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Reactions to unjust dismissal and third party dispute resolution: a justice framework.L

Youngblood, Stuart A. et al. (Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania. )
Research study into the reasons why dismissed workers view their dismissal as unjust and their response to third party dispute resolution interventions. Implications for future research, management practice, and third party dispute resolution are discussed.

Readings and Canadian cases in business, government and society.L

Baetz, Mark C. (ed.) (Nelson Canada, Scarborough, Ont. 1993.)
A collection of readings and case studies, related to business, government relations. An aid to anticipating and analysing government and social developments as they relate to the private sector and how to plan effective methods for responding to them.

Recognizing quality achievement : no cash award programs. Report No. 1008.L

Troy, Kathryn (Conference Board, New York, 1992.)
This report profiles steps companies take to design, implement and monitor a no cash recognition program as part of a total quality management effort by their workforce. Headings include:- “The importance of Employee Recognition”, “Designing and Administering a No cash Recognition Program”, “Program Reassessment and Renewal”, “Appendix: Summaries of External Quality Award Programs”.

Reconciling economics and the environment.L

Bennett, Jeff & Block, Walter (ed.) (Australian Institute for Public Policy, Perth. W.A. 1991.)
A collection of essays aimed at reconciling apparent conflict between environment protection and economic growth. Chapters include:- The Economics of the Green Society - Land Degradation : Economic causes and cures - Chemophobia and Activist Environmental Antidotes : Is the cure more deadly than the disease? - Addressing the Limits of Market Solutions.

Reflections on the corporation as a social invention.L

Meckling, William H. & Jensen, Michael C. (Univ. of Rochester, Grad. Sch. Manag., Roch., NY., ‘83)
An article discussing what the corporation is, or is not, how certain misconceptions about the corporate form are fostered by its critics as part of their attack, often under the guise of “protecting” investors from self-interested managers.

Reforming federal regulation.L

Litan, Robert E. & Nordhaus, William D. (Yale University Press, New Haven, 1983.)
Written as a result of the authors serving on the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers from 1977 to 1979. A case for the need for regulatory reform. Key headings include:- What Directions for Regulatory Reform? - Estimated Impacts of Regulation - The Political and Economic Defects of the Regulatory Process - A Regulatory Budget.

Reglomania : the curse of organisational reform and how to cure it.L

Gilbert, Roy (Prentice Hall, Sydney, 1991.)
A guide for bureaucrats and managers from the private sector for behaving more innovatively and creatively when implementing and reviewing programs, rather than a regulated way of thinking.

Regulation by confrontation or negotiation?L

Reich, Robert B. (Harvard Business Review, May - June, 1981.)
An article investigating the role of intermediaries in the federal regulation of industry in Washington, how they work, the influence they exert. Headings include : - Common Explanations of Regulatory Confrontation - Business-government Intermediaries - Principles of Intermediaries’ Success - Breaking the Circle - Negotiation, not Confrontation.

Reinventing Australia : the mind and mood of Australia in the 90s.L

Mackay, Hugh (Angus & Robertson, Pymble, N.S.W. 1993.)
Based on The Mackay Report this is an account of the change in the attitudes of Australians over the past 20 years.

Report of Australia and New Zealand Corporate Public Affairs Survey. 1996.L

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. Australia. (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne. 1996.)
The third report produced by the Centre aims to profile corporate public affairs functions and professional staff; portray those functions’ management practices; track the development of the function. Key headings include:- “Profile of Survey Respondents”; “How Enterprises Define Public Affairs”; “How Enterprises Manage Public Affairs”; “The Status of the Public Affairs Within Enterprises”; “How Public Affairs Functions Manage Their Resources”; “Emerging Issues and Trends”.

Report of National Public Affairs Survey. 1994.L

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne. 1994.)
Results of a survey carried out by the Centre in 1994 to inform its members on ‘the state of the function’ in Australia and New Zealand.

Report on continuous disclosureL

Companies and Securities Advisory Committee (Companies and Securities Advisory Committee, Sydney, 1996)
The Companies and Securities Advisory Committee were required to examine the effectiveness of the continuous disclosure regime for listed companies, based on adherence to the Listing Rules and the respective roles of the Australian Securities Commission and Australian Stock Exchange in improving the integrity of the securities markets. Key headings include:- Summary of the Report and Recommendations - The Current Continuous Disclosure Requirements.

Report on Koppers Plant. (U.S.A.)L

Channel 7 News Department. (Channel 7 News.)
A news report into the Koppers Wood Treatment Plant. Company have attempted to clear the site of toxicity but nearby residents are suing the company because of unexplained illnesses.

Report on reform of the law governing corporate financial transactionsL

Companies and Securities Advisory Committee (Companies and Securities Advisory Committee, 1991)
A report in response to abuse by corporate controllers following corporate collapses of the 1980s. Headings include: Transactions with Certain Officers and Related Entities - Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest by Directors - Disclosure of Benefits Given to Directors - Prohibition of Benefits in Connection With Transfer of Company’s Undertaking or Property - Disclosure to Commission

Report on the environmental reporting practices of Australian corporationsL

Deegan, Craig (Unpublished)
This paper examines the issues pertaining to the environmental disclosures made by Australian companies within their annual reports.

Reporting business : a report into the attitudes, values and practice of business, finance and economics journalism in Australia.L

Schultz, Julianne (ed.) (University of Technology, Sydney. Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. 1993.)
Working paper no. 5. Examines the values, aspirations and practices of business journalism in Australia. Includes survey results, an analysis of business reporting in the 80’s and an overview of some ethical dilemmas facing these specialist journalists.

Reporting on corporate performanceL

Elkington, John (UNEP, 1996)
An article published in UNEP - Focus on Environmental Disclosure outlining the need to report on the environmental performance of companies and industry sectors. A benchmarking tool used to evaluate the reports is discussed.

Repositioning business in a changing societyL

Burke, Edmund (Center for Corp. Comm. Relations at Boston Coll.,1993)
An outline as to how advocacy groups today play a major role in defining and initiating social policies for government and business. These groups also monitor corporate performance, and the company’s relationship with the community.

Reputation risk management.L

Green, Peter Sheldon (Pitman Publishing, London, 1992.)
An examination of the guidelines needed for establishing a reputation risk management program. Case studies included throughout the text. Key headings include:- Valuing Reputation - What are the Risks - Whose Responsibility is it? - The Bones of and R.R.M. Program and Risk Assessment Revisited - Preparation and early Action - The Full-blooded Crisis - Equipment for Crisis Management - Lawyers and other Experts.

Research from the Boston University School of Management.L

Various (School of Management, Boston University, 1992.)
A catalogue of research papers from the Boston University School of Management. Includes:- Working Paper Series - Manufacturing Roundtable Research Report Series - Entrepreneurial Management Institute Working Papers - The Institute for Accounting Research and Education Working Papers and Cross-Referencing.

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