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Securing Australia’s future: 2001 reviewL

Business Council of Australia (Business Council of Australia, Sydney, 2001)
The 2001 Review from the Australian Business Council highligts the need for Australia to continue to grow globally and locally and outlines the ways in which this has been achieved and should continue into the future. Priorities outlined are - Taxation, Regulatory Reform, Education and Training, Information Economy and Greenhouse. Other areas covered in the review are - Energy - Future Directions - Corporations Law - Regulatory Reform - Sustainable Development - Reconciliation

Shareholders’ questions.L

K.P.M.G. Peat Marwick (K.P.M.G. Peat Marwick, U.S.A., 1991.)
A booklet to assist directors and management in their response to questions posed by shareholders. More than 500 questions on a variety of topics which include:- Shareholder Relations - Corporate Governance - Operations and Controls - Internal and External Auditing - Financial Institutions.

Shell in Australia 2004: who we are, what we do.L

Shell Australia Limited (Shell Australia Limited, Hawthorn East, Vic. 2004)
A publication issued by Shell Australia for readers to gain a sense of ‘who we are and what we do’, and a desire to listen, respond and contribute in a meaningful way to the community at large. This is undertaken by acting responsibly, embracing sustainable development, engaging with the community, supporting communities and valuing our people. Key headings in the report include:- An Interview with the Chairman - Economic Performance - Environmental Performance - Social Performance - Exploration, Production and Gas - Oil Products (Refining and Marketing).

Shell in the Niger Delta.L

Shell Film Video Unit. (Tim Parsons & Assoc., St. Kilda. 1992.)
A video produced by Shell to answer critics of their drilling program for oil and gas in the Niger Delta. The program provides revenue to the Nigerian government and employment but at what social and environmental cost? 20 mins.

Shell management course study outline. Public affairs organization.L

Shell Company (Shell Company, 1975.)
A document used by the Shell Company to highlight the role of public affairs within the organization.

Shell, Greenpeace, and Brent Spar.L

Diermeir, Daniel. (Unpublished, 1996.)
This paper was used as a teaching aid at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, it discusses the problem of disposal of deep sea oil facilities used by the Royal Dutch Shell Group at the end of their useful life in the North Sea. The article looks at the question from the perspective of the Oil Company and the Greenpeace Movement.

Short and long range strategic plan.L

Center for Public Affairs Management. (Cent. for Public Affairs Management, U.S.A.)
A short and long range strategic plan set out to assist companies and public affairs practitioners elevate their departments to new heights.

Showdown in Silicon Valley.L

Logsdon, Jeanne M. (University of New Mexico.)
A case study prepared for student use highlighting the problems confronted by high-technology companies in Silicon Valley , California over the possible contamination of groundwater by leakage from underground chemical storage tanks.

Social and environment reportL

Pacific Coal (Pacific Coal, Brisbane, 1999)
A report prepared to provide local communities with more detailed information about how the company works and interacts with their communities and environment.

Social and Environment report 2003L

Robe (A member of the Rio Tinto Group) (Robe River Mining, Perth, 2003)
The 2003 Social and Environment Report for Robe River Mining Co. Pty. Ltd., which provides an account of their activities and performance for the year in the areas of safety, health, community relations and the environment. Key headings include: Sustainable Development - Our People - Health and Safety - Community Relations - Environment - Site Environment Reports - Verification.

Social and political environment of business: reading pack , Parts A & B, Semester 1, 1993.L

Graduate School of Management, University of Melbourne (Uni. of Melb., Grad. School of Management, 1993.)
Reading pack - Part 1:- Ideology and the role of the corporation - The Social Obligations of Business. Part 2:- The Management of Issues - Issues Analysis and Their Management - Issues Advocacy - Community Relations.

Social and political environment of business: reading pack , Parts C & D, Semester 1, 1993.L

Graduate School of Management, University of Melbourne (Uni. of Melb., Grad. School of Management, 1993.)
Reading material of various authors and articles covering a variety of topics which include:- Decision Making in Government - Business Relations with the Political Parties - Business Issues in the 1993 Federal Election - The Role of Government in Industry Policy.

Social capital and public policy in AustraliaL

Winter, Ian (Ed.) (Australian Institute of Family Studies, Melbourne, 2000)
This book brings together the disparate views of key contributors to the discussion of social capital and public policy. There is an examination of how social capital relates to public policy, including health, education and social welfare. Key headings include:- Social Capital and Public Policy in Context - Major Themes and Debates in the Social Capital Literature: the Australian Connection - Making Policy Social - Social Capital, Active Citizenship and Political Equality in Australia - Sources of Social Capital - Developing Social Capital: A New Role for Business - Non-profit Organisations, Social Capital and Social Policy in Australia - ‘If Only Men Were Angels’: Social Capital and the Third Way - Building Social Trust through Education - Families, Social Capital and Health - Trick or Treat? Social Capital, Leadership and the new Public Policy.

Social change and corporate strategy : the expanding role of public affairs.L

Gollner, A. (Issue Action Publications, Inc., Stamford, Conn., 1983.)
An analysis of the responsibilities of corporate affairs departments in the context of the economic, social and political framework of business. Demonstrates the links between corporate profitability and management of environmental problems, and the most effective way to bring corporate affairs activities into the management decision-making process.

Social context of professional practice. L

Martin, Terry (Unpublished.)
A research project into public affairs in Australia how it is perceived and practised and attempts to discover whether Public Affairs and Public Relations are synonymous or two different professions.

Social responsibility in the U.K. top 100 companies.L

Vyakarnam, Shai (Unpublished.)
This paper outlines socially responsible behaviour from businesses in the U.K. environmentally and with the community. Comparisons are made with U.S. companies .

Social responsibility of business : small business perspectives.L

Wilson, Erika (School of Business & Econ., Calif. State Univ., 1979.)
A study of small businesses’ perspectives of their social responsibility. Includes small businesses’ view of their responsibility towards customers, employees, the community and their views on ethics and profits.

Social, safety and environment report 2003L

Hamersley Iron (Hamersley Iron, Perth, 2003)
This report covers all aspects of social, safety and environmental reporting relating to the Hamersley Iron Company and their operations. Key headings include: Verification Report - Year in Review - HSE policy - Sustainable Development - Economic - Social - Environment - Site Environmental Reports.

Socially responsible investment: your questions answered. An information guide for superannuation trustees and fund managersL

Monash Sustainability Enterprises and KPMG (Monash Sustainability Enterprises and KPMG and Environment Australia, Melbourne, 2001)
A booklet outlining the role that Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) has in our community. SRI is described as an investment that combines investors’ financial objectives with their committment to social justice, economic development, peace and a healthy environment. Key headings include:- What is Socially Responsible Investment? - Role of Large Companies in Society - Isn’t SRI still a Fringe Approach to investment? - Is there a Linkage between Social Responsibility and Financial Performance? - How is SRI applied in Practice? - How are Companies Screened to Determine SRI Performance? - Is SRI Compatible with my Fiduciary Duties? - What are the Risk/return Characteristics of the Different Screening Methods? - What Critieria are Applied to SRI funds? - Where is SRI information sourced? - Is there Demonstrated Demand for SRI? - What are the Issues of most Importance to Socially Responsible Investors? - Can SRI be Applied to Asset Classes Other than Equities?

Society at a glance: OECD social indicatorsL

OECD (OECD, Paris, 2002)
An overview of social trends and policies which include both context indicators that illustrate national differences on social trends and social status and response indicators in four broad and interdependent areas of social policy: self-sufficiency, equity, health and social cohesion.

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