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1985 Boyer Lectures : Australia in a developing world.L

Hughes, Helen (Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney, 1985.)
Text of the 1985 Boyer Lectures given by Professor Helen Hughes. Titles include :- The global background - The right to work - The role of government - A people and an environment and Policies for progress.

1991 Congressional issues : fact sheets on issues of concern to business that may be considered in the 102nd Congress, 1st session.L

Meath, Kevin P. (ed.) (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, 1991.)
A catalogue of fact sheets on business related issues issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Includes an index by category and a topical index.

1992 national public affairs survey : the public sector.L

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne, 1995.)
Copy of a questionnaire that was distributed to a wide range of organisations, in the public sector invited to take part in the 1995 national public affairs survey carried out by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. The aims of this survey included:- providing a picture of the status and nature of PAM in the public sector; proving information for current and future comparison/benchmarking; to assist managers identify the extent of their need for PAM; identifying a range of PAM tools and innovative practices capable of application to the private and public sectors.

1992-1993 Compensation survey of public affairs positions.L

Hay Management Consultants (Hay Management Consultants, Washington, D.C., ‘92.)
Survey compiled for the Foundation for Public Affairs, to provide valid and reliable data on the compensation of selected professional public affairs positions.

1993 profile of the community relations profession.L

Barnes, Richard (Center for Corp. Community Relations, Boston, ‘93)
A research report carried out to assist in the development, improvement and enhancement of community relations programs. Headings include:- The Community Relations Professional - Training and Professional Development - Program Development - Job Satisfaction - Salaries - Gender Differences.

1994 GTE Community Leader Survey.L

GTE Telecommunications (GTE Telecommunications, 1994.)
An example of a Community Leader Survey used as a stakeholder communications tool by a Public Affairs Department.

1995 crisis management survey of Fortune 1000 companies.L

Corp. Response Group, Inc. & George Washington, Uni. Washington, D.C. (Corporate Response Group, Inc.)
Results of the 1995 Crisis Management Survey of Fortune 1000 companies. It was found that despite downsizing and decentralisation trends, many companies were either maintaining or expanding their crisis management programs and plans.

1996 annual reports : The Public Affairs Council; The Foundation for Public Affairs.L

Public Affairs Council, Foundation for Public Affairs (Public Affairs Council, Found. Publ. Affairs, Washington, D.C., 1996.)
A booklet outlining the differences, roles, missions, services, responsibilities and business undertakings for 1996 of the Public Affairs Council and the Foundation for Public Affairs in Washington. Headings include:- “Family Profiles”, “Information Central”, “The Council/Foundation Staffs”, “The Public Affairs Council”, “The Foundation for Public Affairs”.

1996 Federal Election Symposium. (Five tape set.)L

Various (Unpublished.)
A recording (five tape set) of the proceedings of the 1996 Federal Election Symposium organised by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs in conjunction with the Public Affairs Research Centre. Leading participants in the Federal Election were brought together to discuss the strategies employed, issues pursued and impact of the campaign and its result on our public policy and political environment.

1998 Annual ReportL

Council on Foundations (Council on Foundations, Washington, DC, 1998)
The 1998 Annual Report of the Council on Foundations, an association of foundations and corporations that serves the public by promoting and enhancing responsible and effective philanthropy. Includes information about the role of the foundation in America.

1998 social and environment report. Minerals and metals for the world.L

Rio Tinto plc/Rio Tinto Limited (Rio Tinto plc, London/Rio Tinto Limited, Melbourne, 1999)
A report from Rio Tinto outlining their responsible behaviour towards the communities in which they operate and their shareholders. Headings covered include:- Overview of the 1998 performance - Environmental data - Independent report - Community relations - The Five Year Plan - Consultation - Programmes - HSE linkage - Health, safety and the environment - Indicators, goals and targets - Management practices - Health and safety - Land - Water - Air.

20 Australian community business partnerships in 2000L

The Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership (The Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, Sydney, 2000)
This book highlights the top 20 Community Business Partnerships as identified by the Prime Minister’s Awards for excellence in Business and Community Partnerships. The partnerships were selected for their ability to contribute to building stronger communities. The hallmarks of good partnerships are reflected - commitment, trust and the sharing of gifts, energy and creativity.

2002 clean green & safe reportL

Snowy Hydro Limited (Snowy Hydro Limited, Cooma, N.S.W., 2002)
The purposes of this report are to provide stakeholders with information about the current environmental and social performance and to outline how the company will further integrate environmental and social factors into their management and decision making processes. Headings include:- Our Business - Our Strategy - Our Structure, Policies, and Management Systems - Our Environmental and Social Performance - Beyond 2002.

2020 vision : transform your business today to succeed in tomorrow’s economy.L

Davis, Stan & Davidson, Bill (Simon & Schuster, New York, 1991.)
An insight into how to capture process and recycle information that can be used to transform a business. A guide to thriving and surviving in the coming decades.

A 12-step issue action plan: hypothetical case study.L

DeAngelo, Scott et al. (IMC Monograph Series, no. 8, Issue Management Council, S.E. Leesburg, VA, USA, 1997)
A case study presented by students in an issue management class at Northwestern University’s Medill School. The authors worked as an issue management team to select a company and implement a 12-step issue action plan. The steps included:- 1. Designate Issue Owners. 2. Form an Action Team. 3. Conduct a Situational Assessment. 4. Study the Results. 5. Identify the Stakeholders. 6. Formalise Company Position. 7. Develop Stakeholder Objectives. 8. Develop Organizational Objectives. 9. Implement the Action Plan. 10. Monitor and Fine Tune. 11. The Action Plan Budget. 12. The Action Plan Timeline.

“A Business View”. L

Parbo, A.H. (Unpublished)
An address to the National Conference on Public Issue Resolution, Brisbane, 1991. In this address the problem on public issue and dispute resolution in Australia is discussed in relation to business. Headings include:- The Role of Business and Industry - The Example of Australia - The Negators - The Adversary Approach - Resolution of Disputes - Integrity of Politics and Business.

A capital idea: realising value from environmental and social performanceL

Deni Greene Consulting Services with Standards Australia and Ethical Investment Services (Deni Greene Consulting Services, North Carlton, Vic., 2001)
A guide to assist Australian companies capture value from good environmental and social performance. It highlights the changes in financial markets, including the rising interest in socially responsible investment, will affect their companies and how they can benefit from these changes. The guide is arranged in five parts. Part 1: Business for the 21st century and beyond. (Changes in the financial and social context for business). Part 2: Investors for the 21st century and beyond. (Shows how changes occurring in investment and investors will affect Australian companies). Part 3: Attracting 21st century Investors (Shows how an Australian company’s environmental and social performance fits into the context of attracting investment capital). Part 4: Demonstrating Good Environmental and Social Performance. Part 5: Some Useful Resources.

A capital idea: realising value from environmental and social performanceL

Deni Greene Consulting Services with Standards Australia and Ethical Investment Services (Deni Greene Consulting Services, North Carlton, Vic., 2001)
A guide intended to assist companies capture value from good environmental and social performance. It shows business how the changes in financial markets, including the rising interest in socially responsible investment, will affect their companies, and how they can benefit from these changes. The guide is arranged in five parts - 1. Business for the 21st century and beyond. 2. Investors for the 21st century and beyond. 3. Attracting 21st century investors. 4. Demonstrating Good Environmental and Social Performance.. 5. Some Useful Resources

A century of Myer philanthropy: the opening chapterL

Liffman, Michael (The Myer Foundation, Melbourne, 1999)
A pamphlet outlining the life and work of Sidney Myer and the establishment of the Sidney Myer Fund and the Myer Foundation, published to celebrate the Sidney Myer Centenary Celebration.

A comparative analysis of the corporate advertising practices of foreign-owned versus domestic corporations.L

Fleisher, C. & Preece, S. (Sch. of Bus. & Econ. Wilfrid Laurier Uni., Waterloo, Ont)
A discussion paper arguing that the necessity to influence public policy and opinion through corporate advertising will differ when comparing foreign-owned versus domestic firms.

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