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An incomplete guide to the future.L

Harman, Willis W. (W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1976)
Using the field of futures research the author looks into the way we are transforming ourselves to cope with the future. Headings include:- The Methods of Futures Research - A Transformation Ahead - The Growth Dilemma - The Work-Roles Dilemma - The World Distribution Dilemma - The Control Dilemma - The Changing Image of Man - The Trans-industrial Era - Strategies for a Viable Future.

An introduction to Chevron contributions & programs.L

Chevron Corporation (Unpublished.)
A copy of presentation overheads used to highlight the Chevron Corporations charitable contribution program. Key headings include:- “Why Chevron makes Charitable Grants Each Year”, “Charitable Contributions”, “The Intersection of Needs & Interests”, “Strategic Intents”, “Investment Grants, Community Grants’, “Awareness & Recognition”, “Measuring Success”.

Analyzing regulatory failure: mismatches, less restrictive alternatives, and reform.L

Breyer, Stephen (Harvard Law Review, Vol. 92, no.3, Jan. 1979.)
This article presents a framework for the analysis of business regulation. Three elements are covered: justification, modes and the problems alternatives to regulation pose. An article written by Professor Robert A. Leone analysing Professor Breyer’s article is included.

Annual meeting journal: 1991 Arthur W. Page Society : “Public Permission/Public Approval”.L

Various (Arthur W. Page Society, 1991.)
Transcripts of speeches from 1991 annual meeting. Topics include - Issues Management, and Public Trust - Co-operative Problem Solving through Dialogue.

Annual report 1991 - 1992.L

The Center for Corporate Community Relations at Boston College (Center for Corp. Community Relations, Boston College)
The Annual Report of The Center for Corporate Community Relations at Boston College for 1991-1992 highlighting the work of the Center and their achievements for the current year.

Annual Report 1997-1998: The St. James Ethics CentreL

The St. James Ethics Centre (The St. James Ethics Centre, Sydney, 1998)
Annual Report for the St. James Ethics Centre, an independent non-profit, non-political organisation that provides a forum for the promotion of business and professional ethics. Headings include:- About the Centre - Our Vision - Our Strategic Interest - The Centre’s Operations - Ethics Advocacy - Membership - Counselling and Community Services - Consulting Services - Leadership Programs - The Appeal.

Annual Report Review Process.L

Unknown (Unknown.)
Copy of an External Communication Planning Document relating to annual reports and whether they are a successful means of external communication.

ANZ savings strategyL

ANZ Corporate Affairs Department (Unpublished.)
An outline of the ANZ Bank’s Savings Strategy, how it was implemented and the results at the time of writing, phase five of a two year campaign. Highlights include:- Commercial Imperatives - External Environment - Major Issues - Techniques - Recent Developments - Where to From Here - Implementation Phase.

Applying quality to public affairs : progress, pitfalls, and prospects.L

Fleisher, C. & Nickel, J. (The University of Calgary.)
An article outlining the difficulty in applying quality to the public affairs process, the difficulty in measuring quality , and the need for it to be carried out in all areas of an organisation.

Applying the balance scorecard: the CIBC experienceL

Brodovsky, Sharon (Assessing, Managing and Maximising Public Affairs Performance)
This article explains the steps the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce took to develop a measurement system that would enable the division to evaluate its activities and its strategies and demonstrate its value in more “measurable terms”.

ASI Compile ReelL

SSB Advertising (Unknown)
Six advertisements made for the Australian Sugar Industry. 6 min.

Asian PR Handbook: a practical guide to public relations in AsiaL

Devereux, Mary M. (Media & Marketing Ltd., Hong Kong, 1997.)
A practical account of how to conduct Public Relations campaigns in the Asia region. Useful for working in a public relations consultancy or involved in the communications function in an organisation. Key headings include:- “Public Relations in Asia”, “Media Relations”, “Marketing Communications”, “Public Affairs and Issues Management”, “Corporate and Financial Communications”, “Healthcare Communications”, “Technology Public Relations”, “Sponsor ship”, “Managing a Crisis”, “Preparing a PR programme”, “Working with a PR consultancy”, “Integrated Marketing”.

Aspen Energy & Environment Roundtable II: highlightsL

Various (Montteux Energy, Denver, 1995)
Highlights of the Conference Proceedings, Aspen Energy & Environment Roundtable II, September 17-19, 1995, Aspen Colorado. “Global Environmental Investment Challenges in Downstream Oil, Gas, and Power Generation”.

Assessing public relations/communications (PR/C) management performance using the balanced scorecard approach.L

Fleisher, C. & Mahaffy, D. (Submitted to Public Relations Review.)
This article reviews the current state of PR/C management assessment, illustrates the scorecard framework, highlights its strengths and weaknesses, describes the process of applying the scorecard, and provides sample applications for use in assessing PR/communications management.

Assessing the damage : practitioner perspectives on the Valdez.L

Harrison, E. Bruce and Prugh, Tom (Public Relations Journal, October 1989.)
An article outlining the lessons to be learnt for Public Affairs Professionals following the handling of the Exxon Valdez oil spill by the Exxon Company. Headings include:- Demanding Personal Accountability - Coping with Risk.

Attempting TQM in organizational staff areas: TQM as managerial innovation in corporate public affairs.L

Fleisher, Craig S.; Nickel, Joanne R. (Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. (Special issue on TQM))
This paper describes an exploratory research study which analysed TQM attempts in a public affairs unit. The research focused on factors which inhibit/facilitate TQM attempts in corporate PA.

Attendant responsibility : public relations and the SEC.L

Cutlip, Scott M. (Public Relations Journal / January 1985.)
An article highlighting the need for public relations firms to be particularly vigilant in their handling of promotional material on behalf of issuers whose securities are publicly held and traded. Several recent cases are discussed fully and the risk of ‘insider trading’ and investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission highlighted.

Audit committees in the 1990’s; results of the 1992 Arthur Andersen survey of audit committees.L

Arthur Andersen (Arthur Andersen, Adelaide, 1992)
This report highlights the results of the 1992 Arthur Andersen survey of audit committees. All publicly listed companies (approx. 1,200) in Australia were surveyed with a response rate of 19%. Key headings include:- Audit Committees: a Worldwide Trend - Companies in Question - The Audit Committee Profile - Adding up the Benefits - Roles and Responsibilities - Internal Audit - External Audit - Implications. See also G35 (a) Executive summary

Australia and the new right.L

Sawer, Marian (ed.) (George Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1982.)
Examines the impact on Australian politics of the general shift to the right in the English-speaking democracies. The contributors analyse the philosophy, the economic doctrines, the politics and the policy outcomes of this shift in Australia.

Australia in accord : politics and industrial relations under the Hawke government.L

Carney, Shaun (Macmillan, South Melbourne, Vic., 1988)
Traces the political changes wrought by the Prices and Incomes Accord, the important links between the institutions, their leaders and many of the important political decisions of the Hawke Government.

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