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Culture & management.L

Weinshall, Theodore D. (Penguin Books, London, 1977)
A study of management in international business for both multinational and national organisations. The book is divided into four sections :- 1. Conceptualisation of the Relation between Culture and Management . 2. The Cultural Framework; The effects of Values, Beliefs and Manifest Behaviour on Management. 3. The Managerial Framework; Factors of the Decision; Making Process in Dfferent Cultures. 4. The Managerial Framework; The effects of Size on the Managerial Structure”.

The multinational enterprise in a hostile worldL

Curzon, Gerard and Curzon, Victoria. (eds.) (Macmillan Press, London. 1977)
The six main papers presented at a conference on ‘Multinational Enterprise in a Hostile World’ held in Geneva, Switzerland in January, 1975. The book is divided into three sections- Multinationals and the state: developing countries; Multinationals under control; limits to sovereignty.

Utah. (Four Corners Report)L

ABC Television (Ogilvy & Mather, Melbourne, 1977)
A report presented on ABC Television, the Four Corners Programme on ‘Who Own’s Australia?’ The report focuses on the Utah Company and their coal mining operation in Queensland where huge profits were leaving the country, but at what expense to Australia? 45 mins.

Designing the International Corporate Organization.L

Business International Corporation. (Business International Corporation. New York, 1976)
The purpose of this book on designing the international organization is to examine the problems and challenges of organisation; analyse the experiments and experience of firms in working out solutions; and probe the new ideas that can contribute to new philosophy and practice. Case studies of I.C.I., Ciba-Geigy, Du-Pont and others are included.

Public relations practice in AustraliaL

Potts, J. D. S (ed.) (McGraw-Hill , Sydney, 1976)
Broad overview of public relations practice. Collection of articles from practitioners. Chapters include public opinion (H.Mackay), attitude research, planning, administration, tools.

Social issues in business: a text with current readings and casesL

Luthans, Fred. & Hodgetts, Richard M (eds.) (Macmillan, New York, 1976)
Analysis and case studies of business/society relations. Studies collected under: Social Responsibility; Poverty and Equal Rights; Ecology; Consumerism. Key individual chapters include: The nature of social responsibility; Business response to ecological issues; Business response to consumerism.

The changing business role in societyL

Steiner, George A. (ed.) (Graduate School of Management, U.C.L.A., 1976)
Proceedings of a conference held in August 1975 on the subject of the changing business role in society. Areas covered include:- The Changing Environment for Business and the Business Response Business and Social Responsibilities, Ethics, and the Social Audit; Business Power; Environment and Energy Issues for Business; Multinational Corporations; Federal Regulation of Business; Slow Down Growth Issues; Teaching and Research in Business and Society.

Business and Society: environment and responsibilityL

Davis, K. & Blomstrom, R. L. (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1975)
An analysis of US business/society relations. Key headings include: Arguments for and against social responsibilities for business; The business interface with government; Business involvement in community activities; The social response of multinational business. (4/12/2006 Borrowed by G. Allen)

Global companies: the political economy of world business.L

Ball, George W. (ed.) (Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1975.)
A collection of essays considering the multinational corporation as an instrument that can be used in harmony with political institutions to help meet the requirements of a world with limited abundance where man must efficiently use the resources provided by nature if civilisation is to survive.

The world of a giant corporation.L

Woodmansee, John et al. (North Country Press, Seattle, Wash., 1975.)
A case study of General Electric. Reveals how corporate power shapes today’s multinational economy, the politics of energy, and our consumer/media society. Key headings include:- GE and Energy - The Business of War - Inside GE - PR is our most Important Product - The Social-Industrial Complex - Changing the Corporate System.

1974 survey of corporate public affairs.L

Public Affairs Council (Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C. 1974)
Results of a survey carried out in 1974 relating to corporate public affairs. Results are organised into the following categories - Budgets, Personnel, Title - Policies for Employee Involvement in Politics, Government and Community Service - Employee Public Affairs Communications - Employee Education in Politics and Economics - Employee Political Fund-Raising Programs - Corporate Philanthropy - Urban Affairs/Corporate Responsibility - Government Relations - Trends.

Business and Society: tradition and changeL

Kempner, T., MacMillan, K. & Hawkins, K. (eds.) (Penguin, London, 1974)
An historical examination of the relationship between business and society; headings include: Business organisation and the competitive tradition; Public Control and Business Autonomy; Theories of Business Policy. Authors seek “radical” public policies to solve, e.g. environmental degradation.

The corporation and Australian societyL

Lindgren, K.E., Mason, H.H. & Gordon, B.L.J. (eds.) (Law Book Company, Sydney, 1974)
Analysis of the operation of corporations in Australia and their impact on the lives of Australians in a number of areas. Relevant headings include: The Corporation, Trade Unions & Society; Legislative Control of Environmental Quality; The Corporation and Particular Local Communities (case study). Includes chapters on MNC impacts on host countries.

The unstable ground: Corporate social policy in a dynamic societyL

Sethi, S. Prakash (ed.) (Melville Publishing Company, Los Angeles, 1974.)
A collection of 40 articles relating to the role of corporate response to social change. Subjects covered include:- Differing Perspectives on the Social Involvement of Business; Corporate Social Audit: Definition and Measurement of Socially Responsive Behaviour; Legal Approaches to Corporate Structural Reform; Government Regulation of Business; Organisational Imperatives and Corporate Social Responsibility; Business and Minority Groups; Business and the Consumer.

Individualism, interest groups, contract and consensus at General Motors, 1908-1972.L

Harvard Business School. (Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass., 1972.)
A case study outlining how a large corporation has been able to work with the Union and workers to increase productivity and provide better work conditions and job satisfaction.

US International Business and GovernmentsL

Behrman, Jack N. (McGraw Hill, New York. 1971)
A study of the need for government and business to communicate on economic issues at home and abroad.

The Corporation in American PoliticsL

Epstein, Edwin M. (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1969)
An analysis of US corporate political activity. Key headings include: The inevitability of corporate political activity; Corporate interest Vs. national interest; Corporate political resources.

1. Public affairs - quality measurements for emergencies. 2. Public affairs - quality measurement.L

Unknown. (Unpublished)
Copies of internal data sheets used to chart public affairs objectives, in an emergency and during a non-emergency period, dealing with the media, community, government and all aspects of public affairs.

1. Workplace communication. 2. Summary of our achievements through quality. 3. Communication.L

Prospect Electricity (Prospect Electricity)
Three articles on the subject of internal communication in relation to the Prospect Electricity Company. All three articles highlight the importance of keeping employees informed in order to build trust and understanding.

1.1996-1997 Compensation Survey of Public Affairs. 2. 1997-1998 Washington Office Compensation Survey.L

Foundation for Public Affairs (Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, DC., 1996/1997.)
Copies of two surveys instigated by the Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, together with covering correspondence and results of the surveys.

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