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A compendium of speeches on the issue management process. L

Issue Management Council. (Issue Management Council, Leesburg, VA., 1997.)
A compendium, updated yearly of presentations on issue management. The presentations are submitted for inclusion and then housed at the Issue Management Council. May, 1997 update.

A compendium of speeches on the issue management process. 1993, 1998.L

The Issue Exchange. (The Issue Exchange, Leesburg, VA., 1993, 1998.)
A compendium of speeches, detailing the Presenters together with their address, the title of the speech and the venue at which it was presented.

A complete guide to the proper care and feeding of News Medius Packus.L

Adams, William C. (Public Affairs Review, 1985.)
“Guidelines on how to achieve total obfuscation when working with the press.”

A conceptual framework for environmental analysis of social issues and evaluation of business response patterns.L

Sethi, S. Prakash (Academy of Management Review, v.4, no.1,1979.)
A conceptual framework analyses and evaluates business response patterns. Corporate responses are classified by corporate behaviour or social obligation, social responsibility and social responsiveness. The external environment is analysed by dividing elapsed time between the emergence of a problem and its solution into four categories - the pre-problem, problem identification, remedy and relief and prevention stages.

A framework for analysing government involvement in business.L

Fox, Ronald J. (Harvard Business School, Boston, MA., 1981. )
This paper describes a systematic framework of steps for managers to use in analysing actual and potential government involvement and for selecting appropriate courses of action in business-government relations.

A fresh perspective on our social responsibility to societyL

Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, 2002)
This report covers the policies, practices and performance of Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia for the year ending 30 September 2001, representing their continuing commitment to transparency in addressing stakeholder concern. Key headings include:- Managing Business Well - Looking out for Employees - Earning the Respect of Customers - Ensuring a Future for our Communities - Keeping our Corporate Conscience Green - Accounting for Every Dollar

A good producer’s introduction to POSILAC.L

Monsanto Corporation (Action Replay, Video Transfers, Hawthorn.)
A video produced by Monsanto to promote a new product ‘Posilac’ aimed at improving the milk production of dairy cattle. Highlights include the ease of use of the product and the safety aspect involving the disposal of the used syringes. 10 mins.

A government of strangers : executive politics in Washington.L

Heclo, Hugh (The Brookings Institution, Washington, 1977.)
A study of “executive politics” or the relationship between political executives and bureaucrats. Key headings include:- People in Government; Political Executives : A Government of Strangers; Bureaucrats : People in the Machine; Working relations : The Preliminaries; Working Relations : The Main Event; Doing Better : Policies for Governing Policy makers.

A green witch hunt exposed. Greenpeace ‘got it wrong ‘ at Nufarm.L

Mitchelson, R., Australian Chemical Industry Council
(Unknown. (Copies of two letters to daily newspapers))

A reply from the Public Affairs Manager, Australian Chemical Industry Council, with regard to the misleading publicity regarding the pesticide manufacturer Nufarm and the allegations that it was discharging toxic waste into the sewerage system.

A guide for utility speakers bureaus.L

Edison Electric Institute (Edison Electric Institute.)
A guide for establishing a speakers bureau or revitalising an existing one, with particular emphasis to the utility industry. Headings include:- Statement of Purpose - Placement in Organization - Selecting - Training - Scheduling Speakers - The Role of the Speakers Bureau in Issue Management - The Role of the Speakers Bureau in Crisis Control - Measuring the Success of a Utility Speakers Bureau.

A guide to company giving : 1993 edition.L

Eastwood, M. (ed.) (A directory of social change publication, London. 1993)
A catalogue of U.K. corporate giving, 1993 : top 1,000 plus donors, includes an overview of current U.K. corporate giving.

A guide to corporate survival and growth : the new thinking.L

Business International Corporation (Business International Corporation, New York. 1986)
A guide for international companies in the 90’s on how to cope in a changing business and economic environment. “Awareness and Adaptability” are the key criteria. The book is made up of five sections:- 1. The Shape of the New Problems. 2. Corporate Reactions to the Crunch. 3. Development of the Global Company. 4. Getting Ready for the Future. 5. What About the Humans?

A guide to good communications management.L

Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat. (Government of Canada, 1992.)
A guide aimed at recognising and promoting the importance of good communications in the management of government programmes and policies. The aim is to provide accurate, complete, objective, timely , relevant and understandable information to the public about government policies, programmes and services.

A guide to strategic planning for corporate contributions.L

Giroud, Cynthia D. (Council on Foundations, Washington, D.C., 1993.)
A step by step guide for implementing a corporate contributions program. Stages of the planning process include - Process design; Making the case for a strategic planning process to management; Information gathering; Situation analysis; Plan development; Implementation and Evaluation.

A place on the periphery: examining the irrelevance of corporate social performance to management practice.L

Fleisher, C. & Miles, G. (Sch.of Bus. & Econ. Wilfrid Laurier, Uni., Waterloo,Ont.)
A paper discussing the question of why corporate social performance, despite its central place within social issues research and teaching, remains peripheral to management practice. Examines factors associated with managerial relevance and contrasts social performance with areas of contemporary management.

A report on the future of corporate community relations for the Pitney Bowes Corporation.L

Waddock, Sandra A. & Boyle, Mary Ellen. (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA., 1993.)
A report outlining the need for corporate community relations to be given a high priority by the business sector. Headings include:- Changes in Corporate Community Relations - The Corporation, Community Relations and Community - External Drivers of Change in Corporate Community Relations - Dominant Issues Affecting Corporations - Signals from the Investment Community - Signals from the Environment - Driving Forces.

A strategic framework for dealing with schism between business and academe.L

Sethi, S. Prakash (Public Affairs Review, Special Report, 1983.)
An in depth study of issue-strategy matrixes for developing productive corporate-campus relationships. Headings include: - Current Approaches Analyzed - Nature of the Corporation - Nature of the Academic Community - Segmentation of the Academic Community - The Issue-Environment Matrix - Conflict and Cooperation - The Issue-Management Matrix.

A time for choices : Annual Report - 1991.L

Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania (Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania. 1991.)
The annual report of the Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania published at a time when the American Health Care System was at an important crossroads. The report discusses issues and choices about how to provide health care coverage and how to pay for it on an affordable basis.

A treaty with the aborigines? Policy issues no. 7L

Various. Baker, Ken (ed.) (Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne, 1988)
A collection of articles published by the Institute of Public Affairs Limited to provide the main arguments and questions surrounding the idea of a treaty between the Australian government and the aborigines. Headings include: A Time for Reconciliation - Treaty is a Recipe for Separatism - A Treaty for Land Justice and Self-Determination - Why a Treaty? - Aborigines are Australian too - Fallacies Weaken the Case for a Treaty - Why Whites also Need an Aboriginal Treaty - The Quest for Aboriginal Sovereignty - Legal and Constitutional Considerations - Australia as Terra Nullis - Canada: Towards Aboriginal Self-Government? - American Indian Treaties: Historic Relics - The Long Aftermath of Waitangi

A typology of issue evolution.L

Bigelow, B, Fahey, L. & Mahon, J. (The Issue Exchange, Leesburg, VA., 1993.)
A paper discussing the typology of issue life cycles based on their different evolutionary paths. Headings include:- A Typology of Issue Evolution - Models of Public Issues Life Cycle - Deviations from the ‘Normal’ Cycle - Facts - Stakeholders - Scope - Implications.

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