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Perspectives on shaping our future: commissioned studiesL

Boston Consulting Group, Allen Consulting Group, Saunders, P., Castles, F. & Mitchell, D. (Economic Planning Advisory Commission, Canberra)
Proceedings from National Strategies Conference, 1994 convened by the Economic Planning Advisory Commission. The studies provide and independent review of existing Australian national strategy proposals and examines conditions for successful pursuit of coordinated national strategies. Headings include: Strategic Vision for Australia; Visions and National Strategy Formation; Towards a Balanced Vision; Designing for the Future.

Why don’t people listenL

Mackay, Hugh (Pan Macmillan, Sydney, Australia, 1994)
An outline of a simple and effective way to improve relationships by becoming effective communicators. The ten most basic ‘laws’ of human communication are identified. Headings include: The Injection Myth; Messages and Meanings; The Three R’s of Communication; The Art of Listening - Changing People’s Minds; So....Why Don’t People Listen?; The Ten Laws of Human Communication.

Management of aboriginal issues - resolving conflict and relation buildingL

Eggleston, P.V. (Unpublished)
Copy of a presentation to the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs workshop in November 1993 on the management of aboriginal issues.

Creating wealth in Australia: the needs, the ethics and the means.L

Ralph, John (Unpublished)
Riverview Foundation Lecture, Sydney, October 1993, on the subject of national wealth creation and its relationship to personal morality and corporate ethics.

Common Wealth for the Common Good - The role of wealth creationL

Ralph, John (Unpublished)
Paper presented to “The Good Society” Bishops Comm. for Justice, Development and Peace, Sydney, 10/7/93. A paper outlining the role of the business sector in wealth creation and the importance of wealth creation based on ethical principles in creating a better society.

Managing to communicate, communicating to manage: How leading companies communicate with employees.L

Young, Mary & Post, J. E. (Organisational Dynamics, 22(1): 31-43, Summer 1993)
An article highlighting the importance of effective employee communication. Headings include:- Eight factors that determine the effectiveness of employee communications: The Chief Executive as Communications Champion. The Match Between Words and Actions. Commitment to Two-Way Communication. Emphasis on Face-to-Face Communication. Shared Responsibility for Employee Communications. The Bad News/Good News Ratio. Knowing Customers, Clients and Audiences. The Employee Communication Strategy.

An abridged quality self-assessment of your P.A. unit.L

Fleisher, C. (N.A.P.A.R.G., Wilfred Laurier Univ. , Canada. 1993)
Copy of an abridged quality self-assessment for a Public Affairs Unit. Arranged in three sections:- 1. Processes (Measurement, Feedback, Evaluation, Results). 2. Management Tools (Assessments, Definition of Tools, Measurement Process or Analysis). 3. Summary of Process Scores.

Australian public affairs practice: results of the 1992 national public affairs surveyL

Post, J. E. (JAI Press Inc., Greenwich, Conn., 1993)
Paper presenting findings from the Australian 1992 national public affairs survey conducted by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. Headings include:- Public Affairs Functions - Public Affairs within the Company - The Role of Consultants - Australian Business Leadership.

Business and the culture of the enterprise societyL

Deeks, John (Quorum Books, Westport, Conn., 1993)
This book highlights the influence of business on culture and traces the increasingly dominant role that business has played in shaping social and cultural experience.

Business Ethics and the LawL

Coady, C.A.J. & Sampford, C.J.G. (The Federation Press, Sydney, 1993)
Collection of articles by academics and regulators concerning the introduction of formal ethical standards to commerce. Articles address possible approaches to business ethics, the role of regulation and the ethical contexts of commerce.

Code of conduct: a guide to conduct of employees of Western Mining Corporation Limited.L

Western Mining Corporation Ltd. (Western Mining Corporation Ltd, October 1993)
A Code of Conduct booklet issued by the Western Mining Corporation Limited to all its Directors and Employees to guide them in their work for the company.

Corporate citizenship in AustraliaL

Dumais, Max & Cohn, Carol (Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Tokyo, 1993)
Ten cases which provide examples of how Australian companies have worked with not-for-profit organisations to address some of the pressing issues facing Australia. They illustrate a variety of motives for why companies support good causes.

Environmental audit as a regulatory strategy: prospects and reformL

Gunningham & Prest (Sydney Law Review, Sydney, 1993)
An article published in the Sydney Law Review, 1993. 15:492. p. 501 - 526. This article discusses the role of environmental audit as a tool of regulatory strategy. Headings include: Realising the Potential of Environmental Audit - Audit and Broader Regulatory Theory. (3 pages missing)

Esso Australia - Public affairs service outsourcingL

Beattie, Richard (Unpublished, 1993)
A copy of a set of overheads used in a presentation to the Fifth Lancemore Conference on Public affairs, Kilmore, Victoria on August 23, 1993. This presentation highlights advantages to Esso Australia of outsourcing some public affairs services, including the production and publication of their fortnightly publication “The Tiger”.

Financial public relationsL

Bowman, Pat & Bing, Richard (eds.) (Butterworth, Heinemann, Oxford, 1993)
Financial public relations has taken on a greater significance since the highs of the 80’s and the lows of the 90’s. This book illuminates a large, complex and often highly specialised subject aiding effective communication of financial matters to all audiences. Headings include:- Media Relations - Investor Relations - Annual Reports - Internal Communication - Marketing Financial Services - The Ethical Jungle - Crisis Management - International Dimensions - Measuring Opinion - Consultants or in-house: Roles and Relationships.

Green & Gold: sustaining mineral wealth, Australians and their environmentL

Hancock, P. (ANU, Canberra, 1993)
Examines the attitudes and perceptions of mining industry and its stakeholders in the context of the sector’s decline in public support. Key issues examined include self/community/environment movement perceptions of the sector, government and the industry, the industry’s response to a hostile operating climate.

Managing corporate legitimacy: Public Affairs activities, strategies and effectiveness.L

Meznar, M.B. & Nigh, D. (Publisher Unknown, 1993)
A paper discussing ways of evaluating and measuring public affairs strategies. Headings include :- A Social Contract Perspective - Public Affairs Strategies - Relationship between P.A. Strategies and P.A. Effectiveness.

Meaningful chaos: how people form relationships with public concernsL

Harwood, R.C., Perry , M.J. & Schmitt, W.G. (Kettering Foundation, Dayton, Ohio, 1993)
A study to evaluate how citizens form relationships with public concerns - how those relationships begin, deepen and gain meaning. Nine key factors emerge- Connections, Personal Context, Coherence, Room for Ambivalence, Emotion, Authenticity, Sense of Possibilities, Catalysts, Mediating Institutions. A final perspective on the report is offered by the Harwood Group - Making Sense of Chaos.

Measuring and evaluating your communications and public relations effortsL

Various (IIR Conferences, North Sydney, N.S.W., 1993)
Notes from an IIR conference, Sydney, September, 1993. Topics discussed included - Rules for Measuring/qualitative vs. quantitative/structuring research projects - Typical research techniques/tactics - Using databases - Building a survey instrument - Readership surveys - Soft soundings - Content analysis - Formulas for measuring copy - Communications audits - Focus groups. Missing from the library - 08/07/2007

National opinion survey on aboriginal issuesL

AMR: Quantum (AMR: Quantum, Albert Park, Vic., 1993)
A survey carried out for The Australian Mining Council and The Chamber of Mines and Energy, W.A.,. It is a national opinion survey on aboriginal issues and the way Australians are reacting to the Mabo decision and the proposed Commonwealth solution.

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