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Harvard Business Review on Managing Uncertainty.L

Various (Harvard Business School Press; Boston, MA., 1999.)
A collection of articles previously published in the Harvard Business Review, relating to managing uncertainty. The articles provide guidance and new ideas for making strategic decisions under sometimes volatile conditions. Key headings include:- Strategy under Uncertainty - Competing for the Future - Planning as Learning - The Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy - Discovery-Driven Planning - Decision Making: Going Forward in Reverse - Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave - Time Pacing: Competing in Markets that Won’t Stand Still.

Harvard Business Review, September - October, 1994.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 1994.)
- Contents Include:- The Theory of Business - Regaining the Lead in Manufacturing - Usability: The New Dimension of Product Design - Extend Profits, Not Product Lines - The Coming of Knowledge-Based Business - Can This Brand Be Saved? - When a Business Leader Joins a Nonprofit Board - Finding a Lasting Cure for U.S. Health Care - Surviving in the New Economy.

Harvard Business Review. April 2002. Vol. 80, no. 4L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2002)
Contents Include: HBR CASE STUDY: The Cost Center that Paid Its Way. FIRST PERSON: If You Want Honesty, Break Some Rules - BIG PICTURE: Wealth Happens - Manoeuvre Warfare: Can Modern Military Strategy Lead You to Victory? - Executive Women and the Myth of Having it all - Customers as Innovators: A New Way to Create Value - Reawakening Your Passion for Work - BEST PRACTICE: Saving Your Rookie Managers from Themselves - THE ENTREPRENEUR: Out of the Blue and into the Black

Harvard Business Review. April 2003. Vol. 81, no. 4. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
HBR CASE STUDY: Keeping to the Fairway. FIRST PERSON: Leading for Value - Luxury for the Masses - Tipping Point Leadership - R & D Comes to Services: Bank of America’s Pathbreaking Experiments - HBR INTERVIEW: Psychologist Karl E. Weick: Sense and Reliability The 2003 HBR List: Breakthrough Ideas for Tomorrow’s Business Agenda BEST PRACTICE: Fear of Feedback TOOL KIT: Preparing for Evil

Harvard Business Review. August 2002. Vol. 80, no. 8 Special issues: The innovative enterprise - turning ideas into profitsL

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2002)
Special issue. The innovative enterprise: turning ideas into profits. Contents Include: FROM THE EDITORS; The Innovative Enterprise - Search Parties: Outsource the Hunt for Ideas - How to Kill a Team’s Creativity - Innovation, Inc.: A Conversation with Pixar’ Ed. Catmull - When Social Capital Stifles Innovation. HBR CASE STUDY: The Sputtering R & D Machine - Inspiring Innovation - Brain Drain. FEATURES: Creativity under the Gun - The Failure-Tolerant Leader - Breaking Out of the Innovation Box - the Discipline of Innovation - Research that Reinvents the Corporation - Tough-Minded Ways to Get Innovative - Organizing for Innovation: When is Virtual Virtuous - Creativity is not Enough

Harvard Business Review. August 2003 Vol. 81, no. 8L

various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
FROM THE EDITOR: Mending Walls? FORETHOUGHT; Making the World Safe for Markets - Emerging Threat: Human Rights Claims - Bottom-Up Economics - The Return of the Global Brand HBR CASE STUDY: Trouble in Paradise PERSPECTIVES: In Search of Global Leaders FEATURES: Microcapitalism and the Megacorporation - Abraham Lincoln and the Global Economy - The New World Disorder - Helicoptering Up BEST OF HBR: What is a Global Manager? - The End of Corporate Imperialism - Thriving Locally in the Global Economy - Turn Public Problems to Private Account. IN CLOSING: The Authority of Ideas

Harvard Business Review. December 2002. Vol. 80, no. 12. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2002)
HBR CASE STUDY: License to Overkill. MANAGING YOURSELF: How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career. BIG PICTURE: What’s a Business For - The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy - Holes at the Top: Why CEO Firings Backfire - The Young and the Clueless - Expensing Options Solves Nothing - BEST PRACTICE: Crisis Communication: Lessons from 9/11 - THE ENTREPRENEUR: Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Scale - 2002 Index of Articles

Harvard Business Review. December 2003. Vol. 81, no. 12. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
FROM THE EDITOR: Growing Pains. FORETHOUGHT: Who Are the Gurus’ Gurus? - Profit Globally, Give Globally - The Turning of Atlanta - The Social Cost of Fraud and Bankruptcy. HBR CASE STUDY: They Bought In. Now They Want to Bail Out. DIFFERENT VOICE: In Praise of Boundaries. FEATURES: The One Number You Need to Grow - How (Un)ethical are you? - Growth Outside the Core - Developing Your Leadership Pipeline - Kill a Brand, Keep a Customer. FIRST PERSON: How We’re Fixing up Tyco. TOOL KIT: Expensing Stock Options: A Fair-Value Approach. WHAT GOES AROUND: Commonsense IT Management.

Harvard Business Review. February 2003. Vol. 81, no. 2. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
HBR CASE STUDY: A Consultant’s Comeuppance - HBR AT LARGE: I Was Greedy Too - Why Bad Projects Are So Hard To Kill - Who’s Bringing You Hot Ideas (and How Are You Responding)? - Negotiating the Spirit of the Deal - AIDS Is Your Business - The Enemies of Trust - BEST PRACTICE: Clueing In Customers - TOOL KIT: Who Needs Budgets?

Harvard Business Review. February 2004. Vol. 82, no. 2. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2004)
FROM THE EDITOR: For Strategy, the Readiness is All. THE HBR LIST: Breakthrough Ideas for 2004. HBR CASE STUDY: Give my Regrets to Wall Street. FEATURES: Measuring the Strategic Readiness of Intangible Assets. - Worse Than Enemies: The CEO’s Destructive Confidant - Getting IT Right - How to Have and Honest Conversation About Your Business Strategy - Launching a World-Class Joint Venture. MANAGING YOURSELF: Success That Lasts. BEST PRACTICE: Turning Gadflies Into Allies

Harvard Business Review. January 2003. Vol. 81, no. 1. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
SPECIAL ISSUES: Motivating People: How to get the Most From Your Organization. The Most Tangible Asset. HBR CASE STUDY: The Best-Laid Incentive Plans - VOICES: Moving Mountains. STRATEGIC HUMOUR: Cause and Effect. WHAT GOES AROUND: Pay Scales. FEATURES: Beyond Empowerment: Building a Company of Citizens - How to Motivate Your Problem People - What’s Wrong with Executive Compensation? - One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees? - Pygmalion in Management - Management by Whose Objectives? - Power is the Great Motivator - Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy

Harvard Business Review. January 2004. Vol. 82, no. 1. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2004)
INSIDE THE MIND OF THE LEADER. FROM THE EDITOR: The Leader’s Secret Self. HBR CASE STUDY: Left on a Mountainside. VOICES: Leading by Feel. THINKING ABOUT... Leadership Warts and All. FEATURES: The Seven Ages of the Leader - When Followers Become Toxic. Putting Leaders on the Couch: A Conversation with Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries. BEST OF HBR: Managers and Leaders: Are They Different? - What Makes a Leader? - Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons. - Understanding Leadership. IN CLOSING: The Highway of the Mind

Harvard Business Review. July 2003. Vol. 81, no. 7. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
HBR CASE STUDY: Do Something - He’s about to Snap - BIG PICTURE: Capital Versus Talent: The Battle That’s Reshaping Business - What Really Works - Delusions of Success: How Optimism Undermines Executives’ Decisions - Supply Chain Challenges: Building Relationships - How the Quest for Efficiency Corroded the Market - Are You in with the Crowd? BEST PRACTICE: Causes and Effects - MANAGING YOURSELF: Pull the Plug on Stress

Harvard Business Review. July-August , 1991.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1991.)
Contents include:- The Computerless Computer Company - Corporate Imagination and Expeditionary Marketing - The Fallacy of the Overhead Quick Fix - A European Platform for Global Competition: An Interview with VW’s Carl Hahn - Rochester Focuses: A Community’s Core Competence - A New Compact for Owners and Directors - The Case of the Unequal Opportunity - Tales from a Nonconformist Company - What Does it Mean to be Green? - Globalizing the Rest of the World - What is the Future of Banking.

Harvard Business Review. June 2002. Vol. 80, no. 6L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2002)
Contents Include: HBR CASE STUDY: The Skeleton in the Corporate Closet. HBR AT LARGE: My Week as a Room Service Waiter at the Ritz. MANAGING YOURSELF; A Survival Guide for Leaders - Charting Your Company’s Future - The Very Real Dangers of Executive Coaching - Value Acceleration: Lessons from Private-Equity Masters - The People who Make Organizations Go - or Stop. BEST PRACTICE: Spinning Out a Star. FRONTIERS: Have Your Objects Call My Objects

Harvard Business Review. June 2003. Vol. 81, no. 6. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
HBR CASE STUDY: The Global Brand Face-Off. DIFFERENT VOICE: Storytelling that Moves People: a Conversation with Screenwriting Coach Robert McKee. Leadership and the Psychology of Turnarounds. M & A needn’t be a Loser’s Game. Managing by Commitments. Let’s Hear it for B Players. Pension Roulette: Have you Bet too Much on Equities. BEST PRACTICE: Uncovering Hidden Value in a Midsize Manufacturing Company. TOOL KIT: The Myth of Secure Computing. WHAT GOES AROUND

Harvard Business Review. June 2004. Vol. 82, no. 6. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2004)
FROM THE EDITOR: Effective Immediately. FORETHOUGHT: Feeding Time - Supply and the Brand - What’s the Plan? - Just the Facts (and Forecasts) HBR CASE STUDY: Succession and Failure BIG PICTURE: The Perils of the Imitation Age. FEATURES: What Makes an Effective Executive - Redefining Competition in Health Care - Understanding “People” People - Chronic Time Abuse - Will You Survive the Services Revolution? HBR SPOTLIGHT: INTANGIBLE ASSETS: Sharpening the Intangibles Edge - Capitalizing on Capabilities PANEL DISCUSSION: Target Moving

Harvard Business Review. March 2002. Vol. 80, no. 3L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2002)
Contents Include: CASE STUDY: The Coach who got Poached. FIRST PERSON: The Trouble I’ve Seen DIFFERENT VOICE: Everything I Know About Business I Learned from Monopoly. THE 2002 HBR LIST: BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS FOR TODAY’S BUSINESS AGENDA: The Virtue Matrix: Calculating the Return on Corporate Responsibility - The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations - Making Sense of Corporate Venture Capital . THE HBR INTERVIEW; Edgar H. Schien: The Anxiety of Learning. FRONTIERS: Predicting the Unpredictable. TOOL KIT: Îo You Have a Well-Designed Organization? WHAT GOES AROUND

Harvard Business Review. March-April 1999. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. )
Contents include:- Driving Change: An interview with Ford Motor Company’s Jacques Nasser - New Thinking on How to Link Executive Pay with Performance - What’s Your Strategy for Managing Knowledge? - Competing with Giants: Survival Strategies for Local Companies in Emerging Markets - Unbundling the Corporation - Web Site Blues - Tailored, not Benchmarked: A Fresh Look at Corporate Planning - The right Way to Manage Expats - What Effective General Managers Really Do - Are Managers Obsolete?

Harvard Business Review. May 2003. Vol. 81, no. 5. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2003)
HBR CASE STUDY: Leadership Development: Perk or Priority? HBR AT LARGE: It Doesn’t Matter - Is Silence Killing Your Company? - Global Gamesmanship - The High Cost of Accurate Knowledge - Hedging Customers - The Nonprofit Sector’s $100 Billion Opportunity BEST PRACTICE: Diamonds in the Date Mine. FRONTIERS: Don’t Trust Your Gut. WHAT GOES AROUND

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