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Fighting to win : business political power.L

Grefe, Edward A. (Law & Business Inc., New York, 1981.)
A strategy for business in obtaining and using political power to their advantage. Key headings include:- Identifying a Corporate Constituency : The Elements of a Political Support System; Issue selection : Knowing Where You’re at; Hear the Bells Toll: Early Warning Systems and Data Assessment.

Financial management of the small enterprise.L

Meredith, Geoffrey G. (McGraw Hill, Sydney, 1986.)
A book outlining sound financial management for small enterprises. Headings include:- Financial Management and Enterprise Success; Systems as Bases for Financial Management; Finance, Investment and Management Plans; Financial Management, Business Organisation and Financial Management Assistance.

Financial Public Relations in EuropeL

Hynes, J.P. (in International Public Relations, PRSA)
case history of how Sperry has communicated with the financial community outside the US, principally in Europe in order to attract equity investment and set a favourable climate for other financing activities.

Finding common ground.L

Editorial Staff “Up Here” (“Up Here” supplement, B.H.P. Minerals.)
Special supplement on diamond mining in North Canada, published by BHP Minerals with sponsorship from BHP Diamonds Inc. Examines some of the issues involved.

Fire alarms and siren songs: the role of issues management in the prevention of, and response to, organizational crises.L

Mahon, J. & Cochran, P. (College of Bus. Admin., Penn. State Univ., PA.)
This paper focuses on the role of issues management as an early warning in the anticipation and management of organizational crises. Headings include:- The Failure of Strategic Management - Issues Management - Generic Types of Crisis and the Impact of Outcome Severity - How Do Routine Issues Become Crises - Characteristics of Issues Likely to Become a Crisis - Why are Organizations Still Unprepared for Crisis, and What are the Characteristics of Crisis Prone Organizations. (Two copies - one missing)

First National Bank and the “Unban the A.N.C.” Advert.L

Barolsky, Joel B. (Wits Business School, 1989.)
Prepared as the basis for class discussion this case study outlines the handling of a crisis situation by the First National Bank in South Africa from July 1986 to June 1987. Study is divided into six section by dates and also includes a background history of the bank and profiles of the two key figures.

For lobbyists, these may be the good old days.L

Dunham, Richard S. (Business Week, February 22, 1993.)
An article outlining the way in which the proposed Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1993 may change the role of lobbyists in Washington.

Forecasting public affairs priorities: 1987 edition.L

Morrison, Catherine (The Conference Board, Inc., New York, 1987.)
A report to the Conference Board on the subject of Issues - how companies forecast, rank and define the key issues that affect them. Headings include:- How do Companies Rank Issues - Company Commentary on Key Issues - Forecasting Emerging Public Policy Issues.

Forecasting, planning, and strategy for the 21st century.L

Makridakis, Spyros G. (The Free Press, (Macmillan), New York, 1990.)
The aim of this book is to increase interest in the future and stimulate the search for a rational, pragmatic approach towards future-oriented decisions in business organisations. Headings include - The Rise and Fall of Management Theories - Predicting the Future: Myths and Reality - Business Firms and Managers in the 21st Century - Towards a New Management.

Foreign ownership: when hosts change the rules.L

Encrnation, Dennis J. & Vachani, Sushil (Harvard Business Review, Boston, Mass., v.63.n.5,85)
How multinational companies react to host nations vying for greater domestic ownership of foreign operations within their borders. Headings include:- A Portfolio of Responses - Reaping the Benefits - Limits to Choice - Lessons for Managers.

Forest Industries - Issues.L

(Clifton Court Smith, Prahran, Vic. 1991.)
Two examples of unpaid media coverage - Forest Industry Advertisements are discussed on the Television Programmes ‘Hey, Hey, Its Saturday - Media Watch’ and ‘The 7.30 Report’ a general report on the Forest Industry.

Forest Industry Television Advertisements.L

Forest Industry (Clifton Court Smith, Prahran, Vic. 1990.)
Various forest industry awareness television commercials filmed in a classroom setting, with discussion on logging, woodchipping, paper milling, conservation, forest management, National Parks and Reserves and Wilderness issues.

Forget the lobbyists : do it yourself.L

Jacoboski, Liz. (Financial Review, July 29, 1994.)
An article detailing how to do your own lobbying in Canberra, who to approach and how, how to prepare your case, be organised well in advance.

Forging uncommon social alliances to achieve common community goals.L

Willing, Ray. (NRMA’s CEO.) (NCOSS Conference - Power and the Community)
A presentation to the NCOSS conference outlining steps taken by the NRMA in recent times to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with community groups and organisations. Headings include:- Environment project - Influencing Public Policies - Advisory Committee - A New Business Environment - Responsibility in Practice - Internal Policies, External Realities - Sponsorships: a two-way benefit.

Foundation for Public Affairs : 1988 compensation survey of public affairs positions.L

TPF&C (Towers Perrin) (TPF&C., Washington, D.C., 1988.)
A survey compiled for the Foundation for Public Affairs to provide valid and reliable data on the compensation of selected professional public affairs positions.

Foundation for Public Affairs survey on “The State of Corporate Public Affairs”.L

Center for Organization Development, Inc. (Center for Organiz. Develop., Rochester,N.Y.1992)
A survey carried out to obtain current data on the organization, staffing, functions, and trends relating to public affairs.

Foundation for Public Affairs. 1993-1994 annual report.L

Foundation for Public Affairs (Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington, D.C., 1994.)
The annual report for 1993-1994 of the Foundation for Public Affairs covering such areas as - Highlights - Ongoing Activities - Staff.

Four Corners : the expose exposed. CALM’s reply to the Four Corners attack (“The Wood for the Trees”), 18 June 1990.L

Department of Conservation & Land Management (Department of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia.)
The comprehensive response of the Western Australian Government to a “Four Corners” programme which criticised state forest management.

From crisis to credibility : behind the scenes of the risk communication program of Sybron Chemicals IncL

Chess, C, Saville, A, Greenberg, M,Tamuz,M (Rutgers University, New Jersey, 1991.)
A report into how Sybron Chemicals Inc. set about implementing a program of communication with the public relating to environmental risk.

Future matters: the newsletter of the Rio Tinto WA future fund. Winter 2002L

Rio Tinto WA Future Fund (Rio Tinto WA future fund, Perth, 2002)
The Winter edition (first issue) of the Rio Tinto WA Future Fund newsletter highlighting the support to community, environment, social and economic programs that can contribute to the future development of Western Australia. The sixteen funded projects to date are listed in the newsletter

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