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Transforming the European annual report for greater global valueL

Webster, Philip J. (The Webster Group, Wayne, Penn., 1991)
An article outlining how to transform a traditional statutory annual report as usually found in Europe into a global document that will communicate to an international audience. Headings include:- What Makes a World-Class Annual Report - Shift Toward a Global Report - A Strategic Approach.

Up against the corporate wall: Modern corporations and social issues of the nineties. 5th ed.L

Sethi, S. Prakash & Steidlmeier, Paul. (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1991)
A collection of case studies that are likely to become critical issues of conflict between business and society in the 90’s. Cases are arranged under the following headings; Top Management Actions and Corporate Social Performance; Business Strategies and Public Policy; Corporate Advocacy and Grass-Roots Lobbying; Corporate Actions and Workplace Safety; Corporate Actions and Employee Rights; Consumer Protection; Multinational Corporations and Developing Countries.

Winning at public affairs.L

Hahn, B.N. & Horgan, R.J. (National Assoc., of Manuf., Washington, D.C., 1991)
Guidelines for the development of a successful public affairs program. Suitable for corporate and association public or government affairs executives. Highlights key areas to consider in setting up a program. What is Public Affairs - Your Company and Congress - Working with Your Legislator - The Legislative Process - Presenting Congressional Testimony - The Plant Tour - Grassroots Political Action - Political Action Committees - Crisis and Issues Management - Coalitions.

Masters of the advertorial: Mobil’s extraordinary advocacy campaign is still making tall wavesL

Poe, Randall (Across the Board, September, 1980)
An article detailing the way in which Mobil conducted a highly successful advertising campaign, using the media to its advantage, combining advertising with editorial comment.

A guide to informed giving: a practical guide to giving through a foundationL

Equasearch, (Fitzgerald, Paul et al) (Equasearch Pty Ltd., Melbourne, 1990)
A guide to inform and empower potential philanthropists to control their donations to foundations. Key headings include:- Advantages of Giving through a Foundation - Choices in Informed Foundation Giving - Steps Towards Informed Giving,

Community outreachL

Covello, Vincent; Donovan, Erin; Slavick, John E. (Chemical Manufacturers Association, Washington, 1990)
A manual designed to assist companies develop a strategic plan for working with the community. Key headings include:- Why Communicating with the Community is Important. Two-way communication is essential for building and maintaining relationships with the community. Section provides five guidelines for outreach and communications programs. Community Outreach: the Process - Provides a seven step framework for developing a community outreach plan.

I never knew you cared : Are banks in New Zealand fulfilling their Corporate Social ResponsibilityL

June McCabe (Westpac Bank)
Small booklet outlining Wespac (NZ) philosophy regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.

Interest GroupsL

Wilson, Graham K (Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, 1990)
A summary of key controversies in the study of interest group systems in a variety of countries - USA, Britain, Japan and France. Headings include:- Studying Interest Groups - Interest Groups in the United States - The British Interest Group System - The Neocorporatist System - Interest and States - Interest Groups and Political Parties - Change and Stability.


Bus. & Public Affairs Fortnightly, V.XII, no.4, ‘90 (American Political Research Corp, Bethesda, Maryland)
An article outlining the role of one of America’s largest domestic industry lobby groups the ‘Baby Bells’, during the late 80’s and early 90’s in the telecommunication industry.

Reality isn’t what it used to be: theatrical politics, ready-to-wear religion, global myths, primitive chic, and other wonders of the post-modern world.L

Anderson, Walter Truett (Harper San Francisco., 1990.)
A book which encourages the reader to think comprehensively and analytically about the 1990’s and the century beyond. Chapters include: The Collapse of Belief; Post-modern Visions; The Theatre of Reality; Faith and Freedom; Worldview.

The coming global boom: how to benefit from tomorrow’s dynamic world economy.L

Morris, Charles R. (Bantam Books, New York, 1990)
Morris predicts an economic boom, fuelled by the “globalisation” of business. It will be marked by rising manufacturing productivity , falling interest rates and broader distribution of economic benefits. Headings include:- Companies - People - Governments - America in the Global Economy.

Utilising line managers to complement public affairs staff in grassroots programsL

Webster, Philip J. (The Webster Group, Wayne, Penn)
An article reprinted from a Public Affairs Council Handbook - Winning at the Grassroots: How to Succeed in the Legislative Arena by Mobilising Employees and Other Allies. Also includes two case studies.

What's the bottom line? Strategic corporate public relationsL

Webster, Philip J. (Public Relations Journal, February, 1990)
An outline discussing the fact that with strategic planning PR can make measurable contributions to profitability. Headings include: The core test; Charting a Road Map; Getting Broad Based Support; A strategic comeback; Demanding accountability; Crises and Social Causes; Strategic Guidelines.

Community Relations: new approaches to building consensusL

Lowengard, Mary (Public Relations Journal, October, 1989)
An article attempting to define community relations and its role in the corporate sector. Several case studies are discussed.

Managing across borders: the transnational solutionL

Bartlett, Christopher and Ghosal, Sumantra (Century Business, London, 1989.)
A guide to the management of companies operating in today’s global environment. Headings include:- “The Transnational Challenge”, “Characteristics of the Transnational”, “Building and Managing the Transnational”.

Public Affairs Department 1989 Performance GoalsL

Unknown (Unknown)
Copy of a presentation document covering strategic planning for a public affairs department. Headings covered include:- “Government Relations”, “Public Awareness”, “Community Development”, “Market Development/Growth and Development”, “Personnel”, “Financial”. Each heading is discussed in relation to goals and measurement.

Washington office salary surveyL

Hay Management Consultants (Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, D.C.,1989)
1989 Washington Office Salary Survey of Public Affairs positions, explanation of terms, participants and results in tabular form.

What is public affairs?L

Hannaford, Peter (Public Relations Quarterly, Fall, 1988)
An article outlining the precise nature of public affairs. The work of a public affairs department is covered together with the elements of a public affairs program and suggested career preparation for work within the field.

Making Community Relations pay off: tools & strategies: how leading-edge companies are meeting the bottom-line test for effective community relations.L

Pederson, W. (ed.) for the Public Affairs Council (Public Affairs Council, Washington. D.C. 1988)
A book for community relations officers covering aspects such as measuring community relations results, how to manage corporate activity more effectively, maintain program essential with reduced funding, leverage both internal and external resources, business - government partnerships and social initiatives of the life and health insurance industry.

Managing toxic wastes - after Bhopal and Sandoz.L

Mahon, J. & Kelley, P. (Long Range Planning, Vol. 20, No. 4, 1987)
A paper outlining the concern over chemical accidents following Bhopal and Sandoz, and the handling of toxic wastes. Specific actions for governments and multinational firms are addressed to lessen the toxic waste and accident threat.

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