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The Centre's Library and Resource Centre holds a wealth of domestic and international publications and newsletters, case materials and other information on corporate public affairs.

Problems in communicating with and through the media.L

Schmertz, Herbert. (Mobil Oil Corporation.)
An outline of an intensive communications effort by Mobil in the early 70’s. Case histories are presented in an effort to help others deal with the media.

Problems of American business ethics.L

Benson, George C.S. (Unpublished.)
A study into the question of business ethics in America. The author feels education across the whole spectrum and the use and support of government for enforcement of ethical standards would improve the situation.

Proceedings of the first international symposium on stakeholders.L

Weiler, John E. (ed.) (School of Business Administ., Uni. of Dayton, 1988.)
Edited transcripts of presentations of an international symposium on the meaning and implications of the stakeholder concept. Areas covered include:- Managing for Stakeholders - Stakeholder Experiences - Stakeholders or Communism.

Process mapping document.L

Unknown (Unknown.)
A process mapping document used by a public affairs department to manage media processes, and public speeches.

Professional Services Directory, 2001L

Public Affairs Council. (Public Affairs Council, Washington, DC., 2001)
A book containing a list of all the Public Affairs Council member consulting firms.

Profits and principles - does there have to be a choice?L

Royal Dutch/Shell Group (Group External Affairs, Shell International, London, 1998.)
A report distributed by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group describing how the group are striving to live up to their responsibilities - financial, social and environmental. Key headings include:- Living up to our Principles - Issues and Dilemmas - Contributing to Society - Message from the Chairman which includes a detailed ‘Road Map’ of the Group’s plans to manage and measure their contribution to sustainable development and social accountability.

Public affairs : profit center?L

Laird, Nick L. (Unknown.)
An article discussing the role of a public affairs department and how it can add documented value to the company’s profits.

Public affairs / government relations as a strategic functionL

Baetz, M. & Fleisher, C. (1994 IABS Proceedings, Hilton Head, Sth. Carolina.)
This paper describes the conditions required for treating public affairs and government as a strategic organisational function. The significance and variety of environmental threats and opportunities which necessitate the formulation and implementation of a socio-political strategy and the elements involved in formulating and implementing it.

Public affairs benchmarking : observations and insights.L

Fleisher, C. & Burton, S. (Unpublished.)
An article discussing the relation between Quality strategies and benchmarking and detailing the four common phases of the benchmarking process. Headings include:- Relationship of Benchmarking to Total Quality Management - Defining P. A. Benchmarking - Examples of P.A. Items that can be benchmarked - Checklist of Questions for the Planning Phase - Checklist of Questions for the Data Collection Phase - Checklist of Questions for the Analysis Phase - Checklist of Questions for the Implementation Phase.

Public Affairs Benchmarking: A Comprehensive Guide.L

Fleisher, C et al. (Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., 1995.)
A handbook for Public Affairs Managers to provide them with the know-how to take measures to improve their function to attain ever-higher performance targets, goals and improvements. Provides information regarding specific roles, issues, functions and problems. Divided into three sections:- Introduction to Public Affairs Benchmarking - Setting the Stage - Four Stages of Benchmarking.

Public Affairs Council - report of the task force on international public affairs.L

Public Affairs Council Taskforce. (Public Affairs Council, 1983.)
A report on the function of international public affairs disciplines and how they differ from domestic public affairs, their importance to the company at home and abroad. Key headings include:- The Parameters - Organization - Resources - Current and Emerging Issues - The Public Affairs Council Role.

Public affairs in Government. Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Institute Program.L

Deighton, James (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, 1994.)
Results of a survey carried out on the public affairs sections of five Commonwealth and five State government department by the Centre in June-July 1994.

Public affairs management.L

Mahon, J. (Boston University, Boston, 1984.)
Course notes on the subject of public affairs management. Headings include:- The External Environment - Dealing with the Public and Government - New Innovations - Public Affairs and the Management of Relationships.

Public affairs offices and their functions : summary of survey responses.L

Public Affairs Research Group, Boston University (Publ. Aff. Res. Grp, Sch. of Manag., Boston Univ. 1981)
Results of a survey designed to explore and analyse Public Affairs activities of major U.S. companies to determine how they assist in effective communication with government and the general public; and their role in assisting managers interpret trends in the regulatory, political and social environment.

Public Affairs Review: Journal of the Public Affairs Council. ANNO 2003L

Various (Public Affairs Council, Washington, DC, 2003)
This journal contains the 2003 Annual Reports of the Public Affairs Council and the Foundation for Public Affairs. Titles of articles include:- As Election ‘04 Nears, New Calls for An Examination of the Corporate Soul - Reforming the Corporation: The Questions Public Affairs Must Ask - A Corporate Critic’s Analysis: The Market, Not the Law, Will Correct the Problems of Governance - A Veteran’s Guide to Managing Crises - Corporate Social Responsibility and the Web: A Partnership Smart Companies Will Encourage - A Complete Guide to the Proper Care and Feeding of News Medius Packus

Public affairs strategic plan- Air Products.L

Unknown (Air Products, 1985.)
A copy of the public affairs strategic plan for the Air Products company. Headings include:- “Worldwide public affairs mission”, “Public affairs history”, “Strategic objective statement”, “Department Organization chart”, “Personnel/Budget data”, “Public affairs strategic plan”, “Department policies: Media relations - Marketing Communications - Government Relations - Corporate Philanthropy - Community Relations”.

Public Affairs SurveyL

Various (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne.)
A folder containing material relating to Public Affairs Surveys carried out over several years for the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs in Australia. Comparison of American companies are also in the folder.

Public affairs training seminar.L

Bell, Thomas (Unknown)
An audio tape recorded at a Public Affairs Seminar in 1992. The presenter is Thomas Bell of Burson-Marsteller. A comprehensive coverage of the role of a public affairs officer.

Public and government affairs.L

Texaco U.S.A. (Texaco, U.S.A.)
An article outlining how a Public and Government Affairs office functions within a large organisation. Its main role is to identify issues and communicate effectively with various segments of the public, including legislative bodies and regulatory agencies.

Public assessment/understanding of riskL

A.B.C. Health Report. (A.B.C. Radio Programs, Sydney. 1994.)
An item from the A.B.C. Radio Program ‘Health Report’.

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