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The fundamentals of corporate community relations and corporate community involvement.L

Various (Public Affairs Council, 1992.)
A set of conference audio tapes from the 1992 Conference on Corporate Community Relations. Headings include:- ‘We Can Make A Difference’ - ‘Excellence in Community Relations’. Presenters include - Arnold S. Hiatt, Vic Poirier and M. Patricia Hoven.

The futures of women : scenarios for the 21st century.L

McCorduck, Pamela; Ramsey, Nancy (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, Mass., 1996.)
The authors use four different scenarios to explore four very different alternatives for the future role of women in our society. Each scenario derives from a different combination of the political, social, and economic conditions that could prevail over the next twenty years. Headings of the scenarios are as follows: “Backlash”, “A Golden Age of Equality”, “Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back”, and “Separate - and Doing Fine, Thanks”. A report on the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, supports the scenarios.

The good think-tank guide.L

Unknown (The Economist, Dec. 21st 1991-Jan. 3rd 1992.)
An article outlining the world’s think tanks twenty two in total, each are marked out of 5 over five categories. Think tanks include:- The Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Foreign Policy Association, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, The Centre for European Policy Studies, East-West Centre, The Institute of Economic Affairs, Adam Smith Institute, Economic Policy Institute, The Liberty and Democracy Institute.

The government relations challenge : to be a profit center.L

Laird, Nick L. (Unpublished.)
Based on keynote address to 7th Annual Meeting of Women in Government Relations, Inc., March 1983. An insight into how a public affairs professional can through the implementation of management concepts and political strategies assure that government relations/public affairs is a quantifiable contributor to the organisation ‘s performance.

The greening of the golden arches : a case study of pro-actively managing issues. L

Zitlow, David P. (Journal of Corporate Public Relations, Nth. West Uni.)
An article outlining the decision of McDonald’s to switch from polystyrene to paper packaging. The development of a unique model for pro-actively managing issues, illustrating how a major corporation can work with a public interest group to reach a mutually beneficial outcome to a problem.

The Greenpeace Guide to anti-environmental organisations.L

Deal, Carl (Odonian Press, Berkeley, California. 1993.)
Written by Greenpeace writer Carl Dean, this book highlights the groups that masquerade as environmental organisations but in fact work to destroy the environment. This book will help to identify and understand these organisations, their ideologies, strategies and tactics and indicates how they receive their funding. Fifty groups are listed in detail.

The high court of Australia in MaoL

Cannily, Hon. Peter QC. and Helm, S.A.E.., QC (Association of Mining & Exploration Companies (Inc.), Perth, 1993)
This book contains two papers delivered to the Samuel Griffith Society on the subject of Mao and the High Court of Australia. 1 Should the courts determine social policy by the Hon. Peter Cannily, CBE, QC. 2. Aspects of the High Court’s handling of Mao by S.A.E.. Helm, AM, QC.

“The IM Process: Organization Style -- A veteran program”. Public Affairs Council 1996 Issues Management Seminar.L

Garry, Dan. (Unpublished.)
Presentation notes prepared by Dan Garry, Manager, Public Issues, 3M Public Relations and Government Affairs for the Public Affairs Council 1996 Issues Management Seminar. Key headings include:- “What is an Issues?”, “3M’s Public Issues Department”, “3M Overview and Key Messages”, “Public Issues Strategic Plan Review”, “Emerging Issues”, “Challenges/Strategic Issues Facing P.I.”, “Becoming a Strategic Corporate Asset”.

The image makers: secrets of successful advertisingL

Meyers, William (Papermac, London, 1986)
This book analyses consumer culture and those who shape it - how advertisers make us buy what we neither need nor want. The author exposes the advertising executive of the 1980s as a calculating technician and psychosalesman.

The impact of legislation and regulation on business - past, present and future.L

Kirby, Hon. Justice Michael (Unpublished.)
The Inaugural Distinguished Lecture, July, 1988 to the Bowater Faculty of Business, Melbourne by Justice Kirby outlining the need for more modern approaches to company law and management.

The inconspicuous face of Japanese business in Australia.L

Reed, Warren (ed.) (CEDA, Melbourne, No. 44, July 1993.)
An information paper detailing several examples of the way in which Japanese companies have become involved in Australian society in areas ranging from straight philanthropy to joint Australian-Japanese development of Australian skills and innovation.

The Infomedia Revolution : how it is changing our world and your life.L

Koelsch, Frank (McGraw -Hill Ryerson, Toronto. 1995)
A non-technical insight into the changes in technology and the way it will affect our lives and work. Headings include - The Infomedia Imperative - Home Sweet Electronic Home - The Information Superhighway - Infomedia : Revolutionizing Business, Industry and Government - Changing our Lives.

The Insurance Industry - various newspaper articles.L

Various (Various)
Various newspaper articles written between 1991 and 1993 relating to problems within the Insurance Industry.

The invisible Australians: community understanding of poverty. A qualitative research study among diverse community groupsL

Johnson, Jeanette (The Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Melbourne, 2000)
This document reports on the findings of 22 focus groups which were held as part of ‘The Understanding Poverty Project’ in 1999. Key headings include:- What is Poverty? - Impacts - Causes - Responding to Poverty - The Brotherhood of St. Laurence. The appendix includes - Focus group discussion guides and sample details. (See also V1, V3, V4, V5 and V6)

The Issue Exchange : Issue Management.L

The Issue Exchange. (The Issue Exchange, Leesburg, VA..)
A brochure outlining the benefits of becoming a member of the Issue Exchange.

The launch of the Prudential corporate identity.L

White, J. & Traverso, M. (Unpublished.)
A paper outlining the steps the Prudential Corporation took in 1986 to set up and unveil its new corporate image to the world. Headings include:- Management Structure and Organisation - The Establishment of a Public Affairs Function - The Introduction of a Corporate Identity Programme - Managing the Decision Making Process - The Launch of the new Identity - Implementation of the Identity Programme - The Evolution of the Public Affairs Function.

The lobbyists : how influence peddlers work their way in Washington.L

Birnbaum, Jeffrey H. (Times Books, New York, 1993.)
A view of how Lobbyists worked in 1989 and 1990. Even thought the Government changes laws governing lobbying the methods remain constant.

The lobbyists : using them in Canberra.L

Sekuless, Peter (George Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1984.)
An insight into the role of a Lobbyist, their work and how to make best use of their knowledge and skills. Key headings include:- Lobbying - Who are the Lobbyists - Lobbying the Prime Minister, and other Ministers and their Staffs - Dealing with the Bureaucracy - Dealing with the Media.

The Mackay Report : Big Business.L

Mackay, Hugh (Mackay Research P/L., Bathurst, N.S.W., 1985.)
A qualitative investigation of the attitudes of Australians towards the activities of Big Business.

The Mackay Report : responding to the consumer of the ‘90s.L

Mackay, Hugh (Mackay Research P/L, Bathurst, N.S.W., 1991.)
A special report divided into two sections, the first offers an overview of consumers’ attitudes; the second draws out a number of practical implications of those attitudes which may have some impact on marketing, advertising and corporate communication strategies.

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