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Dam of DeathL

GTV9 - 60 Minutes program (Nine Network)
A report from the G.T.V.9 60 minutes program highlighting the problem around the wetland areas of Parkes, New South Wales where North Ltd. are mining for gold and copper. The conservationists claim cyanide levels are unacceptably high in the tailing ponds and thousands of birds have been killed. The company is asked to respond to this claim.

Transforming the organisation: Don Mercer discusses ANZ’s future directionL

ANZ Bank (ANZ Public Affairs, Melbourne, 1995)
A video produced by ANZ’s Group Public Affairs oulning their vision for the future and to assist their staff meet the challenges ahead.

Framing the forests debateL

Ford, Sarah (Aust. Centre for Independent Journalism, Ultimo, NSW)
Article taken from ‘Reportage’ Media Bulletin, No. 5 Autumn 1995. The issue of logging native forests and the difficulties journalists have had in obtaining a true picture from either party involved in the debate.

Change management: communication’s pivotal role (research report)L

Troy, Kathryn (The Conference Board, New York, 1995)
The Conference Board Report into the challenge companies face in communicating effectively in a fast-changing business environment. Headings include: Communication’s Role in Change Management; A Spectrum of Change Initiatives; Implementation - Stretching Goals and New Roles; Measuring Results; Agenda for the Future.

Corporate aboriginal relations: best practice case studiesL

Sloan, Pamela.; Hill, Roger (Hill Sloan Associates, Inc., Toronto, 1995)
This Canadian book is a compilation of 38 case studies describing actual policies and programs being undertaken by corporate Canada to develop effective Aboriginal relations programs. Key headings include: Building the Commitment. Education and Training. Employment Opportunities. Business Development. Community Relations. Checklist of Best Practices.

Corporate community involvement and its effect on human resourcesL

Ping, Alistair, C. (Ping Ideas, December, 1995)
Issues Paper examining Corporate Community Involvement Programs and in particular Employee Volunteer schemes.

Corporate giving strategies that add business value (research report)L

Alperson, Myra (The Conference Board, New York, 1995)
The Conference Board (Report No. 1126-95-RR). A study which examines the development of new giving strategies and their impact on global communities. Growing trends in corporate giving are highlighted. Headings include: New Approaches to Giving; Image Enhancement; Increased Employee Involvement/Loyalty; Improved Customer Ties; New Directions.

Creating a new civilization: The politics of the third wave.L

Toffler, A. & Toffler, H. (Turner Publishing, Inc., Atlanta. 1995)
A book explaining the need the need for the next step in American Politics, the “Third Wave” information-age society. It involves morality, culture and ideas as well as institutions and political structure. Headings include:- A Clash of Civilizations - The Ultimate Substitute - The Way we Make Wealth - Socialism’s Collision with the Future - A Collision of Constituencies - Principles for a Third Wave Agenda - Twenty-First-Century Democracy.

Employee communicationL

Hannagan, John (Alcoa Australia Ltd., 1995.)
Transcript of a presentation to the Corporate Public Affairs Institute on the success of Alcoa’s internal communication. The aim is for communication that is timely, understandable, open, continuous, capable of providing feedback and with measurable results.

Environmental principles and conceptsL

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OCDE/GD(95)124 (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, 1995)
A paper prepared as part of the OECD work programme on Trade and Environment. It presents a discussion of environmental principles and concepts of trade and the environment. The aim is to promote the consistency of policies and of the relevant principles and concepts to make those policies mutually supportive of sustainable development. The paper is arranged in three sections which are headed:- 1. Sustainable Development and Related Principles and Concepts. 2. Polluter Pays Principle and Related Principles and Concepts. 3. Precautionary Principle and Related Concepts.

Future Search: An action guide to finding common ground in organisations & communities.L

Weisbord, Marvin R. & Janoff, Sandra. (Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco., 1995.)
A guide for diverse people seeking common ground for action in organisations and communities. A clear, concise account as to how to arrange a Future Search Conference to resolve conflicts and break down long-standing barriers to innovation and agreement. Headings include: The Future Search Meeting Design; Future Search in Action; Conditions for Success; Sponsoring a Future Search; Planning and Facilitating.

Globalisation and interdependence in the international political economy: rhetoric and realityL

Jones, R.J. Barry. (Pinter Publishers, London, 1995.)
A critical review of the concept of globalisation and international interdependence and how they refer to conditions and developments within contemporary international relations. Subjects covered include: - Definitions and Issues - The Political Dimensions - The Economic Issues - Prospects.

Integrating corporate communications: the cost - effective use of message and mediumL

Horton, James L (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut. 1995 )
An in depth study of corporate communication and the integration of corporate communication into all business activity. A review of external and internal communication together with human behaviour, analysing of messages and the media. Headings include: An Approach to Corporate Communication; Understanding the Business Environment; Corporate Communication; Strategy and Reputation, the Individual, and Messages, Media, Measurement, Structure; Moving Toward Cost-Effective Corporate Communication.

Issue ambassadors: The role of internal communicationsL

Issue Action Publications (Issue Action Publications, Inc. 1995.)
An article outlining the importance of internal communications within an organisation. Particular reference is made to Amoco Corporation and Federal Express whose overall internal communications programs have been most successful.

Issue management summaryL

The EU committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (The EU committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, Belgium, 1995)
An example of an issue management summary of the EU committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. These are produced regularly and include organizational charts, Workgroups and Rapporteurs within subcommittees, Position papers produced, a resume of the institutional and organizational contacts over the preceding months and issue management sheets by subcommittee.

Our Global NeighbourhoodL

The Report of the Commission on Global Governance (Oxford University Press, New York, 1995)
A report dealing with world changes since 1945. Recommendations for the security of people and the planet are offered together with the management of economic interdependence and United Nations reform. International communities are urged to begin of process of rethinking and reform to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations. Headings include:- Values for the Global Neighbourhood - Promoting Security - Managing Economic Inter-dependence - Reforming the United Nations - Strengthening the Rule of Law World-Wide.

Political marketing and communicationL

Maarek, Phillipe J. (John Libbey & Co. Ltd., London. 1995.)
An English translation of the French original by Phillipe Maarek, a well-known member of the political communications sections of the IPSA and IAMCR. An instruction manual covering campaign organisation, strategies and tactics, finance, management, staff, techniques, communication and media relations at both the national and local levels. Headings include - The Rise of Modern Political Communication - The Foundations of Modern Political Marketing - Political Marketing Tools - The Distinctive Features of Election Campaigns.

Politics for dummiesL

DeLaney, Ann (IDG Books Worldwide, Foster City, 1995)
A clear, concise account of the complex world of American politics. Areas covered include, choosing a party, recognising a good candidate, special interest groups, campaign money and how it is used, campaigns and polls and the presidential election. Headings include:- Politics and You - Making Your Voice Heard - Politics is a Team Sport - It’s All Marketing - Let the Campaigns Begin! - Presidential Politics.

Public affairs and internationalization: how multinational firms implement strategies to manage their stakeholder environment.L

Johnson, Julius H. (Univ. of Missouri-Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Miss., 1995.)
An exploratory study to test the multi-dimensional relationship between “internationalisation” and the “public affairs” constructs and the operating environments of Multinational companies.

Public Affairs Council: member consulting firmsL

Public Affairs Council (Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., 1995)
A list compiled by the Public Affairs Council of member consulting firms most visible and active in the public affairs arena.

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