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The critical issues audit.L

Sopow, Eli. (Issue Action Publications, Inc., Leesburg, VA., 1994)
A workbook focusing on methodologies for improved issue management. For use in workshops or individually. Headings include:- The Issues Vulnerability Index - The Issues Values Tree - The Issue Power Test - The Issue Progression Curve - The Issue Exposure Index - Stakeholder Assessment Sheet - Some Battle Tactics - The Issue Advocacy Matrix - Useful Formats.

The day Greenpeace hit NufarmL

Bolt, Cathy (Financial Review, May 3, 1991.)
A newspaper article outlining the impact of the Greenpeace raid on the chemical manufacturer Nufarm and how the company has overcome the setback.

The death of a thousand cuts: corporate campaigns and the attack on the corporationL

Manheim, Jarol B. (Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., Publishers, New Jersey, 2001)
Corporate campaigns, an organised assault involving economic, political, legal and psychological means on a company that has offended a labour union or advocacy group. This book is a comprehensive study of the history, strategies, tactics and effects of these systematic attacks on the reputations of many prominent companies. Headings include:- The State of the Unions - The Learning Curve - The Corporate Campaign Comes of Age - Nonlabour -based Anticorporate Campaigns - Look for the Union Label - Attack of the “Tree-huggers” - Campaigning by the Book - The Codes of the West - Money Talks ... - ...and the Customers Walk - The Tools of Capitalism - The Campaign Branches Out - Telling the Public What It Thinks - Weaving a Web , Worldwide - Back to the Future.. Labor-based and nonlabor corporate campaigns are listed in the appendices.

The death of competition: leadership & strategy in the age of business ecosystems.`L

Moore, James F. (Harper Business, New York, 1996.)
A book for businesses and managers who are looking for innovation and collaboration with customers, suppliers, investors and other allies. Key headings include:- Why Businesses Fail - An Ecological Metaphor - Leading Business Ecosystem - Coevolution and Cars: Stages in Action - Stage I: The Terrain of Opportunities - Stage II: The Revolution Spreads - Stage II Continued: Defending the Revolution - Stage III: The Red Queen Effect - Stage IV: Renewal of Death - The Paradox of Powerless Activism.

The Downwave : surviving the second great depression.L

Beckman, Robert C. (Pan Books, London, 1983.)
How to cope with the economic changes of the 80’s, for business and consumers. Headings include:- The Lemmings Within - The Upwave.. Life as we Know It - When the Bubble Bursts - The Downwave..A World Turned Upside Down - The Coming Property Crash ... A Bubble About to Burst - Global Bankruptcy - Personal Planning During the Downwave - Investment During the Downwave.

The Economist Intelligence Unit guide to building a global image.L

Mackiewicz, Andrea (McGraw Hill, Inc., New York, 1993.)
How to develop and use a global corporate identity to further the interests of a company. Case studies are included. Key headings :- The Global Company - Leveraging Brand Equity for Global Competitive Advantage - How to Build a Global Image - Issue Management and a Strategic Global Vision - Advertising the Global Image - Protecting the Corporate Image.

The effect of brand advertising on company image : implications for corporate advertising.L

Winters, Lewis C. (Jnl. of Advertising Research, April/May, 1986.)
An article discussing the role of marketing image and brand advertising. Situations are discussed where brand advertising should be supplemented by a separate corporate advertising campaign.

The effects of foreign investment on selected host countries.L

Business International Corporation (Business International Corporation, New York, 1979.)
A study comparing the performance of foreign owned companies with indigenously owned companies in Australia, France and Mexico in the period 1957-73. Includes profit & loss statements, balance sheets, comparative performances.

The Elliott Report. No. 8.L

Elders I.X.L. Limited (Broadcom Australia Limited, Sth. Yarra., 1987.)
A report by John Elliott to staff and shareholders on the financial position of Elders IXL at the end of 1987. Subjects covered include - The Impact of the Stockmarket Crash - Progress of Investments - Brewing and Agricultural Investments - Elders Investments Float - Gift to the Bicentennial, Alma Doepel.

The environment and the ESD process: an attitude research analysis.L

ANOP Research Services Pty. Ltd. (ANOP Research Services Pty. Ltd., Nth. Sydney,1991)
A research study commissioned by the Federal Government into the community’s understanding of, and attitudes to, issues regarding the environment.

The environment in Australia in the 1990’s .L

Caswell, Patricia J. (Australian Conservation Foundation, Fitzroy, Vic.,1993)
A background paper on the state of the Australian environment, the role of government, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the general population in awareness of the environment and the problems being faced.

The environment of business : perspectives and viewpoints.L

Bearden, James (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1969)
An introduction to the study of business. Divided into four parts :- The Economic Environment; The Financial Environment; The Marketing Environment; The Governmental Environment. Both “firm-oriented” and “consumer oriented” issues are covered.

The environmental report: a benchmarkL

Corporate Public Issues and their management - CPI (Issue Action Publications Inc., Leesburg, VA., 1994)
A reprint from Corporate Public Issues and their Management, Vol. IX, Numbers 3 & 4, Feb. 1 & 15, 1994. The results of a survey of twelve companies as an effort to develop a more specific framework for environmental reporting, with the goal of encouraging companies to institute or expand such activities. Headings include:- A Reporting Template - The Motivation for Reporting - Company Profile - Environmental Policy - Environmental Management - Environmental Risk - Product Stewardship/Product Life-Cycle Management - Employee Recognition.

The ethics of issues management.L

Lukaszewski, James E. (The Agenda, Vol. 2, No. 2, Autumn 1991.)
An article explaining the need for an Issues Identification Program, the problems and some ideas for identification and the use of scenarios.

The European public affairs directory. 1998.L

Landmarks (Landmarks, Brussels, Belgium, 1998.)
A listing of 8 000 key decision makers and organisations in the field of European Public Affairs. The directory is compiled from continuous review of media, trade, EU and other sources. The primary focus is Brussels, with added entries outside that are considered important.

The fight for good governance.L

Various (Harvard Business Review, January-February, 1993.)
A collection of short articles on the question of America’s competitiveness problems by various well known business analysts. Headings include:- Leave it to the Markets - The SEC Fix on Executive Pay: Improved Disclosure or Intrusion - Pension Fund Socialism: Can Bureaucrats Run the Blue Chips? - The Bureaucrats Strike Back - Executive Leadership: What Do Directors Really Think? - On the Leading Edge: The Lead Director - Better Boardroom Relations - The Case for Professional Directors.

The fire of intervention: civil society and the future of the corporation.L

Novak, Michael (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., Lanham, Maryland, 1997.)
A study of the ‘Corporation’, what is it, what is its purpose and how best can that purpose be advanced? Key headings include:- The Future of the Corporation - The Fire of Invention, the Fuel of Interest - On Corporate Governance.

The firm as citizen? Social responsibility of business in Australia.L

Moon, Jeremy (Aust. Journal of Political Science, Vol. 30, no. 1, 1995)
A paper examining the role of business in regard to social responsibility this refers to not-for-profit activities and are directed outside the firm. Corporate Involvement in the Community - Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship, are terms used to describe these activities.

The foresight principle : cultural recovery in the 21st century.L

Slaughter, Richard A. (Adamantine Press Ltd., London, 1995.)
A study of the use of foresight and the need for wisdom in shaping the future and the emerging field of futures research. The book is divided into three parts - Establishing the context: looking beyond the industrial worldview - Applying and extending the foresight principle - Cultural recovery in the 21st Century.

The framework of consensus: government, business & trade unions.L

Byrt, W.J. (Law Book Company., Sydney, 1985)
Analysis of the relationship between govt., business and trade unions. Examines ideology, lobbying, media, social responsibility of business. Includes chapters on the corporate affairs function.

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