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Corporate social responsiveness: the modern dilemmaL

Ackerman, Robert and Bauer, Raymond (Reston, Virginia, 1976)
Case study analysis of bus./social relations. Headings include:- Social demands and corporate strategy - Implementation of corporate social responsiveness - Assessing performance - The social issue specialist.

Corporation and nation.L

Reich, Robert B. (Atlantic Monthly Company, Boston, Mass., May, 1988 )
An article outlining the way in which American corporations and the nation are growing apart - what is good for the corporation is not necessarily good for the corporation. Headings include:- The Assertive Shareholder - The Foreign Shareholder - The Cosmopolitan Shareholder”.

Corporations and the quality of life.L

Berges, Marshall (Time Inc., New York.)
A report based on interviews of 70 American business leaders to gain some perspective on what they are thinking and doing about the country’s social dilemmas. Headings include:- The Challenge; The Deeds; The Word; The Cost; The Limitations.

Cost-effective management for today’s public affairs: or how to succeed as a PAO in an ear of constraintsL

Pedersen, W. (ed.) (Public Affairs Council, Washington)
Extracts from a book written by public affairs officers, highlighting the problems faced by public affairs departments and suggesting ways to overcome these. Headings include:- “Doing more with less in public affairs: today’s challenges”, “Two PAOs tell how their departments bolster the bottom line”, “Constraints and opportunities in the management of public affairs: questions and answers”, “The multi-talented computer: it can help you manage strategically as well as more effectively”.

Country analysisL

Scott, Bruce R. (Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass., 1982. )
A guide to country analysis which requires synthesis of concepts and analytical methods of economics, political science, and sociology. It builds upon and integrates those disciplines in the context of today and tomorrow. Headings include:- The Uses of Country Analysis - A Framework of Analysis - Identification: Performance, Strategy, and Context - Evaluation - Analyzing the Future.

Creating a digital democracy: the impact of the internet on public policy-making.L

Price, Tom (Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, DC., 1999)
A report outlining the power of the internet - including what it can and cannot do to encourage public participation in politics. Key headings include:- Its Changing Everything... Almost - Linking Millions to Millions - The Activists’ Tool - Internet Timeline - Netting Votes and Winning E-lections - Virtual Certainty: No Virtual Government.

Creating a digital democracy: the impact of the Internet on public policy-making. L

Price, Tom (Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, D.C., 1999.)
A report on the impact of the Internet on public affairs and its use in public participation in politics n the United States of America. Key headings include:- It’s Changing Everything....Almost. - Process This - Linking Millions to Millions - A Lever to Move the World - The Activists’ Tool - Leveling the Playing Field - Business Plays Catch-Up - The Tools on the Hill - Internet Timeline - In the Laboratories of Democracy - Netting Votes and Winning E-lections - All the News All the Time - Virtual Certainty: No Virtual Government.

Creating a winning corporate image.L

Various (The Conference Board, Inc., New York, 1992.)
A collection of speeches presented at The Conference Board’s Corporate Image Conference. Subjects covered included - “Elements and Benefits of a Winning Corporate Image”, “Successful Strategies and Tactics for Service Firms”, “Communicating an Image to Internal and External Audiences”, “Image in Global Markets”, “A Challenge for Image-Building - The Environment”.

Creating common wealth: aspects of public theology in economics.L

Hore-Lacy, Ian (Albatross Books Pty. Ltd., Sutherland, N.S.W., 1985.)
A Christian view of wealth, work and vocation. Headings include:- The Creation of Wealth - Wealth Creation and Distribution - Social and Economic Structures.

Credibility vs. security: striking the balance.L

Stocker, Kurt P. (Journ. of Corp. Public Relations, Northwestern Uni.)
An article highlighting the need for businesses in America to be open and frank with their employees while their companies are restructuring. Headings include:- Credibility or Security - New Strategies for New Times - The New Contract.

Crisis communications : a casebook approach.L

Fearn-Banks, Kathleen. (Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., Mahwah, New Jersey. 1996)
A discussion and insight into the implementation of a crisis management/communications plan. Divided into sections - The skills needed to communicate effectively in a crisis. A how-to manual on developing and implementing a crisis communication plan. Causes of crisis - rumour, sensationalised and irresponsible news cover ( includes case studies). Tips on how to work with rather than in conflict with the media and lawyers. Cases of how public relations professionals used communication in dealing with crises. Case studies.

Crisis management and environmentalism : a natural fit.L

Mitroff, Ian I. (California Management Review, Vol. 36, No. 2, 1994.)
An article outlining the need for companies to prepare for the “unthinkable” with a Crisis Management Program and to continually assess and update.

Crisis management in the multinational firm.L

Nigh, Douglas, Cochran, Philip L. (Pennsylvania State Univ., Univ. Park, P.A. )
An exploration of the implications of an organisations international scope of operations for crisis management. The crisis management process is examined in order to identify differences in this process for a multinational firm, as opposed to a purely domestic one. International business and multinational corporations are also included in the discussion.

Crisis prevention : how to gear up your board.L

Salmon, Walter J. (Harvard Business Review, January - February, 1993.)
An article discussing the role of a board and its members. The need to have a majority of outside directors, control the size, and must be able to ‘spot’ problems early and act quickly. Headings include:- Board size and shape - Board Committees - Performance Reviews - Nominations - Board Business - Planning and CEO Selection - Active Directors - Group Trust.

Crisis response : inside stories on managing image under siege.L

Gottschalk, Jack A. (Visible Ink Press, Detroit, MI., 1993.)
A series of first person accounts written by those actively involved in many of the worst contemporary disasters, covering such areas as - dealing with the media, planning and telling the truth. The book is arranged in three sections: - Business Calamities, Consumer Troubles and Human Tragedies.

Crisis-management plan softens blow.L

Woodell, Mary I. (Networking, Ogilvy Public Relations Group, no. 37.)
An article highlighting the need for companies to have an effective crisis management program to establish a small, multidisciplinary crisis-management team with clear leadership and authority to act quickly on three levels, policy, strategy and execution.

Criteria for selecting companies with most effective PA unitsL

Unknown (Unknown)
A document highlighting the criteria used for selecting companies with the most effective Public Affairs units.

Critical issues for issue ads.L

Kelley, David. (Harvard Business Review, July-August, 1982.)
An article outlining the mistakes American companies are making in the writing of their advertising and how it can be overcome. Headings include:- Individual Rights and the Public Interest - The Moral Nature of Enterprise - Corporations as Political Entities - Mistaken Policies.

Cross-cultural analysis of values and political economy issues.L

Voich, Dan & Stepina, Lee P. (eds.) (Praeger,Westport, Connecticut, 1994.)
Essays from a group of scholars from different cultures and disciplines who are interested in the development of ‘values, attitudes and behaviours’ with a political economy context. Areas covered include Western Europe, Socialist/Communist issues, Central and South America.

Crossing over : experiences and perceptions of executives from the private sector who have joined Government Organisations.L

Egon Zehnder International S.A. (Egon Zehnder International S.A., Melbourne, 1989.)

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