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Business - Community Dialogue : Narrowing the Value Gap.L

Various (Unknown)
A set of four audio tapes under the following headings: - Centres of Community Influence - The Perception of Business by Key Sectors - The Role of Social Research in Chevron’s Strategic Planning and Communications - Innovations in Business Communication and Community Interaction - Summary and Conclusions. Presenters Include - Michael Horsburgh, Peter Hancock, Yong Sook Kwok, Paul Barratt, Lew Winters, Peter Barnett, Alan Cullen, Peter Perkins, Warren Haynes, Geoff Allen.

Business - government relations: concepts and issues.L

Colebatch, H.K., Prasser, S. & Nethercote, J.R. (eds.) (Nelson ITP, Melbourne, 1997.)
A book which aims to provide a guide to the reader of the multi-stranded relationships which link business and government: where to look for them and how to analyse them and how to assess their significance both for business and for government. Written from an Australian perspective it also uses overseas examples. The three main areas covered are:- “Analytical Approaches”, “Arenas and Participants”, “Alternative Explanations”.

Business & society: ethics and stakeholder management (2nd Ed).L

Carroll, Archie B. (South-Western Publishing Co, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1993)
A managerial perspective is followed within the dual themes of business ethics and stakeholder management. Headings include:- Business, Society and Stakeholders - Business Ethics and Management - External Stakeholders and the Management of them - Internal Stakeholders and the Management of them - Strategic Management for Social Responsiveness - Challenges for the Future. Case studies are included for reference.

Business & Society. Vol. 35. No. 3. 1996.L

Wood, Donna J. (ed.) (Sage Periodicals Press, Thousand Oaks, CA. 1996.)
An annotated Bibliography of the 1990-1995 IABS Annual Proceedings. The book is comprised of several sections. “Research Questions”, “Abstracts”, “Business-Government Relationships”, “Social Issues”, “Environmental Management and Regulation”, “Corporate Social Performance”, “Research Issues”, “Teaching Issues”.

Business and human rights: a management primerL

Shell International Petroleum Company (Shell International Petroleum Company, 1998)
This document was prepared to facilitate a better understanding of human rights, its history, vocabulary and dilemmas, so as to help Shell companies identify and understand their role and responsibilities in supporting human rights. Key headings include:- The Development of Human Rights - International Law and Human Rights - Human Rights - the Role of Business

Business and its changing environment (1978 conference). L

Steiner, George A. (ed.) (Graduate School of Management, U.C.L.A., 1979.)
Proceedings of a conference held on July 23-August 2 1978 on the subject of business and its changing environment. Areas covered include:- The Changing Business Environment - Business - Government Relations - The Social - Ethical Environment - Alternative Scenarios of the Future - Teaching and Research in Business and Society.

Business and its EnvironmentL

Davis, K. & Blomstrom, R. L. (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1966)
Analysis of business’ operating environment as a “dynamic social system”. Headings include:- Business and its Publics - Business in an international world. Includes case studies.

Business and its Environment.L

Baron, David P. (Prentice Hall, Englewood, New Jersey, 1993.)
Business and its environment is concerned with the inter-relationship between the market and non-market environments and with effective means of dealing with issues that arise therein. Key headings: Non-market Issues and Activity - Non-market Strategies and Political Institutions - Government and Markets - International Business and Non-market Issues - Ethics and Responsibility.

Business and society in transition: issues and concepts.L

Steade, Richard D. (Canfield Press, San Francisco, 1975.)
A study of the issues, challenges, concepts and forces facing business managers. Key headings include :- Business, who needs it - Productivity and the Quality of Worklife - Industrial growth and our environment - Business and the Quality of Life - Business and Social Renewal.

Business and society: corporate strategy, public policy, ethics (7th Ed).L

Frederick, W.C. & Post, J. E. & Davis, K. (McGraw Hill, New York, 1992.)
A study of the role of business in society. Includes case studies. Emphasis is placed on :- Corporate social responsibility; Corporate social responsiveness; Corporate ethical challenge; Corporate stakeholders and responding to them; Global diversity and economic competition; Government-business interface; Critical social issues confronting business; Improving corporate social policies and performance.

Business and society.L

Marshall, Edmund (Routledge, London, 1993)
A comprehensive text for M.B.A. students - U.K. Headings include:- The current corporate, capitalist economy - Business and government - Business and law - Business and ethics - Business and financial and fiscal institutions - Business and technology - Business and demography - Business and public relations - Business and the physical environment.

Business and society.L

McGuire, Joseph W. (McGraw Hill Book Co. Inc., New York, 1963.)
A study into the interactions between business, society and the individual, the growth of capitalism business institutions and thought. Headings include:- The foundations of capitalism - The growth of business institutions - Role conflicts: the organization and the individual - Work and leisure in our modern society.

Business as a calling: Work and the examined life.L

Novak, Michael (The Free Press, (Simon & Shuster Inc. ) New York, 1996.)
A book explaining the meaning of work as a vocation, more than just a job - a calling. The problems of downsizing, tradeoffs between profits and human rights and the pitfalls of philanthropy are covered. Headings include:- “What is a Calling?”, “Little Known Facts About Business”, “For the Poor and for Democracy”, “Virtue in the Modern City”, “Three Cardinal Virtues of Business”, “Seven Plus Seven Corporate Responsibilities”, “Business and Human Rights”, “Giving it All Away”.

Business challenging business ethics: new instruments for coping with diversity in international business.L

Sojka, Jacek and Wempe, Johan. (ed.) (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2000)
Abstract; A collection of papers presented at the 12th Annual EBEN conference. (Reprinted from Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 27, nos. 1-2 (September 2000). Headings include:- Business challenging Business Ethics: New Instruments for Coping with Diversity in International Business - In Search of Instruments, Business and Ethics Halfway - Business Ethics Auditing - More Than a Stakeholder’s Toy - Is Is Ethical to Use Ethics as Strategy? - Coercion, Guidance and Mercifulness: The Different Influences of Ethics Programs on Decision-Making - Communicating about Ethics with Small Firms: Experiences from the UK and Spain - Corporate Communication and Impression Management - New Perspectives Why Companies Engage in Corporate Social Reporting - The dialogical turn of Public Relation Ethics - Values in Decision-Making Processes: Systematic Structures of J. Habermasand N. Luhmann for the Appreciation of Responsibility in Leadership - Cross-Cultural Methodological Issues in Ethical Research - Managing cross-cultural Business Ethics - International enterprise and Trade Unions - An Ethics of Care or an Ethics of Justice - The Limits of Shareholder Value - Ethical Business and Investment: a Mode for Business and Society - Reasons to be Ethical: Self-Interest and Ethical Business - The Spanish Code for Good Corporate Governance (Olivencia Report): An Ethical Analysis - The Cultural Dimension of Codes of Corporate Governance: A Focus on the Olivencia Report - Innovation and Ethics Ethical Considerations in the Innovation Business - Human Rights and Business Ethics: Fashioning a New Social Contract

Business credibility : the critical factors.L

McGrath, Phyllis (ed.) (The Conference Board, New York, 1976.)
Transcript of a seminar held to discuss the Business Credibility : The Critical Factors. Headings include:- Changing Imperatives in External Relations - Planning and Innovation - Organizing for Effective Performance - Measuring and Evaluating Results.

Business ethics : concepts and cases. 2nd. ed.L

Velasquez, Manuel G. (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1982.)
Aim of this book is to 1. An introduction to the ethical concepts relevant to resolving moral issues in business. 2. Impart reasoning and analytical skills needed to apply ethical concepts to business decisions. 3. Identify moral issues involved in the management of specific problem areas in business. 4. Provide an under-standing of the social and natural environment. 5. Supply case studies.

Business ethics: Australian problems and cases. 2nd ed.L

Grace, Damian; Cohen, Stephen (Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1998.)
A book that will assist decision makers think through ethical problems and issues systematically and arrive at an answer or response that has integrity. Key headings include:- Ethical Reasoning in Business - Stakeholders - The Ethics of Market and Business-to-Business Dealings - Marketing and Advertising Ethics - Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Affirmative Action - The Ethics of Accounting: The Case of a Profession in Business - The Environment - Whistleblowing - Codes of Ethics and Institutional Ethics - International Business Ethics.

Business political activism and government relations in large companies in Australia.L

Bell, Stephen & Warhurst, John (Unpublished.)
A paper examining the way in which large firms in Australia perceive and deal with the political environment.

Business tackles the ‘croquet’ trap.L

Davis, Mark (Business Review Weekly, 1,March, 1991.)
An account in Business Review Weekly of Sir Arvi Parbo’s address at the opening of the Australasian Centre for Corporate Public Affairs together with a run down of the centre and its function.

Business-government relations in Australia.L

Bell, Stephen & Wanna, John (eds.) (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Sydney, 1992.)
A collection of essays by various academics on the role of business and government in Australia. Made up of six parts:- Perspectives, Concepts, and Framework - Business:Interests, Power and Representation - Business and Public Policy Processes - The Business-Government Regulatory Interface - Business-Government Relations in an Era of Economic Adjustment - Conclusions.

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