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Socio-political vulnerability and planning.L

Allen, Geoff (Graduate School of Business Admin.)
A paper investigating business needs and social and political interaction. General Electric Company in the U.S.A. is used as an example as to how they went about identifying social pressures and this is discussed in detail.

Soft values complementing hard data: CEOs find profit not a protection.L

Budd, John F. Jr. (Cambridge Institute for Applied Research, Inc., 1997. )
In this Cambridge Institute for Applied Research working paper the importance to a business of “non-financial variables”, or having a good reputation that inspires confidence is highlighted. It is an active actor in assessing the performance of a chief executive and his/her company. Headings include:- Impacted Chief Executives - Traditional Ground Rules have Changed - “Measuring” Misses the Point - “Reputation” Demands Management too. - Surveys Beg the Question - Credibility - Return on Expectations - Non-Financial Variables in Plain English.

Solving the puzzle of interest group litigation.L

Koshner, Andrew Jay (Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut, 1998.)
A book that studies the increase in interest group activity before the Supreme Court in the United States, this is approached in three ways, term level, issue level and case level. Key headings include:- Theoretical Framework and Foundation - First Amendment Doctrine and the Interest Groups that Litigate - The Supreme Court - Congress and the Executive Branch - Interest Groups. A copy of the survey used is included and cases are listed.


Sleight, Steve (McGraw-Hill Book Company, London. 1989)
The commercial relationship of sponsorship in the context of business marketing and the funding of leisure activities. How to make sponsorship work, selecting sponsorships and utilising them. The problems of finding, working with and keeping a sponsor.

Stakeholder & issues management - Telstra perspective.L

Telstra (Unpublished.)
A set of overheads used by Telstra in a presentation on stakeholder and issues management. This presentation gives a very clear account of how one company went about setting up and implementing a stakeholder and issues management plan.

Star quality review : SupplierL

Federal Government Affairs (Federal Government (U.S.A.))
A n example of a Supplier Review Form as used by the Federal Government of America to assess their Suppliers on a regular basis.

States are urged to bar children from front seats : appeal by Safety Board : investigators ask new laws to protect youths from auto crashes and air bags.L

Wald, Matthew L. (The New York Times, Wed. June 11, 1997.)
Abstract: An article highlighting the danger to children travelling in the front seat of passenger vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board has issued as recommendation to the 50 states of the USA to make it illegal, in order to protect them from the impact of crashes and the force of rapidly deploying air bags which have been responsible for 40 deaths this decade.

Strange attractor: the business-ENGO partnership. Strategic review of BP’s relationships with environmental non-governmental organisations. Summary of findings:trends. L

Elkington, John,; Fennell, Shelly (Sustain Ability Limited, London, UK, 1996.)
The results of a strategic review commissioned by BP and carried out by Sustain Ability in 1996, to review the company’s ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations) relationships around the world.

Strategic communications management: making public relations work.L

White, J. & Mazur, L. (Addison-Wesley, Wokingham, England, 1995.)
The authors argue that communication can be managed strategically to greater effect. Public relations is an essential element in management practice. Illustrated by case studies. Key features - “What exactly public relations is. What concrete contribution good communication can make to strategic planning and decision-making. Different options for managing public relations. The role of public relations/communication. Analysis of the demand on companies to be more ‘green’ and more ethical”.

Strategic issues management : an integration of issue life cycle perspectives.L

Mahon, J. & Waddock, S. (School of Management, Boston Uni., Boston, 1991)
This paper proposes an integrative model for analysing the development of an issue from three different positions - organization, pressure group, and public policy maker. The literature on issues management is reviewed and synthesised to produce the new model. The analysis ends with propositions for future research.

Strategic issues management.L

Monaghan, Peter J. (Unpublished.)
An article outlining the benefits of an issues management program, enabling them to anticipate “socio-political” issues that may affect it, rather than react after after their emergence. Headings include:- The Issues Management Process - Purposes and Missions - Government Relations & Strategic Issues Management.

Strategic management: a stakeholder approach.L

Freeman, Edward R. (Advances in Strategic Management, Vol.1, 1983. JAI Press Inc.)
This paper explores the development of the concept of “stakeholder” and places it in the centre of the strategic management paradigm. Key headings include:- “Stakeholder”: A Conceptual History”, “Stakeholder”: A Strategic Management Model”, “Some Applications of the Stakeholder Concept”, “Conclusions and Further Research”. (4/12/2006 Borrowed by G. Allen)

Strategic planning by multiple political futures techniques.L

Sloan, M.P. (Management International Review, V.24, no.1, 1984.)
An article highlighting the use of multiple political futures techniques in the establishment of a long term strategic plan. Subheadings include:- Traditional Approaches are Dangerous and no Longer Appropriate - The Application of Game Theory to Company Strategic Planning in an Uncertain Future.

Strategic planning for public affairs.L

Marx, T.G. (Long Range Planning, Vol. 23, no. 1., 1990.)
A paper describing the actions necessary to develop the analytical capabilities and management systems needed to integrate business and public affairs planning. Key headings:- Decentralized Business Planning and Centralized Public Affairs - The Bifurcation of Business Planning and Public Affairs - Integrating Business Planning and Public Affairs.

Strategic planning in the 1980’s - coping with complex external forces.L

Hegarty, W. Harvey. (Planning Review, September, 1981.)
An article discussing the impact of external forces on the business community, these forces include, universities, the media and government. The implication they are having on business and how the strategic planning process can overcome it.

Strategic sponsorships and contributions.L

Webb, R. (Inst. for Internat. Research Group of Companies. 1996)
An article outlining the way in which Esso Australia contributes back into the communities they operate in by means of strategic sponsorship and contributions.

Strategic trend information system.L

Sears (Unknown)
An article explaining the role of the Strategic Trend Information System at Sears. The main function is to set goals for a set period and to develop strategies and structures to reach these goals. Headings include:- The Role of Monitoring and Forecasting - What is Monitoring - External Topics - Internal Topics - What we Need to Work With - Pulling it all Together: Trends and Events - Products of the Strategic Trend Information System.

Strategic uses of philanthropy in public affairs.L

Goldberg, P., Mason J. L. & Ostergard, P.M. (Public Affairs Council.)
A set of two tapes produced by the Public Affairs Council titled - ‘Uncertain Prospects: Seasoned Practitioners...’, relating to strategic uses of philanthropy in public affairs.

Strategically managing corporate external relations : new challenges and opportunities.L

Fleisher, C. & Hoewing, R. (Journal of Strategic Change, Vol. 1, no. 5, Sep.-Oct.92)
An article demonstrating how organisations are increasingly realizing the strategic importance of the Public Policy Environment on the bottom line. This has led to changes in corporate attitudes concerning the PPE and Public Affairs activities.

Street smart public relations: a top pro tells how to get things done.L

Budd, John F. (Turtle Publishing Co., Lakeville, Conn., 1992.)
A down to earth guide on how to survive and succeed in the world of Public Relations. Headings include:- What is IT all About-PR’s Four R’s - How to Make it Work - Secrets of PRs Bottom Line - The ‘Speech’ and the Ripple Effect - Survival: Success Tips From the Real World - Ethics: A Matter of Values Not Rules - Meetings: A Corporate Quagmire - Watch out for the Competition.

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