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A.B.C. editorial policies.L

Australian Broadcasting Commission (Australian Broadcasting Commission. 1993.)
This booklet sets out the editorial policies determined by the Board of Directors of the Australian Broadcasting Commission in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983, and other relevant legislation. Also includes A.B.C. code of practice, statements of principle and philosophy, program objectives, general guidelines and explanatory information.

Academic success & social power: examinations and inequalityL

Teese, Richard (Melbourne University Press, Carlton Sth., Vic., 2000)
A study of Australian secondary education in the half century after World War II drawing particular attention to Victorian secondary schooling. Key headings include:- The Age of Curriculum - English in the 1940’s: a Service Course for the Professions - Cultural Ideal and School Systems: English in the 1970’s - English under the Victorian Certificate of Education - Searching for the Scientist: Post-war Chemical Reform - Structural Chemistry and its Social Beneficiaries - Resisting Chemical Reform in the 1980’s - Chemistry and the Victorian Certificate of Education - Traditional Mathematics - Reforming in the Shadow of the New Maths - Pedagogical Freedom and Institutional Power in Mathematics Reform - Mathematics for the Majority: Reform and Counter-Reform - Curriculum Hierarchy, Monopoly Access and the Export of Failure - Power Over the Curriculum, Historical Progress and Structural Reform.

Acceptable evidence: Science and values in risk management.L

Mayo, D. G. & Hollander, R. D. (eds.) (Oxford University Press, New York, 1991.)
A collection of essays covering the subject - that understanding the interrelations of scientific with value issues enables a critical scrutiny of risk assessments. Headings include:- Perceiving and Communicating Risk Evidence - Uncertain Evidence in Risk Management - Philosophy and Scientific Evidence.

Accounting for corporate reputation.L

Riahi-Belkaoui, A. & Pavlik, E. (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1992.)
This book outlines the need for accounting and non-accounting reputation signals to create the most favoured reputation in the marketplace and examines the issues. Key headings include:- “Concepts of Reputation - Social Performance”, “Concepts of Reputation “, “ Organizational Effects “, “Determinants of Reputation Building “, “Corporate Reputation and Shareholders’ Wealth”, “Performance of U.S. Firms on Reputation”.

Accounting for Environmental Compliance : crossroads of G.A.A.P., engineering, and government.L

Price Waterhouse (Price Waterhouse, U.S.A., 1992.)
Survey of U.S. corporate environment accounting. Provides an overview of the state of U.S. corporate environmental management. Key headings include:- Environmental Oversight - Written Policies and their Disclosure - Estimating the Costs of Remediation - Disclosure of Environmental Matters.

Accuracy in Australian newspapers.L

Schultz, Julianne. (Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. 1990.)
Working paper no. 1. A report based on a survey of views of prominent people frequently quoted; a close examination of four daily newspapers; and a survey of the corrections policies of thirteen Australian newspapers.

Act now, apologize later.L

Werbach, Adam (Cliff Street Books, Harper Collins, New York, 1997.)
Written from a young person’s perspective. The twenty four year old author, Sierra Club President Adam Werbach writes with passion, humour and zeal to fuel a grassroots environmental movement. Personal vignettes are woven throughout the book encouraging everyone’s participation in the environmental movement.

Addressing disadvantage through place management: is there a role for nonprofit organisations? Working paper no. 3, 2001. Research & Advocacy Team.L

Zappala, Gianni & Green, Vanessa (The Smith Family, Camperdown, N.S.W., 2001)
This paper outlines place management and its transition to the community services sector. Place coordination and place entrepreneurship are discussed in detail and the role of nonprofit organisations in initiating place management programs that address disadvantage in particular communities. Key headings include: Place Management - Place Management in Community Services - Place coordination: Synchronising Service Delivery - Place Entrepreneurship: Developing Local Capacity - Place Management and Nonprofit Organisations.

Advertising Standards Council : Charter.L

Advertising Standards Council (Advertising Standards Council)
Charter documents of the Advertising Standards Council of Australia.

Advocacy advertising : the voice of business in public policy debate.L

Ewing, Raymond P. (Public Affairs Review, 1982.)
An examination of advocacy advertising with guidelines for companies planning an advocacy ad campaign and examples of specific campaigns that have been carried out with particular reference to Mobil Oil.

Advocacy advertising and the multinational corporationL

Sethi, S. Prakash (Columbia Journal of World Journal, Fall, 1977)
How advocacy advertising can provide a cutting edge in improving the MNC’s public credibility and support. The emergence of “advocacy advertising” by the large multinational companies, its role and effectiveness are discussed together with examples. Headings include:- Advocacy Advertising Defined - Types of Advocacy Advertising - The Rationale for Advocacy Advertising - Countering the Spread of Misleading Information - Countering Inadequate Access and Media Bias - More Effective Advocacy Advertising - Integrated Communication Program - Accessibility to Corporate Executives.

Advocacy advertising in America.L

Sethi, S. Prakash (Unpublished.)
Text of keynote address at Advocacy Advertising Conference, Canada, 1981. Advocacy advertising is defined and its role in corporate America fully discussed.

AEA Technology: a study in organisational change (I).L

White, J. (Unpublished. City Univ. Business School, London.)
A case study intended as a basis for classroom discussion covering changes within AEA as a public sector organisation (government funded) changed its status to first a Trading Fund status and preparing itself for a number of possible future, including privatisation. Headings include:- Studies of the organisation and its possible futures - Themes in management discussion - Bringing about change - Management and external assessments of change - Management efforts to place the issue of privatisation of AEA on the public agenda - AEA’s experience of change.

AEA technology: A Study in Organisational Change (II)-The Role of Corporate Communications in Organisational ChangeL

White, J. (Unknown)
A case study intended as a basis for classroom discussion examining the role of corporate communications in bringing about and managing the process of organisational change. Headings include: - Mandate for corporate communications - Corporate communications research: the basis for internal and external corporate communications activities - The structure, location and role of the corporate communications department - The timetable for organisational change.

Age search - Greenpeace.L

Various (Age Newspaper, Melbourne.)
Numerous articles extracted from the Age Newspaper, Melbourne via Age search relating to the Greenpeace Movement.

Agenda-setting. Communication Concepts 6.L

Dearing, James W. and Rogers, Everett, M. (Sage Publications, California, 1996.)
A presentation of the role of agenda-setting in society. Covering topics such as who makes issues newsworthy and why, and social issues that may demand attention on the public agenda, in turn influencing policy agenda and policy changes. Headings include:- “What is Agenda-Setting?”, “Media Agenda Studies”, “Public Agenda Studies: The Hierarchy Approach”, “Public-Agenda Studies: Longitudinal Approaches”, “Policy Agenda Studies”, “Studying the Agenda-Setting Processes”.

Alcohol Awareness AdvertisementsL

(Coors, Corporate Television. 1992.)
Advertisements relating to alcohol awareness, safe boating, drinking and driving compiled by the Coors Beer Company.

Alternative scenarios about the future of capitalism.L

Edmunds, Stahrl (Unpublished.)
A paper presented to the conference on Business and Its Changing Environment, UCLA Graduate School of Management, Aug. 1978. With the use of six different scenarios the future of capitalism is discussed.

Altruism at work.L

Sturgess, G. et al. (Aust. Financial Review Magazine, “Review “ Feb.1993)
A special report on altruism in Australia by Gary Sturgess with four examples by other writers of specific cases such as McDonalds, The Body Shop, Dick Smith’s Variety Club Bash and others.

American business values in transitionL

Cavanagh, Gerald F. (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1976)
Examines the values, ideals, ideology of US business. Examines historical basis, Marxist challenge, 1960s/70s anti-business growth.

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