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Comparing pre-testing and post-testing of corporate advertising.L

Winters, Lewis C. (Journal of Advertising Research, v.23, no.1, 1983.)
An article outlining the benefits of advocacy advertising using Standard/Chevron as an example. The benefits of pre-testing and post-testing are discussed in relation to the case.

Complaints body gears up to meet consumer demand.L

L.I.F.A. (L.I.F.A. , Melbourne, 1994.)
An article published in Vol. 5, No.3, Dec. 1993/Jan. 1994 of “Lifa Line”, newsletter of the Life Insurance Federation of Australia Incorporated. The article outlines how the Life Insurance Complaints Board has introduced measures to ensure dissatisfied policy-holders have an accessible, easy to use, fair and efficient service.

Conducting a Facility Visit : A resource for developing relationships with public officials.L

Public Affairs Council (Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., 1997.)
A brochure outlining the steps that should be followed in planning, conducting and following up on a non-campaign related facility visit by public officials.

Confessions of a PR ManL

Wood, R. J. (The New American Library, 1988)
An easy to read guide to public relations - what it is, what it does and how it does it, illustrated with 65 public relations stories throughout. Key headings include - Easy and Not-So-Easy Clients - Planning and Setting Objectives - Dealing with Media Hard Cases - The Care and Feeding of Ideas - Influencing Public Opinion and Legislation - The Importance of Good Briefing - The Power of Public Relations.

Confessions of an advertising man.L

Ogilvy, David (Longman, London, 1963.)
An account by David Ogilvy of how he went about establishing the advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather in the United States following the second world war.

“Connect Missouri Rally”: Southwestern Bell Telephone.L

Southwestern Bell Telephone (Action Replay, Video Transfers, Hawthorn.)
A video of the ‘Connect Missouri Rally’ which was held to emphasise the community support for a fiber-optic network connection across the state of Missouri. This network would provide universal access to information and technology. 10 mins.

Considerations for measuring public affairs’ valueL

Ferraro, Richard A (Public Affairs Council, Washington, DC., 2000)
This report provides a framework to help structure critical discussions about the value generation abilities of a public affairs function. Key headings include:- What Underlies Skepticism of Public Affairs? - Is Measurement the “Holy Grail” of Managing Public Affairs? - Agreement on How Public Affairs Creates Value - Handling Requests for Public Affairs Measures - Value Drivers Specific to Public Affairs - Explaining the Intangibles - One of Several Corporate Staff Functions - Public Affairs’ Value Proposition - Aligning Cost with Value - Improvement, Not Justification - How Much Effort Should You Put Into Measurement?

Consumer boycotts : what makes one succeed?L

Kell, Peter (Consuming Interest, Aust. Consumers’ Assoc. Spr. ‘95)
An article highlighting consumer boycotts as an organised form of political action. Headings include:- Boycotts Old and New - Boycott Successes and Failures - Corporate and Government Reactions - Getting the Target Right - What Makes a Better Boycott? - Boycott with Discrimination.

Consumer concern fuels the ad. debate.L

Willesee, Michael. (The Australian, 12th April, 1991.)
Newspaper article highlighting the Australian Consumers’ Association concern that the advertising industry appears to have no social responsibility and that their self-imposed system of regulation is not working.

Consumers and business : steps towards constructive engagement.L

Graham, J. D. (Unpublished.)
Paper presented at Training Programme, Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Inst., Melbourne, June 1995, on the subject of constructive engagement between business and the consumer movement. Several examples are discussed including :-Telecom Australia Consumer Council, Trade Practices Commission, Silicone Breast Implants and Consumer Product Information.

Contemporary Government and Business RelationsL

Schnitzer, Martin C. (Rand McNally, Chicago, 1978)
Analysis of business-government relations; headings include:- The Influence of Government Upon Business - Government and the MNC - Consumer Protection - Environmental Policies and their Impact on Business.

Contract labour hire : a fresh alternative.L

National Farmers’ Federation (National Farmers’ Federation, Barton, A.C.T.)
An explanation of the concept of contract labour and how it relates to rural workers.

Control Risks Group.L

Control Risks Group (Control Risks Group, Melbourne, Undated.)
A folder of information booklets and leaflets relating to the Control Risks Group which has offices in London, Washington and Melbourne.

Controversy in the hard-wood industry, south eastern N.S.W.L

Cirulli, Gerry (Unpublished)
A report by an undergraduate student of politics and history at Macquarie University participating in the Australian National Parliamentary Internship Program 1995. A report with emphasis on how workers and their families are coping with the stresses related to the unrest within the logging industry.

Convergence or collision?: emerging complexities at the business/commerce interface.L

Blount, W. Frank (Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Melbourne, 1997.)
Transcript of the 1997 Corporate Public Affairs Oration. Delivered by W. Frank Blount, CEO, Telstra Corporation on the subject convergence or collision, asking whether business and the community are moving closer together or further apart. Telstra is used to highlight the example.

Conversion of a corporate CEO into a public persona.L

Sethi, S. Prakash (Business and Society Review, No. 21, 1995.)
An article highlighting the need for a change in perception of the role of the corporate CEO to one of higher standing in the community and therefore becoming more accountable.

Coors vs the anti-alcohol movement.L

Johnson, Swede. (Unpublished.)
A presentation to the Issues Exchange Annual Conference, Nov. 1992, in Washington. An explanation as to how Coors overcame the anti-alcohol movement by implementing education programmes, working with the industry to promote responsibility and moderate consumption and using advertising to promote safe drinking. A video of this presentation is also available.

Core competencies for communicators: a communication skill set for the 21st centuryL

Poole, Alex and Barnfield, Edward (Melcrum (publishers of Strategic Communication Management)
This special report from Strategic Communication Management identifies emerging competencies needed to maximize the impact of communications. It is a re-usable resource for training and development. Headings include:- Face to Face - Writing Skills - Business Literacy - Working in a Wired World - Strategic Insight - Building Strategic Models - Issue Identification - Coaching - Influence - Measurement

Corporate advertising.L

Winkleman, Michale (Public Relations Journal, December, 1985.)
An article and portfolio of advertisements highlighting the growing trend for corporate advertising which relates to the corporation in order to sell the product.

Corporate advocacy : rhetoric in the information age.L

Hoover, Judith, D. (ed.) (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1997)
This book investigates both the processes and products of corporate America and provides both a business orientation and an academic slant. The book is made up of four parts:- “Rhetorical Theory”, “Cultural Theory”, “Critical Theory” and “Argumentation Theory”.

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