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Government and BusinessL

Anderson, Ronald A. (South-Western Pub. Company., Cincinnati, 1966)
Examination of business-government relations. Relevant headings include:- The nature and growth of government - Regulation of business practices - Regulation of production.

Government Regulation of Business: Developing the Managerial Perspective (Teacher’s Manual).L

Leone, Robert A. (Harvard Business School, Boston, 1981.)
Teacher’s Manual to accompany the course module of the same title (see F91). Headings include:- Regulation: The peverse Phenomenon - The Public vs. Private Perspective - Business Regulation and Social Welfare - Understanding Structural Change in the ‘Regulated’ Sector - Regulation and Capacity Strategy - The Political Economy of Deregulation and Summary: The View from the Ivory Tower.

Government regulation of the alcohol industry : the search for revenue and the common good.L

McGowan, Richard (Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1997.)
This book focuses on the interactions of the alcohol industry and public policy makers. Key headings include:- “A Historical and Theoretical Review of Alcohol-Government Relations”, “The Current American Alcohol Industry”, “The Effects of Regulations on Alcohol Sales and the Future of the Alcohol Industry”.

Government relations and you.L

Armco (Unpublished.)
Guidelines set down by Armco for their employees when dealing with the government. Divided into two sections - Responsibilities of the Corporate Group - Responsibilities of the Divisions.

Government, politics & power in Australia : an introductory reader. 2nd ed.L

Parkin, A., Summers, J. & Woodward, D. (eds.) (Longman Cheshire, Melbourne, 1980.)
An introduction to Government, Politics and Power in Australia, divided into three sections - Part 1 Institutions such as Parliament, Prime Minister, the Constitution and federal system are dealt with. Part 2 The links between Government and the People, the party system and the Voter. Part 3 ‘Power’ and its distribution within government and those associated with the government processes.

Grappling with governance in AustraliaL

Various (National Council of the Institute of Public Administration, Brisbane, 2002)
Articles relating to the topic Grappling with governance in Australia published in the June 2002 issue - Vol. 61 no. 2 of the Australasian Journal of Public Administration. Arranged under three headings - The Regime Context - Governance and Public Sector Management - Governance and Policy Issues.

Green and bold.L

Arbouw, John (The Bulletin, June, 1993.)
A special report on the environment covering such topics as :- The emergence of women as heads of environmental organisations; The Greenhouse effect and the need to promote ‘green’ products; Environment economics and the exploitation of natural resources; Eco-tourism and what it means to Australia.

Green communication in the age of sustainable development. Gold paper No. 9. Jan. 1993.L

Harrison, Bruce E. (International Public Relations Association. Switzerland. )
A paper discussing the changing attitude of large corporations and governments on environmentalism worldwide. Key headings include:- Green also means money - Activism goes global - Green incorporated - From monologue to Dialogue - The need for Sustainable Communication - The Quality Model.

Green, Inc. : a guide to business and the environment.L

Cairncross, Frances (Earthscan Publications, London, 1995.)
An essay on the main environmental issues of the period 1989 - 1994, with a concentration on those aspects of environmental issues that have economic implications. Headings include:- Basic Issues - Policy Measures - Policies in Action - The Role of Industry - The International Environment.

Greenpeace challenges Caltex on new waste at Botany.L

Unknown (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Feb., 1991.)
Newspaper article outlining claims by Greenpeace that Caltex was discharging toxic liquid waste into Botany Bay.

Group politics and public policy. 2nd.ed.L

Pross, A. Paul. (Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1992.)
The growing influence of pressure groups in Canada calls for investigation into their intervention in constitutional politics; their growing use of the courts; their participation in election advertising; and the impact of international lobbying. Headings include:- The Evolution of a Policy Actor - The Analysis of Pressure Groups: What They Do and How they Work - Group Politics and Democratic Government.

Growing apart: a new look at poverty in AustraliaL

Johnson, Jeanette and Taylor, Janet (Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Melbourne 2000)
This publication reports on the findings of the Understanding Poverty Project of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence. It is hoped that it will assist in better understanding the poverty of Australia and why we often fail to challenge it. Key headings include:- Perceptions of Poverty - New Labels, Old Themes - A Growing Divide - The Impacts of Poverty - Turning a Blind Eye - Responding to Poverty. (See also V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6)

Growing social responsibilities of business.L

Ceyrac, Francois (International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, 1975.)
A report on the problems faced by enterprises when the question of their social responsibility is raised. Headings include:- Concept and limits of the business world’s social responsibilities - Mutual consultation on social issues - the new type of labour relations - Participation in the enterprise : solutions and goals - International dimensions of the social problem.

Gumala Enterprises: breaking new ground in aboriginal businessL

Gumala Enterprises (Gumala Enterprises Pty Ltd, Tom Price, WA)
A report of the arrangement between Gumala Enterprises (the business arm of the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation) and Hamersley Iron’s iron ore mine at Yandi.

Handbook for state legislators.L

Various (Pfizer Inc., New York, 1996.)
A handbook produced in the United States of America to aid new Legislators in their transition from citizen to representatives. Headings include:- “The Legislative Process”, “Establishing your District Office”, “Constituent Casework”, “Media Relations”, “National Policy Organisations”, “Attending to Ethics”, “Legislative Advocates”.

Harmonizing ethical values in the global village. The public relations professional challenge!L

Sharpe, Melvin L. (International Public Relations Review, Vol.13, no.3, ‘90)
This article discusses the role of public relations officers in promoting ethical harmony in an organization in order to achieve social stability, which is the mission and product of public relations.

Harnessing public relations for public affairs strategiesL

Wills, George S. (Unpublished)
An article outlining the history of both public relations and public affairs and how the two can work together. Provides several case studies to illustrate the point.

Harvard Business Review . January - February, 1992.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1992.)
Contents include:- Emerson Electric: Consistent Profits, Consistently - The Balanced Scorecard - Measures that Drive Performance - Successful Change Programs Begin With Results - Are You a Strategist or Just a Manager? - British Privatization - Taking Capitalism to the People - The Case of the Unpopular Pay Plan - Managing the Merger: A Strategy for New Germany - Crime? Greed? Big Ideas? What Were the 80’s about? - The Business of Equal Opportunity - Does the Baldrige Award Really Work?

Harvard Business Review (May-June 1993)L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston)
Contents include:-Predators and Prey : A New Ecology of Competition - Tailored Logistics: The Next Advantage - Sense and Nonsense about Budget Deficits - The Post-Capitalist Executive: An Interview with Peter F. Drucker - Uncovering Your Hidden Occupancy Costs - Real-world R & D: Jumping the Product Generation Gap - Managing your Boss - When Times Get Tough, what Happens to TQM? - What’s the Matter with Business Ethics? - Why Privatizations is Not Enough - The Center- Cut Solution - Will Architecture Win the Technology Wars?

Harvard Business Review 75 Years of Management Ideas and Practice 1922 - 1997.L

Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 1997.)
A timeline spanning the years 1922 to 1997 published by the Harvard Business Review highlighting 75 years of management ideas and practice. Includes details of the most influential articles the Harvard Business Review has published during these years. Published as a supplement to the journal September-October, 1997.

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