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Corporate interest / issue monitoring.L

Center for Public Affairs Management. (Center for Public Affairs Management, 1995)
The Issues Management Generic Process Map explained step by step.

Corporate management in a world of politics : the public, political, and governmental problems of business.L

Brayman, Harold (McGraw Hill Book Co., New York, 1967.)
an aid to solving the public and governmental problems of business. A book for business people and those who advise them on public affairs.

Corporate performance : the key to public trustL

Steckmest, Francis W. (McGraw Hill, New York, 1982.)
An examination of the public policy issues relating to the performance of large corporations. Key headings include:- The large Corporation in the Public Policy Arena - The Corporate Performance Issue - The Corporate Governance Issues - The Corporate Executive and the Public Policy Environment - Findings and Conclusions.

Corporate philosophies and mission statements : a survey and guide for corporate communicators and management.L

Falsey, Thomas A. (Quorum Books, New York, 1989.)
Mission statements; writing, implementing, how successful are they, their uses and examples of company mission statements. Key headings include:- What is a mission statement - Is there a need for a Mission Statement - Making a Mission Statement - Beyond the Mission Statement.

Corporate political agency : the construction of competition in public affairs.L

Mitnick, Barry M. (ed.) (Sage Publications, Newbury Park, Calif., 1993.)
Theoretical and empirical analysis of the political role and impact of the contemporary business corporation. Current research by the author and other leading scholars in the business and public policy field. Organised into four parts:- Agency and Competition - Basic Contexts for Corporate Political Activity : Creating Agents - Choices of Institutional Setting - Choices of Macro-Level Strategies and of Micro-Level Tactics - Assessing the Effectiveness of Corporate Political Activity.

Corporate political strategies examined; constituency-building may be the best.L

Keim, Gerald D. & Baysinger, Barry D. (Public Affairs Review, 1982.)
A study of corporate political activity from two perspectives, criticisms from outside the corporate sector and the view from a managerial perspective. Headings include:- Role of Interest Groups - Interest Groups as Political Technology - Corporate Political Participation.

Corporate political strategy.L

Mahon, J. (Business in the Contemporary World, Autumn 1989.)
An assessment of the developing relationship between business, government and interest groups, with an emphasis on the strategies corporations use to manage both the context and outcomes of socio-economic political controversies. In-depth analysis of issues management; keeping issues off the agenda; dealing with issues on the agenda and stakeholder and group positioning around issues on the agenda.

Corporate political strategy.L

Mahon, J. (Business in the Contemporary World, Autumn 1989)
An assessment of the developing relationship between business, government and interest groups, with an emphasis on the strategies corporations use to manage both the context and outcomes of socio-economic-political controversies.

Corporate power and social responsibility.L

Jacoby, Neil H. (Macmillan Publishers, New York, 1973.)
An evaluation of the performance of the corporation, not only economically but how it affects a nation’s social and political life. Topics include :- Criticism and Reality; Postwar Developments in Organization and Operations; Leading Economic and Political Issues; Critical Social Roles; The Future.

Corporate practices and conductL

Various (Information Australia, Melbourne, 1991.)
A guide for directors, officers and professional advisers on acceptable conduct and practice and to spread and reinforce high standards of corporate conduct. Set out in the following three parts :- Corporate Governance - Company Codes of Ethics - Guidelines for Conduct of Directors.

Corporate Public Affairs : A Work in Progress : Annual Report 1998L

Public Affairs Council/Foundation for Public Affairs (The Public Affairs Council/Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, D.C., 1998)
The 1998 Annual Report of the Public Affairs Council/Foundation for Public Affairs.

Corporate public affairs management : The 1996 survey of Canadian practice.L

Canadian Council Public Affairs Advancement (Canadian Council Public Aff. Advancement, Ont., Can.)
Results of a survey carried out to baseline public affairs management practices at a wide cross-section of Canadian companies. Divided into three sections - 1. Introduction. 2. Survey Results. 3. Major Findings.

Corporate public affairs: a cross-national comparison.L

Griffin, Jennifer J. & Lenn, D. Jeffrey. (Strategic Management and Public Policy Dept., George Washington Uni., Washington, D.C., )
This article identifies and assesses the impact of national context on corporate public affairs functions. Comparison is made of the 1996 studies in Australia, Canada and the United States. The comparison results in an activity-based matrix focusing on stakeholders of corporate public affairs. Implications for future practice and research are discussed. Key headings include:- The Study - Practice of the Public Affairs Function - Orientation of the Public Affairs Function - Impact of National Context on Orientation of Public Affairs Functions.

Corporate response and public affairs management.L

Post, J. E. (Public Relations Quarterly, Winter, 1979.)
A paper discussing several models that have proved useful in better understanding the corporation- society relationship and corporate responses to change. Headings include:- Organizations as Systems - Corporate Responses - Products and Process - Internal Response Models - Patterns of Corporate Response - Usefulness to Public Affairs Managers.

Corporate responsibility and financial performance : the paradox of social cost.L

Pava, Moses L. & Krausz, Joshua (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1995. )
A study of the social responsibility of corporations - how their decisions can control and influence the quality of life of employees, customers, shareholders and residents of local communities in which they operate. The book is divided into three parts - 1. The Association between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance. 2. The Language of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Legitimacy of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate risks in the Australian political environment: responding to the growing pressures.L

Transcript of Proceedings (Overmyer Industrial Brokers, P/L., Sydney, 1981.)
Transcript of proceedings of the 20th annual general meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce : Corporate risks in the Australian Political Environment. Forum titles included:- Current Political Environment: An Analysis - The International Corporation in the Debate: The Issues Shift From Economic to Political - Corporate Legitimacy Today: Where Are We Now? - Media Perceptions of the Corporation: The Hatchet Job: How Are We Responding?

Corporate social policy.L

Heilbroner, Robert L. (ed.) (Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1975.)
A book covering the subject of corporate social responsibility, covering the most important social issues facing corporate managers. Headings include:- Conceptual Underpinnings of Social Responsibility - Areas and Issues of Social Responsibility - Organizing and Managing for Social Responsibility - Business in the International Arena.

Corporate social responsibility (M.B.A. Research Report 1976).L

Monteiro, A.W.L. (M.B.A. Research Report, Melbourne, 1976.)
A study into corporate social responsibility, what is it, the case for and against, how it relates to the Australian environment and the stakeholder and social reporting aspects.

Corporate social responsibility, making good business senseL

Holme, Richard (Rio Tinto) and Watts, Phil (Royal Dutch/Shell Group) (World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Geneva, 2000)
A report which provides a better understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and what represents good practice. Key headings include:- The Headlines - Soundings - a Regional Perspective - Practical Steps and Hands-on Tools - CSR Navigstor - The Way Forward: Questions and Queries.

Corporate social responsibility.L

Mallesons Stephen Jacques
Paper prepared for Western Mining Corporation Ltd. by Mallesons Stephen Jacques, examining the legal basis of theories of corporate social responsibility and addresses disclosure issues. Headings include:- Traditional views of corporate interests - Interests other than shareholders’ interests - Corporations as citizens - Disclosure requirements - Compliance with disclosure requirements - Voluntary disclosure - coverage and quality - expectations.

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