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National public and private E.C. lobbyingL

Van Schendelen, M.P.C.M. (ed.) (Dartmouth, Aldershot, Hants., 1993.)
A publication from the European Centre for Public Affairs. A study of national EC lobbying by public and private players. An insight into the similarities and differences between the public and private lobbies from most member states. A demonstration that lobbying the community has become a standard element of administrative and commercial management in the 1990’s.

Public affairs council - 40!L

Public Affairs Council (Public Affairs Council, Washington, 1993.)
A publication released by the Public Affairs Council in celebration of their fortieth anniversary.

Public affairs management performance: an empirical analysis of evaluation and measurement.L

Fleisher, C. (JAI Press, Inc., 1993)
An article published in Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, V.14, investigating the “what”, “how’, and “why” of public affairs evaluation and measurement and its relationship to organisation’s public policy environment effectiveness.

Responding to community outrage: strategies for effective risk communicationL

Sandman, Peter M. (American Industrial Hygiene Association, Fairfax, FA., 1993)
This book focuses on public outrage about risk: the sources of outrage, some ways to address it, and why companies and agencies find it so difficult to address (cognitively, organizationally, and psychologically). Key headings include: Risk = Hazard + Outrage - Components of Outrage - Implications of the Hazard/Outrage Distinction - Acknowledgement: Key to Risk Communication - Yes, Butts: the Cognitive Barriers - Will they Let You? The Organizational Barriers - Will You Let Yourself? The Psychological Barriers.

Trends and Expectations: the new Thinking of the RegulatorsL

Robinson, Brian (Unpublished)
Presentation to the State of the Art in Community Relations Conference/Workshop, Sydney, 1993. An article discussing the need for government, the EPA , the community and industry to work together and communicate effectively in developing environmental regulations

Harvard Business Review. Nov.-Dec. 1992.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston.)
Contents include:- Balancing Corporate Power - Shrinking Fast and Smart in the Defence Industry - Profits with a Purpose - Strategic Sourcing - Bootstrap Finance - The Work of the Leader - Case Study: The Case of the Temperamental Talent - Is Management Still a Science? - The Reluctant Entrepreneur - Mythology, Markets, and the Emerging Europe - MBA: Is the Traditional Model Doomed?

Art & Industry. Why Kohler Company believes that sponsorship of the arts is more than corporate benevolence...L

Weiss, Maureen (Across the Board, May 1992)
An article outlining how the Kohler company established an artist-in-residence program in conjunction with the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. This has proved beneficial to the company and employees.

1992 National public affairs surveyL

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne, 1992)
A copy of the survey questions issued to key companies and enterprises across all industry sectors. The aim was to provide information to public affairs executives about their profession, so that they may benchmark their role, functions and resources within and across industries and more effectively meet the needs of their companies.

Activism in the 90's L

Will, Rosalyn (Council on Economic Priorities, New York, 1992)
Remarks made at a Foundation for Public Affairs Conference 1992 relating to consumers and investors and their changing role in the 90’s as defined by the Centre for Economic Priorities.

Assessing the valueL

Smithers, Alan and Marsden, Chris (BP plc., London, 1992)
An outline of the methodology and decision making in BP’s involvement in and contribution to local communities and education. Key headings include:- Working with Education - Business Decisions - Assessing Educational Programmes - Value Assessment - A Typical Session - Potential Impact - Uses of Value Assessment - Evaluation - Benchmarking - Extensions of Method - The Future for Partnership.

Audit committees must add upL

Frith, Bryan (The Australian Newspaper, Sydney, 1992)
An article published in the Australian Newspaper, 30/12/92 discussing the establishment of audit committees.

Corporate responses to environmental challenges.L

Rappaport, A. & Flaherty, M.F. (Quorum Books, New York, 1992.)
An in-depth look at how multinational companies manage environmental issues. Topics covered include:- Multinational Corporations : Impacts and Challenges - Policies and Structures - Environment, Health and Safety Program Components - Multinationals and the Environment : The Challenges of Sustainable Development. Includes case studies.

Corporate ResponsibilityL

Cannon, Tom (Financial Times, Pitman Publishing, London, 1992)
An exploration of the origins of thinking on this subject and ways it will develop. Headings include: The Responsibilities of Business; Governance and Compliance; The Environment; The Economically and Socially Disadvantaged.

Corporate strategies for effective communications.L

Various (The Conference Board, New York, Report no.991, 92.)
Highlights of two conferences - Strategies for Effective Corporate Communications, and Cross Border Communications” discuss “Corporate experiences with crisis management - Effective tools for global communications - The changing needs of internal and external audiences - Strategies for establishing and achieving long-term communications goals”.

Down under: mineral heritage in Australasia. An illustrated history of mining in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Monograph 18L

Parbo, Arvi (AusIMM, Parkville, Vic., 1992)
A book based on papers given to AusIMM branches by Sir Arvi Parbo in 1990 when he was president of The Institute, It recounts the story of the mining and mineral industry in the four countries.

Hawke’s law: the politics of mining and aboriginal land rights in AustraliaL

Libby, Ronald (Pennsylvania State Univ. Press, Pennsylvania, 1992)
A political science study of the politics of a democratic nation in addressing justice and land needs of its indigenous population. Headings include: Factional Politics and Land Rights Ideology; The Federal Initiative; The Breakdown Initiative; The Mining Industry Campaign in Western Australia; The Liberal Party Challenge to Premier Brian Burke; AMIC’s Offensive and the Aboriginal Counter-offensive.

Info on outflow: sewerage communications strategy : community consultation status report no. 1.L

Melbourne Water, Wastewater Division (Melbourne Water, Melbourne, 1992)
A newsletter from Melbourne Water setting out details of community awareness/education and community consultation/negotiation programs which are to be implemented to aid their development and upgrading of the sewerage and wastewater systems.

Levi Strauss international social investmentL

Levi Strauss & Co (Levi Strauss & Co, San Francisco, 1992)
A booklet and folder containing information on the scope of the Levi Strauss Company’s international philanthropy. Information is included for grant seekers.

Media roles: The Mackay reportL

Mackay, Hugh (Mackay Research, Lindfield, NSW, Australia, 1992)
Results of an investigation into the roles of the mass media and the affect on Australians. The overall role of the mass media is assessed and the different roles played by each media. Headings include :- Mass media fill the void - The three R’s of Media Use: Reassurance, Repetition, Ritual - Mass Media satisfy the desire to feel informed - Media Distinctions - Media ownership is a non-issue.

Survey: Foundation for Public AffairsL

Center for Organization Development Inc. (Center for Organization Develop. Inc.,New York, 1992)
A survey booklet issued to American companies by the Foundation for Public Affairs in 1992. Areas covered include:- Company Background, Public Affairs Organization and Staffing, Government Relations - Regulatory Affairs, Political Involvement Programs, Coordination of External Affairs, Issues Management, International Public Affairs, Planning, Corporate /Division Relationships, Quality and Measurement,

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