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Business, industry and the Churches.L

Williams, Rev. Dr. John K. (Mining Review, October, 1982.)
An essay examining the role of business and industry and their relationship with the Churches.

Business, politics, and the practice of government relations.L

Mack, Charles S. (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1997.)
A book that provides an explanation of how government relations work at the federal, state, local and international levels, taking particular note of the newest computer and communication technologies, their resources, and their roles. Key headings include:- What is Government Relations - Interest Groups - Issues Research and Issues Management - Needs, Plans, and Strategies - Organisation and Resources - Politics and the Legislative Process - Direct Lobbying - Lobbying Governments - International Government Relations - Grassroots Lobbying - Communications and Technology.

Businesses’ views on red tape: administrative and regulatory burdens on small and medium-sized enterprises. GovernanceL

OECD (OECD, Paris, 2001)
Results of a multi-country business survey carried out between April 1998 and March 1999 covering almost 8,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in 11 countries. Three standard questionnaires were prepared by the OECD on tax, employment, and environmental protection regulations. Key headings include: Results from the Survey - Detailed description and results of the Survey - Comparison with other Surveys and Studies - The Survey Questionnaire - Additional Data used for the Cost Estimates - Issues Concerning Non-response/no opinion to Questions and Confidence Intervals on Qualitative Questions - Analysis of Variance Results Among Policy Areas, Countries, Industries and Firm Structures - Detailed Tables of the Survey’s Results - Economic Sectors Used in the Survey Sample.

C.P.I. International Management Programme.L

Various (Comcopy. 1992.)
A video introduced by Allan Carroll outlining the C.P.I. International Management Programme. This one week course covered aspects of running a multinational business from an Australian base. Participants included Australian leaders of trade and industry, all with overseas experience

Calculated risks : the toxicity and human health risks of chemicals in our environment.L

Rodricks, Joseph V. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Gt. Brit., 1992)
A presentation of the science of chemical toxicology and how toxic risks are evaluated and how public officials act to control these risks. The subject is treated in a non-technical and balanced way and would be of value to those involved in the areas of the environment, food and drug, or consumer product safety. Key headings include:- Chemicals - Exposures - Into the Body - Toxicity and Toxic Risk - Fast Poisons - Slow Poisons - Carcinogens - Mechanisms - Dose and Response - Assessing Risks - Managing.

Campaign G.M.L

Unknown (Unknown.)
An article outlining a campaign carried out by a small number of shareholders in the General Motors Corporation in the hope of making the corporation more responsive to public needs and concerns.

Can ethics be taught? : Perspectives, challenges and approaches at Harvard Business School.L

Piper, T.R., Gentile, M.C. & Daloz Parks, S. (Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass., 1993. )
An insight into the evolution, strategy, and implementation of the Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility program at the Harvard Business School. Chapter headings include:- Rediscovery of Purpose : The Genesis of the Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Initiative - Is it too late? Young Adults and the Formation of Professional Ethics - A Program to Integrate Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility into Management Education.

Canadian bank mergers: efficiency and consumer gain versus market powerL

Mathewson, Frank G. and Quigley, Neil C. (C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Canada, (no date))
This paper discusses the international trend of consolidation of banking services in Canada, and its effect on consumers, with particular emphasis on the public policy debate that needs to accompany such mergers. Key headings include:- The Forces for Merger - Economies of Scale and Scope - Excess Capacity and Rationalization - Market Definition - Efficiency Gains from Mergers - The Policy Debate - Foreign Banks as Partners or Competitors.

Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement : 1996 - 1997 Annual Report.L

Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement. (Canadadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement, Toronto.)
The 1996 Annual Report of the Canadian Council For Public Affairs Advancement . A booklet highlighting the work and 1996-1997 program of the Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement.

Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement. Annual Report 1996-1997.L

Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement (Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1996.)
This report outlines the work of the Canadian Council for Public Affairs Advancement, their activities for the past year and the program schedule for the following year. Membership benefits and services provided by the Council are also highlighted.

Canny investors can avoid crooks.L

Frith, Damon (The Australian, February 27, 1991.)
An article highlighting the difficulty investors face in choosing companies for investment. Signs to look for in sound companies are listed together with those to avoid.

Case preparation : a guide for research assistants at the Harvard Business School.L

Mderliss, Penny Pittman (Harvard Business School, Harvard, 1986.)
A discussion on all aspects of case preparation and writing for an academic situation.

Case research : the case writing process.L

Leenders, Michiel R. & Erskine, James A. (Univ. of Western Ontario, London., Canada, 1978.)
A reference work into the process of case writing and its role in teaching. Key headings include:- The Case and the Case Method - Establishing Leads - Data Collection - The Writing Process - Release and Disguise - Current Trends and Future Developments.

Case studies in the public affairs function : Pitney Bowes Inc.L

Lusterman, S. (The Conference Board, Inc., New York, 1982.)
A case study discussing the origins, evolution and character of a public affairs unit. The case study should be useful in managers developing and improving public affairs systems in their own company.

Case study Nestle : twenty years of infant formula conflict.L

Unknown (Unpublished)
A case study of the Nestle Infant Formula Conflict whose marketing practices in developing countries were first criticised in the 1970’s. Headings include:- The Controversy - Marketing in the Third World - The Boycott - The WHO Code - Nestle Agrees to Comply with the Code - Nestle in the United States - The 1990s : Will This Ever End.

Cause related marketing: who cares winsL

Adkins, Sue (Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, U.K., 1999)
A book which positions Cause Related Marketing in the context of marketing, management of corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility, corporate community investment and philanthropy. The Business in the Community Cause Related Marketing Guidelines are used to provide an in-depth exploration of the key principles and processes. Includes vignettes and case studies. Arranged in four sections; Headings include - Cause Related Marketing in Context - Who Cares, Why Care? - Application of Cause Related Marketing - Towards Excellence - The Principles and Processes.

Cause related marketing. Issues paper no.2.L

Ping, A.C. (Ping Ideas, St. Kilda., 1993.)
A paper examining the new concept of marketing called “marketing concept” or cause related marketing. Headings include:- Marketing with a cause - The nature of the exchange - Marketing evaluation - Empirical evidence - Management considerations - Criticism of cause related marketing.

CEO Exxon-Valdez Interview.L

(C.B.S. This Morning, 5.5.1992.)
Taken from the C.B.S. This Morning Show - an interview with the CEO of the Exxon-Valdez in relation to the Alaskan oil spill, in particular the delay in carrying out the clean up, and exactly what form the clean up will take.

Certified Agreements: a new form of industrial agreementL

Confederation of Australian Industry (Confederation of Australian Industry)
CAI booklet certified agreements.

Chaining Australia : Church bureaucracies and political economy.L

Brennan, Geoffrey et al. (Centre for Independ. Stud., St. Leonards, NSW., 1984)
A collection of essays by various authors, including clerics, academics, economists and lay people, in response to the document “Changing Australia”. The aim is to offer an alternative to concerned Christians and to stimulate thoughtful, discriminating discussion of Australia’s future. Topics include:- A Christian Perspective on the Economics of Work and Welfare - A Fair Hearing for Justice - Politics and Possibilities : the Implications of ‘Changing Australia’ .

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