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Environmental politics and policy making in Australia.L

Doyle, Timothy & Kellow, Aynsley (MacMillan, Sth. Melbourne. Vic., 1995)
A study of political theory and practice in the role of environmental policy making. Real cases are referred to throughout with a section of detailed case studies. Part 1 deals with political theory. Part 2- Policy making. Part 3 - Practice and case studies.

Environmental Progress Report 1994L

Dow Europe (Dow Europe, Amsterdam, 1994)
The Dow Europe Environmental Progress Report, 1994. Key headings in the report include:- 1994 Performance Overview - The Eco-efficiency Imperative - Environmental Performance - Site Performance - Full-cost Accounting.

[Environmental reporting]L

Various (Various)
A selection of photocopied articles (seven] relating to environmental reporting by companies to their stakeholders.

Environmental reports: steps towards maturityL

Corporate Public Issues and their management - CPI (Issue Action Publications Inc., Leesburg, VA., 1995)
A reprint from Corporate Public Issues and their Management, Vol. XX. Numbers 8 & 8, April 15/May 1, 1995. A follow up to the previous year’s article on environmental reporting (see E56) highlighting the increase in the number of companies producing environmental, health and safety reports annually, disclosing pertinent information to their stakeholders. Key headings include:- What we Looked at This Year - Environmental Policy and Vision - Operating Examples - Stakeholder Input - Environmental Management Organizational Structure

Essays in socio-economicsL

Etzioni, Amitai (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1999)
A collection of essays dealing with the field of socio-economics to provide a better understanding of economic behaviour, the economy and society. Key headings include:- Voluntary Simplicity: Characterization, Select Psychological Implications, and Societal Consequences - A Communitarian Note on Stakeholder Theory - Opening the Preferences: A Socio-Economic Research Agenda - The Case for a Multiple-Utility Conception - Normative-Affective Factors:” Toward a New Decision-Making Model - Mixed-Scanning Revisited.

Esso Australia Ltd. contributions and sponsorships. Esso report 1992.L

Beattie, Richard (Esso Australia Ltd., 1993.)
Notes from a presentation to Centre for Corporate Public Affairs on 14th July, 1993 and a copy of the Esso Report, 1992, indicating all the various aspects of Esso’s role in the community.

Ethical and social responsibilities in the insurance industry.L

Jacobson, James B. (School of Buss. & Econ., Calif. State Uni., L.A. Ca. ‘80.)
Transcript of a video tape featuring James B. Jacobson, President, Western Operations, The Prudential Insurance Company of America on the subject of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Ethics & profits : the crisis of confidence American business.L

Silk, Leonard & Vogel, David (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1976.)
This book examines the causes and consequences of confidence in American business. The reaction of business leaders towards politicians, the media, universities, the public, their critics their colleagues and themselves is explored. Key headings include:- “Distrust of Government and the Political Process”, “Why Most Businessmen Reject National Planning”, “How Business Views Its Critics”, “A Question of Legitimacy”, “Corporate Autonomy and Political Freedom”, “A Form of Elitism”, “The Need for Transcendent Ideology and a Personal Ethic”.

Ethics are in everyone’s best interest.L

Bosch, Henry (The Australian, March 8th, 1991.)
An article highlighting the need for business to follow an effective code of business ethics.

Ethics in practice : managing the moral corporation.L

Andrews, Kenneth R. (ed.) (Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Mass.,1989)
A collection of articles by business leaders on the subject of business ethics tracing the growth of ethical awareness in corporate life and offering pragmatic suggestions for executive action to produce an ethical environment. Divided into three sections :- The Executive as Moral Individual - The Corporation as Moral Environment - Executive Action for Moral Outcomes.

EU environment guide.L

The EC Committee (American Chamber of Commerce, Belgium, 1995)
This guide provides an insight into the key environmental initiatives taking place at the European level, combining background information with current developments. Chapter headings include:- EU Regulatory Affairs - European Union Institutions - Missions to the EU - Environmental Affairs in the US - World Organisations.

Evaluation of public relations the achilles heel of the PR profession.L

Macnamara, J. (International Public Relations Review, Vol15, no.4, ‘ 92)
This article demonstrates the evaluative research procedures which should be undertaken when evaluating a public relations practice. Headings include:- The State of Public Relations - Understanding Research - Setting Objectives - Understanding Communication Theory - The Multi-disciplines nature of PR - Cost.

Executive action. Crisis management anthology: insights, background and theory of crisis management (1992 edition).L

Lukaszewski, James E. (Lukaszewski Group Inc., White Plains, N.Y., 1992.)
A guide for organisations faced with a crisis, how to deal with it and even benefit from its occurrence. Headings include: - Bad News - Corporate Strategies and Management Issues - Crisis Management and Vulnerabilities - Environmental Affairs and Labor Relations - Leadership and Goals. An aid in the development of emergency media relations and crisis communications plans.

Experts in action: inside public relations.L

Cantor, Bill & Burger, Chester (eds.) (Longman, New York, 1989.)
An insight into the practice of contemporary public relations in a changing environment. Divided into four sections - 1. Emphasis on managing the function to win support of today’s senior corporate management. 2. Changes occurring in the different specialities: corporate, marketing, financial, public affairs/community relations, consumer relations/nonprofit. 3. Need to develop international public relations capabilities and strategies. 4. Preview of public relations in the twenty-first century.

Explanation of the Nynex principles on customer privacy.L

Nynex (Nynex)
Guidelines to which the Nynex company adheres in carrying out its operations in regard to preserving and protecting customer privacy

Exploiting health : activists and government v the people.L

Browning, Bob. (Canonbury Press, Kew, Victoria, 1992.)
An update of his previous book “The Network”, adding to the description and analysis of government empowered activist pressure groups. Focuses on how these and associated lobbies are exploiting health issues for special interest purposes.

External challenges to management decisions : a growing international business problem.L

Janger, Allen R., Berenbeim, Ronald E. (The Conference Board, New York, 1981.)
A worldwide study into the impact of outsider activity on company decision making and to examine company responses to these outside challenges. Headings include:- The External Challenge and the Company Response - an International Overview - United States of America - Europe - Latin America - Japan.

Facilitating Expansion: Hyundai’s blind date with an American community.L

Baker, Kevin L. (Boston College Center for Corporate Community Relations, Chestnut Hill, MA, 1998.)
This paper was the 1998 winner of the MBA Award for the best paper in Corporate Community Relations offered annually by the Boston College Center for Corporate Community Relations. This case study provides a detailed view of an international corporation’s entry into an American community, including an analysis of the problems and repercussions encountered. It also highlights the difficulties of doing business in a global world, Hyundai, being a company based in South Korea.

Facts commercial acceptance division : television commercials production checklist.L

F.A.C.T.S. (Fed. of Aust. Commercial Television Stations, 1992. )
A checklist of matters covered by legislation, standards and codes which might effect production and placement of television commercials.

Fair shares: the future of shareholder power and responsibility.L

Charkham, Jonathan; Simpson, Anne (Oxford University Press Inc., New York, 1999.)
This book highlights the role of shareholders, particularly in the United Kingdom. The question of corporate governance and shareholder responsibility is investigated and solutions are proposed. Key headings include:- The Purpose of the Company - the Role of Shareholders in the UK - The World of Regulation - Directors: The Legal Framework - The Role of Banks - The Ownership of Companies - Shares as a Home for Savings - The Private Shareholder - The Rise of the Institutions - The Legal Obligations of Institutional Shareholders - Investment Strategy and Governance - Remuneration - Disclosure - The AGM - The Obligations of Significant Ownership - A Summary of Proposals for Reform.

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