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Business and politics. Vol. 1, no. 1, April 1999L

various (Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Ltd., Baskingstoke, Hants., U.K.)
A journal covering issues and problems at the intersection of business and politics. ARTICLE HEADINGS INCLUDE: Integrated Market and Nonmarket Strategies in Client and Interest Group Politics - Globalization, Convergence, and the Transformation of International Production Networks in Electronics in East Asia - Pivotal Politics: A Refinement of Nonmarket Analysis for Voting Institutions - Corporate Political Action: Rethinking the Economic and Organizational Influences - Patenting for Global Markets: A U.S. Firm Meets the Demands of the New Globalism. (Filed in misc., journals box)

1999 Social and environment report: responsibly building long term value through quality, efficiency and leadershipL

Rio Tinto Limited (Rio Tinto Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
A report for the entire Rio Tinto Company arranged in three sections - In the Workplace - With our Neighbours and the World we Live in.

A report: visit to Australia by Frances Hesselbein, Chairman and Founding President and Patrick J. Wade, President and CEO of Peter Drucker Foundation on Nonprofit Management, New YorkL

various (Australian Forum for non-profit Management, Sydney, 1999)
A summary of issues and insights from a visit to Australia by Frances Hesselbein and Patrick J. Wade of the Drucker Foundation, in support of the launch of the Australian Forum for Nonprofit Management. This report provides a record of the visit and the seminars in Sydney and Melbourne together with a wide range of events and activities. Details of people and organisations involved and the media coverage are included. The Report is arranged under the following headings: About this Report - Highlights: a summary of the visit - Where to From Here? - The Australian Forum - The Drucker Foundation - Frances Hesselbein: drawing the “big picture” - Frances Hesselbein: the new leadership imperatives - Issues and Insights: an Australian Agenda - Media Coverage.

ABC-TV News and the 1998 waterfront dispute: reporting or barracking?L

Warby, Michael and Morrison, Kate (IPA Media Monitoring Unit, 1999)
A study carried out by the IPA Media Monitoring Unit on the ABC-TV news coverage of the MUA/Patrick waterfront dispute, following allegations of bias. IPA Backgrounder Vol. 11/1 April, 1999. Key headings include:- The Waterfront ‘War’: a metaphor too far - The Courtroom Battle - Public Opinion: The Art of Reporting Polls - Editing History - The Bell Report - TV News: Can it Ever Represent Reality? - Battle of the Barristers - Waterfront Reform: Economic Arguments Saved for Last - Assessing the Players: Motives, Tactics and Goals - Two Interviews, Two Standards.

Accountability in Australian GovernmentL

Various (Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, U.K., March 1999)
Special edition of Australian Journal of Public Administration, (Vol 58, No.1) on ‘Accountability in Australian Government: Towards the Year 2000’. Papers include: Models of Political Accountability and Concepts of Australian Government; The Public Service: Independence, Responsibility and Responsiveness; Caught in the Act: the Smoking Gun View of Ministerial Responsibility; Ministerial Responsibility in Practice: Ministerial Guide - A Commentary; Disentangling Concepts of Ministerial Responsibility; The Role of Administrative Review Bodies; Parliament and Extra-Parliamentary Accountability Institutions; Accountability and Governance under the New Regulatory State

Anglo-American capitalism and the ethics of businessL

Barry, Norman (New Zealand Business Roundtable, Wellington, N.Z., 1999)
A book which analyses and appraises Anglo-American capitalism, and its dependence on generic morality which is sometimes expected to go beyond its narrow confines to take into account the needs of ‘society’ and the rights of shareholders. Key headings include:- The Rise of Business Ethics - The Corporation - Ethics and the Stock Market - Takeovers - Business Ethics and the Environment.

Business sponsorship of sportL

Sport and Recreation Minister’s Council (Sport and Recreation Minister’s Council, Canberra, 1999)
This report, the findings of a national survey on the extent and nature of business sponsorship of sport, where funds are provided in return for advertising or promotional benefit. Key headings include: Total Sponsorship - Sport Sponsorship - Sport Sponsorship: large businesses - Sport Sponsorship: Medium-sized Business - Sport Sponsorship: Small Business.

Code of conduct: to be the best from mine to market through - performance - quality - respectL

Pasminco Limited (Pasminco Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
A pamphlet outlining the Code of Conduct by which Pasminco Limited operates. Pasminco Values include the headings Performance - Quality - Respect. The Pasminco Code of Conduct outlines the five General Principles by which the company operates.

Competitive strategies: for service organisationsL

Botten, Neil and McManus, John (Ichor Business Books, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1999)
This book highlights the major changes that will impact on those involved in the global service economy and to promote better understanding of strategic management in the sector. Key headings include:- Key Themes in the Global Service Economy - Defining Service Organisations - The Development of Strategic Planning - Strategic Management Models, Tools, and Techniques - The Application of Strategic Management - Future Trends in Strategic Management - Case Material (from the World Airline Industry).

Corporate community involvement conference L

Various (The Conference Board, New York, 1999)
Proceedings and relevant information from the Corporate Community Involvement Conference held in San Francisco, July 18-29, 1999. Topics covered include: Fundamentals of a Corporate Contributions Program - International Grantmaking Fundamentals - Volunteerism: Harnessing Internal and External Resources - Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Reputation: Doing Good Does Get You Something - The Role and Recruitment of the Corporate Executive on a Nonprofit Board - Advanced Issues in Managing and International Grantmaking Program - Cause Related Marketing Programs - Implementing a Successful Workplace Giving Campaign.

Corporate community relations: the principle of the neighbor of choice.L

Burke, Edmund M. (Praeger, Westport, Connecticut, 1999)
This book highlights the principle that companies need to be positioned in communities as desirable, trusted and respected assets - “a neighbor of choice”. Programs and strategies that improve reputation are discussed. Key headings include:- The Principle of the Neighbor of Choice - Implementing the Neighbor of Choice - The Three Strategies; Builing Relationships of Trust, Managing Community Issues and Concerns, Using Community Support Programs to Build Trust - The Social Vision.

Corporate reputation review. An international journal. Volume Two, Number Two. Spring 1999.L

Fombrun, C.J. and van Riel, C.B.M. (Eds.) (Henry Stewart Publications, London, 1999.)
Various articles relating to corporate reputation. Key titles include: Corporate Reputation of UK Bands and Building Societies among Ethnic Minorities - The Media Boomerang: The Media’s Role in Changing Identity by Changing Image - Managing Competitive Response to New Product Introductions: Making Use of Effective Market Signals - The Effect of Organisational Structure on Corporate Identity Management - Surviving the Ice Storm: The Communication Manger’s Perspective - Superbrands: Myth or Reality.

Corporate reputation, crises and stakeholder management.L

Mahon, John F and McGowan, Richard A. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999)
An article reprinted from Global Focus, Vol. 11, No. 3, 37 - 52 (1999) analysing the impact of corporate reputation on its stakeholder relationships in times of crises. Key headings include:- Why Reputation? - Dynamic Reputational Considerations - Unintended Advantages of Reputational Activities.

Emergency response mutual assistance policy and principlesL

Western Australia Gas Emergency Co-ordination Group (Western Australia Gas Emergency Co-ordination Group, 1999)
A mutual assistance policy drawn up to formalise assistance that may be given between the parties in the event of an emergency affecting gas production, transportation and delivery at their operations, in Western Australia. All the companies maintain individual crisis and emergency response plans. Headings include: Commercial Principles; Operational Principles; External Affairs Principles; Emergency Response Contacts; Emergency Resources; Emergency Response Training; Mutual Assistance Policy Procedures

Environment, Safety and Health Report.L

Norada, Inc. (Norada, Inc., Toronto, Canada, 1999)
An environment, safety and health report published by Norada, Inc. a large international mining and metals company. Key headings include:- Message to Stakeholders - Environmental Policy - Management Framework - Performance - Legal Issues - Site Locations - Site-specific Performance.

Environmental management and business strategy: leadership skills for the 21st century.L

Piasecki, Bruce W.; Fletcher, Kevin A.; Mendelson, Frank J. (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1999)
A book covering the three global needs shared by business strategists and environmental leaders: 1. Achieving Compliance; “What is Environmental Leadership?” “The Role of Upper Management”, “Establishing and Effective Management Audit Program”, “The Question of Measurement” 2. Recognising Business Opportunity; “Defining Strategy ....”, “Environmental Accounting for Competitive Advantage”, “Environmental Management Systems”. 3. Answering Public Expectations; “The Public Face of Corporate Environmental Strategy”, “Responding to Stakeholders”, “Public Disclosure and Environmental Reporting”, examples are given in each category.

Knowledge management: issues, practice and innovationL

Australian Society of CPAs and The Society of Management Accountants of Canada (Åustralian Society of Certified Practising Accountants, Melbourne, 1999)
No. 1 - Business Management Guidelines. Knowledge Management Series. This book deals with contemporary knowledge management issues and comprises two parts. The Management of Intellectual Capital - Issues and the Practice, and Collaborative Innovation and the Knowledge of Economy.

Managing communications during a merger or acquisitionL

Malkerson, Elizabeth (Public Affairs Council, Washington, 1999)
This paper highlight the need for Public Affairs executives to manage communication with a variety of audiences and stakeholder groups during a merger or acquisiton process. Key headings include:- Communications Challenges - Success Factors - Stages of Communications.

Managing working with the publicL

Goss, Sue (ed.) (Kogan Page Limited, London, 1999)
A book in the series ‘Managing in Local Government’, which focuses on the relationships local authorities need to build with local people as service users, citizens and co-producers of local solutions to local problems. Key headings include: The Reasons for Change - Choosing a Method - Surveys and Engagement - Involvement in Deliberation and Decision-making - Quality Public Management: Continuous Improvement Through Delighting the Customer - Building a Common Vision of the Future - Working with Local Councilors - Empowering the Disempowered - Changing the Organisation to be Effective at User Engagement.

Natural capitalism: the next industrial revolutionL

Hawker, Paul; Lovins, Amory B.; Lovins, L Hunter (Earthscan Publications Ltd,, London, 1999)
The authors draw upon economic logic, intelligent technologies and contemporary design in explaining how ‘natural capitalism’ harnesses resource productivity - doing more and better with less. Key headings include: The Next Industrial Revolution - Reinventing the Wheels: Hypercars and Neighbourhoods - Waste Not - Making the World - Building Blocks - Tunnelling Through the Cost Barrier - Muda, Service, and Flow - Capital Gains - Nature’s Filaments - Food for Life - Aqueous Solutions - Climate: Making Sense and Making Money - Making Markets Work - Human Capitalism - Once Upon a Planet

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