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The centre for corporate community relations at Boston CollegeL

Centre for Corporate Community Relations (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA., 1991.)
An information folder on the services offered to companies to assist in developing their community relations programs.

The changing climate for business : an overview from conference on business and its changing environment, UCLA.L

McGuire, Joseph W. (Paper presented, 23rd July, 1978.)
A paper discussing the relationship between business and some of the variables and developments perceived as significant in the late 1970’s.

The chief executive officer and corporate social performance : An interdisciplinary examination.L

Thomas, Anisya S. & Simerly, Roy L. (Journal of Business Ethics. 1994.)
An attempt to cross the boundaries of strategic management and social issues management to demonstrate the relationship between managerial characteristics and corporate social performance.

The Church and the profit motive.L

Way, Nicholas (Business Review Weekly, Dec. 19, 1994.)
An article questioning the ethics of business leaders who are also practising Christians and the conflict that may arise between Church and Commerce.

The civil corporation : the new economy of corporate citizenshipL

Zadek, Simon (Earthscan, London , 2001)
A book which highlights the enabling social, economic and political contexts for corporate citizenship.The author argues that to meet the challenge of sustainable development the global business community will have to undergo radical change - innovating to evolve its cultures, competencies and its purpose. Key headings include:- The New Economy of Corporate Citizenship - The Civil Corporation - Building the Civil Corporation.

The Co-evolution of business and community: trends in U.S. corporate community relations.L

Urban, Danielle (Unpublished, 1997.)
This article won The Center for Corporate Community Relations Best paper on Corporate Community Relations by an MBA student in 1997. This paper documents the changes in corporate community relations and highlights the importance of understanding these changes when predicting future trends in the field. Headings include:- “Pressures to Evolve: A Framework for Corporate Community Relations”, “Early Life Forms: The Origins of Corporate Community Relations”, “The Champions of Natural Selection: Corporate Community Relations in Our Decade”, “Survival of the Fittest: Challenges in a New Era”.

The Colonial Group - Public Affairs Plan. 1996.L

Group Public Affairs, Colonial Group (The Colonial Group, Melbourne, 1996)
This plan discusses moving to best practice strategic public affairs and the key factors that will drive public affairs. Key headings include:- Moving to best practice strategic public affairs - Objectives, strategies and activities - Key factors which will drive public affairs in 1996 - Issues Management - Key Performance Indicators - Issues Management - Government Relations - Media Relations - Communications - Communications Manager.

The coming of the new organization.L

Drucker, Peter F. (Harvard Business Review, Boston, Mass., Jan-Feb,88 )
A paper exploring the changes we can expect in a large business organization over the next 20 years, an information based organization made up of knowledge specialists.

The communication auditing concept.L

Unknown (Unpublished)
An article outlining the benefits to an organisation of carrying out communications audit. Headings include:- Conducting an Audit - The Final Report - Time and Budget - Benefits of an Independent Study.

The Conference Board. Research Councils. Information Booklet. Publications Price List. Cumulative Index.L

The Conference Board (The Conference Board, New York, 1990, 1994.)
A folder of several publications outlining the services provided by the Conference Board to the business community worldwide.

The conscience of the world: the influence of non-governmental organisations in the U.N. system.L

Willetts, Peter (Ed.) (Hurst and Co., London, 1996)
This book outlines the role of NGOs and their influence on the UN and includes their history, the gaining of influence, their rights and how they gained recognition. Key headings include:- The Early History .... - Consultative Status for NGOs at the United Nations - The World Bank and NGOs - UNESCO and NGOs: A Memoir - NGOs and the Environment - NGOs and Human Rights of Women at the United Nations - NGOs and the Rights of Women at the United Nations - NGOs and the Rights of the Child - The Save the Children Fund and Nutrition for Refugees.

The Consultant’s guide to proposal writing: how to satisfy your clients and double your income. 3rd. edition.L

Holtz, Herman (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1998.)
All aspects of proposal writing are covered, research, design, writing, presentation and satisfying clients, together with the latest technological trends, web sites, e-mail, online resources and desktop publishing. Key headings include:- An Orientation in Proposals - What it Takes to Write a Good Proposal - The Development of Effective Strategies - Some Basics of Sales and Marketing - Gathering Market Intelligence - In the Beginning - Program Design - Writing, Communication, and Persuasion - Special Presentation Guides and Strategies - Graphics - The Executive Summary (and Other Front Matter) - Common Problems and Ideas for Solutions - Miscellaneous Important Information for Proposal Writing.

The Coronation Hill fiasco.L

Burton, John R. (Unpublished.)
A paper outlining the history of mining at Coronation Hill.

The corporate contributions function.L

Troy, Kathryn (The Conference Board, New York, 1982.)
A report detailing the administering of the corporate contributions program showing the relationship between contributions budgets and organisation.

The corporate dilemma.L

The Clemenger Network (The Clemenger Network, Australia, 1980.)
An analysis of current practice in corporate communications. Areas covered include:- Business under challenge - Understanding Public Opinion - The Corporate Response - Socio-marketing - a new Concept.

The corporate social performance and corporate finance performance debate : twenty five years of incomparable research.L

Griffin, J. & Mahon, J. (Boston University School of Management, Boston.)
Working Paper No. 95-29, December 1995. A paper studying the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in three critical areas. The focus is on the chemical industry. Multiple sources of data are used, two that are performance based and two perceptual and thirdly it uses the five most commonly applied accounting measures to assess corporate financial performance.

The corporation and its stakeholders: classic and contemporary readings.L

Clarkson, Max B.E. (Ed.) (University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1998.)
An anthology designed to question the role and purpose of the corporation through a collection of seminal articles on the concept and recognition of stakeholders and the integration of stakeholder interest into decision making. The collection of articles is arranged in three parts:- 1. Shareholders and Stakeholders; 2. Morality, Ethics, and Stakeholder Theory; 3. Stakeholder Theory and Management Performance.

The corporation and public policy in the 1990s.L

Post, J. E. (Journal of Organizational Change Management,V.4, no.1, 91)
A discussion on the relationship between business and pub policy and the problems they are likely to encounter at all levels of decision making. Headings include:- Politics and Strategy - Politics as Organisational Change - Public Policy Challenges of the 1990’s.

The courtesans : the press gallery in the Hawke era.L

Parker, Derek. (Allen & Unwin, North Sydney, N.S.W. 1991)
An insight into the workings of the press gallery and its relationship with the Hawke Government. Is the press gallery too secretive and elitist and is it all about power without responsibility? Just how important is the press gallery to the government of the day?

The credibility factor : putting ethics to work in public relationsL

Baker, Lee W. (Business One Irwin, Homewood, Illinois, 1993.)
This book is concerned with developing and keeping credibility as a result of putting ethics to work in public relations. Includes case studies. Key headings :- The Credibility Factor : Setting the Stage - Using Ethics to Restore Credibility - How the Credibility Factor Affects Politics and Government - Implementing the Credibility Factor - Examples of Ethics Codes and their Makers.

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