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Mobilising invisible assetsL

Itami, Hiroyuki with Roehl. Thomas W. (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1987)
This book systematically present strategic logic from a broad perspective. It deals with the logic of market and competition and also technology and human psychology in organisations. Headings include - The Concept of Strategic Dynamics - Invisible Assets - Customer Fit. Competitive Fit - Technological Fit - Resource Fit - Organisational Fit - Overextension and Invisible Assets - In Pursuit of Strategic Thinking.

How Washington worksL

Solomon, Burt (National Journal, 1986)
An article outlining the reasons why industry groups stress the importance of being represented by lobbyists in Washington.

Doing more with less: current challenges in public affairs managementL

Post, J. E. (Unpublished)
Presentation to the Public Affairs Council Conference on New Management Approaches to Public Affairs, March 1986. An article framing the current challenges facing public affairs officers against a broader background of managerial, economic and social change.

Air Canada: organizing for public relations and media relations L

Eales, Roy (Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass. 1986.)
A case study prepared for student use to highlight the way in which Air Canada set about improving its media and public relations

Meeting human needs: corporate programs and partnerships.L

Troy, Kathryn (The Conference Board, New York, 1986)
A study examining the extent of corporate involvement in meeting human needs in the 1980’s. Areas covered include helping employees with personal problems as well as identifying human needs and addressing social service planning and funding at the local level.

Managing international public affairsL

Lusterman, Seymour. (A research report. The Conference Board, Inc. 1985)
A study that looks at the staffing and organisational measures that a number of multinational companies have adopted to serve their public policy interests. Will also assist companies improve their programs for dealing with foreign and international public affairs.

Businessmen and politics: studies of business activity in British politics 1900-1945L

Turner, John (ed.) (Heineman, London, 1984)
A book which is the outcome of a symposium on “Businessmen and Politics”, held in London in 1980. It is for students, teachers and researchers in 20th century history, politics and economics. It straddles the boundary between economic and political history.

Leveraging the impact of public affairs: a guidebook based on practical experience for corporate public affairs executivesL

Nowlan, Stephen E. & Shayon, Diana R. (H.R.N, 1984)
Focuses on strategic and day to day aspects of running an effective public affairs operation. Includes topics such as Issues Management, Government relations, Corporate Giving, Internal Communications, and relations with Public Interest Groups.

Ogilvy on advertisingL

Ogilvy, David (Pan Books, London, 1983)
A book, written by David Ogilvy, the founder of the advertising company Ogilvy & Mather covering all aspects of advertising.

Issue advocacy advertisingL

Plumb, James W. (Ruder, Finn & Rotman, Washington, 1982)
An article outlining the role of Issue Advocacy Advertising, when to use it, where to place it, what audience to aim at, how long to run it and numerous examples of successful campaigns.

Some critical issues of corporate legitimacyL

Allen, Geoff (Unpublished)
A paper presented to the American Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference, Sydney, Mar. 1981. A discussion of the importance of corporate legitimacy and its role in establishing the standing of the business system in the community. Ways in which corporate legitimacy can be improved are discussed.

Government regulation of business: developing the managerial perspectiveL

Leone, R. (Harvard Business School, Boston, 1981)
Case study analysis of business/government relations. Headings include: Regulation: The peverse Phenomenon; The Public vs. Private Perspective; Business Regulation and Social Welfare; Understanding Structural Change in the ‘Regulated’ Sector; Regulation and Capacity Strategy; The Political Economy of Deregulation; Summary: The View from the Ivory Tower.

Managerial competence: the public affairs aspects.L

Lusterman, S. (The Conference Board, New York, 1981)
The study aims to outline the diverse means that are available to business for enhancing the public affairs competence of managers, to indicate how and how commonly these are being employed and to relate such practices to wider staffing and developmental programs. Headings include: Managerial Roles and Developmental Goals - Learning by Experience - Group Instruction - Staff Professionals as Developers.

Managing corporate relations: a practical guide to business survivalL

Moore, Stanley G. (Gower press, Farnborough, England, 1980)
An overview on managing corporate relations. Chapters include, corporate relations - the basic function, determining action priorities, situation assessment, local corporate relations.

Public affairs and management policy in the 1980’sL

Post, J. E. (Public Affairs Review, 1980)
An article discussing public affairs and its need to be linked to management policy to be successful. Headings include: The Role of Management Policy; A Reflective Look at the 1970’s; Public Issues and Corporate Performance; Patterns of Corporate Behaviour; Interactive Patterns of Response; Thinking Greatly.

Strategic decision-making:planning, manning, organizationL

Glover, John Desmond (Graduate School of Business Management)
An article outlining the importance of strategic decision making within an organisation. Headings include: Strategic Plans; Strategic Planning: Environmental Analysis; Strategic Decision-Making: Planning, Deciding; Strategic Decision-Making: Process, Manning, Organisation.

The corporation: a theological inquiryL

Novak, Michael & Cooper, John W. (American Enterprise Inst. for Public Policy Research, Washington, 1980)
A selection of lectures focusing on the nature and function of the corporation in relation to religious values. Special attention is given to the influence of transnational corporations within democratic society and worldwide.

Business and its changing environment (1977 conference).L

Steiner, George A. (ed.) (Graduate School of Management, U.C.L.A., 1978)
Proceedings of a conference held July 24-August 3 1977 on the subject of business and its changing environment. Subjects covered fall into six categories:- The Changing Business Environment and the Business Response: an Overview - Environment and energy issues for Business - Major Problems of Multinational Companies - Federal Regulations - The Future of Capitalism - Teaching and Research in Business and its Environment.

Media handbook: a manual for people involved in education on how to get publicity through the mediaL

Mathews, Iola. (Australian Frontier Inc., Fitzroy. Vic. 1978.)
A handbook for educators to assist them publicise and stimulate a community awareness in their work and the problems and issues facing education. Subjects include:- press releases, press conferences, different sections of the media, handling the media and how to be a good publicity officers

Corporate Image Benchmark Study for UTAH Development CompanyL

Consensus Research Pty Ltd (Consensus Research, Sydney, 1977)
A second corporate image benchmark study for Utah following an advertising campaign. The objectives were to assess current levels of awareness and image of Utah and to establish direction and extent of shifts in awareness and image.

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