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Parliament in the age of the internetL

Coleman, S.; Taylor, J.; van de Donk, W. (eds.) (Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., 1999)
A collection of articles by various authors highlighting the emergence of the internet and its use in establishing a more direct link between Parliamentarians and their constituents. Examples are drawn from Parliaments around the world. The book is arranged in four sections:- 1. The Westminster Model. 2. Emergent Parliamentary Democracy. 3. International Case Studies. 4. Analysis.

Pasminco environment report 1999L

Pasminco Limited (Pasminco Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
A report from Pasminco to their shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the community highlighting their approach to environment protection. Key headings in the report include:- Environment Policy - Milestones - Corporate Governance - Our Approach and Key Performance Indicators - Environmental Management System - Measuring our Performance - Compliance and Significant Environmental Incidents - Issues, Actions and Targets - Exploration - Greenhouse Challenge - Working with Communities - Sustainable Development - Public Reporting - Employee Awareness and Training - Views Expressed by Stakeholders.

Pasminco: working with indigenous communities. Pasminco’s Approach 1999 - 2002L

Pasminco Limited (Pasminco Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
This publication outlines the approach by Pasminco Limited of the need to work effectively with indigenous people both in Australia and overseas. Headings include:- Pasminco’s Vision & Values - Pasminco’s Indigenous Peoples Policy - Underlying Principles - Goals & Strategies,

Philanthropy - Journal of Philanthropy Australia Inc., Spring 1999 (40)L

various (Philanthropy Australia, Inc., Melbourne, 1999)
A special 40th edition of Philanthropy which contains an article relating to the late Sidney Myer’s philanthropy and the work of the Myer Foundation, together with regular features.

Public relations on the NET: winning strategies to inform and influence the media, the investment community, the government, the public, and more!L

Holtz, Shel (AMACOM (AMA Publications), New York, NY., 1999)
A book aimed at public relations and organisational communications professionals on how to use the Internet effectively on behalf of their companies and clients. The book consists of two parts: Part One: Communications on the Internet, assesses the history of public relations on the Internet and where it is today. Part Two: Audiences and Measurement: dissects the key strategic audiences public relations professionals work with - the media, the financial and investment communities, the government, communities, activist groups and audiences affected by organisational crises.

The Esso Longford Gas Plant Accident: Report of the Longford Royal CommissionL

(Longford Royal Commission, Melbourne, 1999)
Report from the Esso Longford Gas Plant Accident Royal Commission, held in 1998/99. Key headings of the report include: The Accident; the Effect of the Explosion; Technical Analysis - The Metallurgical Analysis of GP905; The Fire, the Explosion and the Response of the Emergency; The Loss of Gas Supply; Supply of Ethane to the Petrochemical Industry; The Hydrate Incident; the Cold Temperature Incident; Management Systems; The Regulatory Environment; Conclusions and Recommendations

The magic of dialogue: transforming conflict into co-operationL

Yankelovitch, Daniel (Nicholas Brearley Publishing Ltd., London, 1999)
This book will assist managers, leaders, businesspeople and professionals master the communication skills needed to conduct dialogue successfully. Key headings include:- The Will To Do It: why dialogue is necessary - The Skill To Do It: strategies for dialogue - The Broader Uses of Dialogue.

The new liberalism: the rising power of citizen groupsL

Berry, Jeffrey M. (Brookings Institution Press, Washington DC, 1999)
A book which studies the influence of interest groups in American politics. New liberalism is focusing on such issues as enhancing the environment, protecting consumers, or promoting civil rights. Citizen groups have achieved success in recent times in shaping the political landscapes. Headings include:- The Rise of Citizen Groups - The Rise of Postmaterialsim - The Power of Citizen Groups - Liberals Ascendant - Rich in Resources - Liberalism Transformed.

When good companies do bad things: responsibility and risk in an age of globalisationL

Schwartz, Peter and Gibb, Blair (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1999)
An outline of how social responsibility in corporations is proving essential to their long-term success in today’s globalised economy. The strategic relationship between know-how, integrity, and integration and how companies must embrace these qualities is explored. Key headings include:- Social Responsibility in the Context of Globalisation - Business as Villain: A Historical Overview - Risk Management or Scenario Thinking? - Best Practice - and Beyond - Re-perceiving Social Responsibility - Business, Governments, and Nongovernmental Organizations - Issues of the Future - Why Good Companies Do Bad Things. (missing)

WMC Limited Community Report 1999: building long-term partnerships with communities is essential to our business success.L

WMC Limited (WMC Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
A report outlining the way in which WMC Ltd. is building long-term partnerships with communities in which they operate. Headings in this report include:- WMC and our Communities - WMC Community Policy - Introducing our first Community Report - Critical Issues - Social Responsibility - Communication - Relationships - Community Development - Employees - External Organisations - Future Direction - About WMC - Employee feedback - Contacts - Feedback Form.

Gas falloutL

SBS Insight program (SBS, Melbourne, 1998)
A copy of the Insight Program on SBS television relating to Gas Fallout

Evaluation and performance measurement skill development.L

Fleisher, Craig S. (Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement, 1998)
A copy of the overheads used at a Centre workshop in Sydney, October 1998 on the subject of Evaluation and Performance Measurement Skill Development by Craig Fleisher. The objective was to provide new ways of understanding the role as strategic contributor and how this can be demonstrated. The presentation also covered models describing research being done on analysing public affairs performance, and several easy-to-learn tools and techniques that can be used to assess public affairs performance.

No hiding place: Brent SparL

Shell Australia (CVP Commercial Video Productions, Richmond, Vic., 1998)
A video produced by Shell Australia relating to the Brent Spar and the disposal of oil in the North Sea. Duration 25 mins.

The future of EU level interest representationL

Greenwood, Justin. (School of Public Administration and Law, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK.)
Paper presented to the workshop - ‘The Developing EU - Institutional Changes and Enlargement - public affairs implications’, International Public Relations Symposium, Bled, July 1998. Contents include: Analysis and scenario writing on: Producer and Non Producer Euro Groups - Structure, Coherence, Firms, Associability and Diversification. The Institutions and Public Interests - The Organisational Format of Euro Groups - Associability - Associability and Large Firms - The Growth of Informal Structures.

Corporate reputation review. An international journal. Vol. 1 (No. 4)L

Fombrun, C.J. & van Riel, C.B.M. (eds.) (Henry Stewart Publications, London, 1998)
Various articles relating to corporate reputation. Key headings include:- Measuring Corporate Images - Indices of Corporate Reputation: An Analysis of Media Rankings and Social Monitors’ Ratings - The Torch Stops Here: Olympic Sponsorship and Corporate Reputation - Corporate-Level Marketing: The Impact of Credibility on a Company’s Brand Extensions - Reputation Management: The Shandwick Way - Managing Corporate Image in a Dynamic Environment - Where Do Corporate Reputations Come From? - The Analyst Community and Why it Matters.

Handouts from the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Issues Management Workshop, 1998L

Various (Unpublished)
Copies of the handouts from the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Issues Management Workshop held in Sydney in May, 1998. Titles of the handouts include:- Linking Issues Management and Business Planning. Issues Management Process. An Issues Management Case Study: The Northern Spotted Owl. Emerging Issues Identification: The Australian and United States Experience. Case Study: The 1996/97 Tariff Debate. Stakeholders & Issues Management - Telstra Perspective.

Harvard Business Review. May - June 1998.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1998)
Contents include:- Creating Corporate Advantage - The Necessary Art of Persuasion - Empowerment: The Emperor’s New Clothes - Six Dangerous Myths about Pay - The Alternative Workplace: Changing Where and How People Work - Profit Pools: A Fresh Look at Strategy - How to Map Your Industry’s Profit Pool - Does This Company Need a Union? - Strategic Stories: How 3M is Rewriting Business Planning - Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow - Opening the Doors for Business in China.

Issues identification, scanning and prioritisation: Emerging issues identification. The Australian United States Experience.L

The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. (Unpublished.)
A presentation used at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Workshop, May 1998 on Issues identification, scanning and prioritisation, the Australian and United States experience. Key headings include:- Public Affairs role and positioning: from service centre to strategic partnership - Identify issues at an early stage in their life cycle - Assess the issues for their potential impact on the corporation.

Issues management processL

Weyerhaeuser Company (Unpublished)
A set of overheads used at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Issue Management Workshop, May 1998 outlining the way in which the Weyerhaeuser Company deals with corporate issue management. Headings include:- Corporate Issue Management - Objectives - Priority checklist - Candidate Issues - Criteria for Evaluating and Prioritizing Issues - Class Definitions - Key Roles: overview - Key Roles: Issue Manager (Detail) - Key Roles - Issue Manager: Required Skills - Critical Success Factors for Effective Management of Issues.

Linking issues management and business planning.L

Weyerhaeuser Corporation (Unpublished, 1998)
A set of overheads compiled by the Weyerhaeuser Corporation and used at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Issue Management Workshop, May 1998, linking issues management and business planning. Key headings include:- The Importance of Public Affairs - US Public Policy Environment - Public Affairs Role in Strategic Planning - New Leadership/New Challenges - Corporate Affairs Strategic Plan - Issue Management at Weyerhaeuser Company - Corporate Issue Management -

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