Admin., Penn. State Univ.)
This paper examines the relationship between the degree of multinationality of a corporation and the incidence of serious corporate crime. Implications for managers and regulators are discussed.

National Australia Bank and the News Media.L

Unknown (National Australia Bank.)
An outline of why a large bank needs to have a good working relationship with the media. Areas covered include:- “Handling Inquiries”, “What Journalists Want”, “Interview Checklist”, “Telephone Inquiries”, “Radio Interviews”, “Television”.

National Civic Review: Making Citizen Democracy Work. Vol. 87, No. 2, Summer 1998.L

Various (Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1998.)
A journal relating to civic issues. Key headings in this issue include:- Dialogues on Philanthropy and Community Building - Strategic Grantmaking and Community Building - the Role of Foundations in Influencing Public Policy - Foundation Initiatives and the Dialogue on Race - Comprehensive Community Building and the New Challenges of Devolution and Welfare Reform - The Role of Community Foundations and Regional Associations of Grantmakers as Successful Models - The Importance of the Civil Sector - Public-Policy Partnerships Between Universities and Communities - Philanthropy and Community Building - A Civil Education for the Twenty-First Century: Preparing Students for a Three-Sector Society - Mobilizing Citizens: Study Circles Offer a New Approach to Citizenship.

National Native Title Tribunal Annual Report 1994/95L

National NativeTitleTribunal (Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1995)
The Annual Report of the National Native Title Tribunal. Key headings include:- Statutory Framework - Establishment of the Tribunal - Mission Statement and Statement of Objectives - Policies, Practices and Procedures of the Tribunal - Operation of the Tribunal - Access and Equity - Administration of the Tribunal - Historical Context to Native Title Applications - Financial Statements

National native tribunal: a guideL

National Native Title Tribunal (National Native Tribunal, Melbourne, 1994)
This booklet is intended as an introduction to the work of the National Native Title Tribunal and how it relates to the Native Title Act 1993.

National Nine Network Business Sunday : regarding- Contaminated Peanut Butter. 11.8.96.L

National Nine Network, Business Sunday. (Rehame, Australia Monitoring Services, 1996.)
An outline on the contamination of peanut butter at Kraft Foods, their handling of the problem and how they intend to re-establish peanut butter in the market place and win back consumer confidence. 10 mins.

National strategy for the management of intractable wastes. Public Review Document. L

Aust. & N.Z. Environment & Conservation Council (Australia & N.Z. Environment & Conservation Council. 1991.)
A collection of documents for consideration by interested parties in relation to forming a National Strategy for the management of intractable wastes in Australia in 1991.

Native Title: legislation with commentary by the Attorney-General’s Legal PracticeL

Attorney General’s Department, Canberra (Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1993)
The Native Title Åct 1993 together with a foreward by the Attorney General, Commentary and Index by the Attorney-General’s Legal Practice - National Native Title Tribunal Regulations - Second Reading Speech

Nestle crunch. L

Moskowitz, Milton (Business and Society Review, no. 21, 1995.)
An in depth review of two books relating to the Nestle Infant Formula crisis and boycott from 1977 to 1984. “Multinational Corporations and the Impact of Public Advocacy on Corporate Strategy : Nestle and the Infant Formula Controversy”, by S. Prakesh Sethi and “Leadership in Action “ Tough-minded Strategies from the Global Giant”, by Helmut Maucher.

Net Activism : how citizens use the Internet.L

Schwartz, Ed. (Songline Studios, Inc., Sebastapol, C.A. 1996)
A n explanation on how to use the Internet to return political power to grassroots level. Headings include - Getting Connected - Tools, Trolling for Information - Advocacy - Neighbourhoods - Virtual Politics. Useful Internet sites and addresses are included.

New directions for corporate political strategy.L

Keim, G.D.; Zeithaml, C.P. & Baysinger, B.D. (Sloan Management Review, Spring, 1984.)
An article examining the issues and questions surrounding Political Action Committees and Constituency Building Programs, their strengths and weaknesses and their role in business-government relationship.

News in power.L

Tiffen, Rodney (Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, N.S.W., 1989.)
This book is made up of three parts:- 1. News production - the practices, conventions and constraints of media institutions. 2. Interests and strategies of those who seek to influence news content. 3. Interactions between news and politics.

No is not an answer : lobbying for success.L

Cullen, Peter (Allen & Unwin, Nth. Sydney, 1991.)
An insight into the role of a professional Lobbyist in Canberra using case stories to illustrate the work. Preceded by an in depth study of Lobbyists by Professor Clem Lloyd - Political Lobbying: Dynamiting or Gentle Persuasion?. Case studies demonstrate work for Nurses, Dental Technicians, the Legal Profession, Single Mothers, Drug Importation, and Clothing Manufacture.

No toxic dump: a triumph for grassroots democracy and environmental justiceL

Strangio, Paul (Pluto Press Australia Limited, Annadale, N.S.W., 2001)
This book is the account of the community of Wyndham’s fight with the multinational corporation CSR and the Victorian government against a proposed prescribed waste landfill (toxic dump) in their community. Particular attention is paid to the resident’s action group and the courage of its leaders. Key headings include:- The Key Stakeholders - Industrial Waste and the Elusive Search for a Solution - A Grassroots Movement - A Paper War - Mass Mobilisation - Resistance and Victory - Not in Anyone’s Backyard

No toxic incinerator site ‘off limits’.L

Lagan, Bernard (Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, 14-5-1991.)
Newspaper article outlining the debate on the site for a toxic waste incinerator.

Note on lobbyists and interest groups.L

Fox, J. Ronald. (Harvard Business School, Boston, MA., 1981.)
An article outlining the history of lobbying in the United States, the different types of lobbyists, their activities, how successful are they and how they are regulated. Headings include:- The History of Lobbying - The Lobby Corps - Lobbyists’ Activities - Tools of the Trade - Strategies of Influence - Regulations of Lobbyists and Current Congressional Reactions.

Notes on international risk analysisL

Unknown (Unknown)
Articles and notes relating to changes that have taken place in multinational companies in response to environmental turbulence. Headings include:- Corporate Response to External Volatility - Country Risk Assessment - Forecasting Methodology - Organising for Issues Monitoring - What Should You Monitor - Getting Information: Where to Start - Practicalities. Notes conclude with several scenarios.

NRMA Today Edition 7, Winter 1993L

NRMA (NRMA Publication, 1993)
“Community Relations”, NRMA developing mutually beneficial relationships with key groups. An address by Ray Willing at a conference, “Power and the Community”, organised by the New South Wales Council of Social Service in November, 1992.

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