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Harvard Business Review. March - April, 1995.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1995. )
Contents Include:- Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail - Control in an Age of Empowerment - The Promise of Governed Corporation - Do you Want to Keep Your Customers Forever? - Corporate Strategy: The Quest for Parenting Advantage - How Do You Grow a Premium Brand - Starting Over: Poland After Communism - Who Rules the World’s Financial Markets? - Redraw the Line Between the Board and the CEO.

Harvard Business Review. March 2001L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2001)
Contents include - Case Study: Mommy-Track Backlash - The Job no CEO should Delegate - The Nut Island Effect: When Good Teams go Wrong - Strategy and the Internet - Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups - Not All M & As Are Alike - and That Matters - Introducing T-Shaped Managers: Knowledge Management’s Next Generation - Tom Siebel of Siebel Systems: High Tech the Old-Fashioned Way - Unleash Innovation in Foreign Subsidiaries - Making the most of On-Line Recruiting - Playing Around with Brainstorming

Harvard Business Review. March-April 1993.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston.)
Contents include:- Loyalty Based Management - Strategy as Stretch and Leverage - How Architecture wins Technology Wars - Message and Muscle: An Interview with Swatch Titan Nicolas Hayek - The Discipline of Teams - Health and Welfare of U.S. Business - Case Study: The Memo Every Woman Keeps in her Desk - The Worldwide Web of Chinese Business - Local Memoirs of a Global Manager - Efficient? Chaotic? What’s the New Finance.

Harvard Business Review. March-April 1994.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston)
Contents include - From Lean Production to the Lean Enterprise - Managing for Organizational Integrity - Saving it’s Soul: Human Centred Information Management - The Right Way to Go Global: An Interview with Whirlpool CEO David Witham - How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies that Work - Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work - The Plant Location Puzzle - Educating the Workforce of the Future - Does New Age Business Have a Message for Managers? - Don’t Give up on Russia - What Asbestos Taught Me About Managing Risk.

Harvard Business Review. May - June 1983.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. )
Contents Include:- Let’s restore balance to product liability law - U.S. trade policy needs one voice - The globalisation of markets - When Employees Make Concessions - When Corporate Venture Capital doesn’t Work - The Price of Ignoring Posterity - South Africa: Beyond Fair Employment - Are you Ready to Meet a Disaster - The Five Stages of Small Business Growth - Case of the Rogue Division.

Harvard Business Review. May - June 2000L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2000.)
Abstract. Contents include:- Syndication: The Emerging Model for Business in the Internet Era - E-Hubs: The New B2B Marketplace - Get the Right Mix of Bricks and Clicks - On the Edge: An Interview with Akamai’s George Conrades - Cracking the Code of Change - Lessons from Master Acquirers: A CEO Roundtable on Making Mergers Succeed - Building an Innovation Factory - Don’t Hire the Wrong CEO - All-in-One Markets, E-Procurement, Network Retailing, and More - The Ghost in the Family Business - Dream Deferred: The Story of a High-Tech Entrepreneur in a Low-Tech World - Balancing Act: How to Capture Knowledge Without Killing It - How to Acquire Customers on the Web - Will E-Commerce Erode Liberty

Harvard Business Review. May - June, 1992.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1992.)
Contents Include:- Corporate Redemption and the Seven Deadly Sins - Partnering for Competitiveness: The Role of Japanese Business - Manufacturing’s New Economies of Scale - The New Boundaries of the “Boundaryless” Company - The Case of the High-Risk Safety Product - Who Should Set CEO Pay? The Press? Congress? Shareholders? - Singapore Invests in The Nation-Corporation - The Purpose at the Heart of Management - Technology Policy: Is America on the Right Track?

Harvard Business Review. May - June, 1996.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1996.)
Contents Include:- Managing Government, Governing Management - Why Do Employees Resist Change? - Reaching and Changing Frontline Employees - The Ways Chief Executive Officers Lead - The Real Value of On Line Communities - Electric Utility Deregulation Sparks Controversy.

Harvard Business Review. May 2001L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2001)
Contents include - Case Study: When Salaries Aren’t Secret - Bringing a Dying Brand Back to Life - A Reading List for Bill Gates - and You: A Conversation with Literary Critic Harold Bloom - Transforming Corner-Office Strategy into Frontline Åction - Get Inside the Lives of Your Customers - Lead from the Center: How to Manage Divisions Dynamically - Swarm Intelligence: A Whole New Way to Think about Business - Novell’s Eric Schmidt: Leading Through Rough Times - Four Rules for Taking Your Message to Wall Street - How Fast Can Your Company Afford to Grow? - Revolution vs. Evolution: You Need Both.

Harvard Business Review. May-June 1991.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1991.)
Contents Include:- A Blueprint for Financial Reconstruction - The new old-fashioned banking - Teaching Smart People how to Learn - Profit Priorities from Activity-based Costing - A Longer Vacation - Transcending Business Boundaries: 12,000 World Managers View Change - The Case of the Environmental Impasse - What Should Unions Do? - Can Pension Funds Lead the Ownership Revolution.

Harvard Business Review. May-June 1994.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston.)
Contents include:- Making Supply Meet Demand in an Uncertain World - How the Right Measures Help Teams Excel - The New Corporate Philanthropy - Alternative Dispute Resolution: Why it Doesn’t Work and Why it Does - Reinventing the Business of Government: An Interview with Change Catalyst David Osborne - Managing a Manic-Depressive - The Russian Investment Dilemma - It’s not easy Being Green - Russian Raw Materials: Converting Threat into Opportunity - Two Women, Three Men on a Raft.

Harvard Business Review. Nov. - Dec. 1993L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston)
Contents Include:- The Reinvention Roller Coaster: Risking the Present for a Powerful Future - Managing Change: The Art of Balancing - How to Make Engineering Really Work - Mastering Chaos at the High- Tech Frontier - Recycling for Profit - Fixing Japan’s White- Collar Economy - When New Products and Customer Loyalty Collide - Rethinking Rewards - What Do Men Want? - Development, Democracy, and the Village Telephone - Changing the Mind of the Corporation.

Harvard Business Review. Nov. -Dec. 1995.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. )
Contents Include:- Exploiting the Virtual Value Chain - Competing on Customer Service: an Interview with British Airways’ Sir Colin Marshall - Use Joint Ventures to Ease the Pain of Restructuring - Getting it Done: New Roles for Senior Executives - Managing the Crisis you Tried to Prevent - Can this High-Tech Product Sell Itself? - The Winner Takes All Sometimes - The Economics of Trust - How One Polish Shipyard Became a Market Competitor - Managing Real Estate to Build Value - How Can Big Companies Keep Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive?

Harvard Business Review. Nov.-Dec. 1992.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston.)
Contents include:- Balancing Corporate Power - Shrinking Fast and Smart in the Defence Industry - Profits with a Purpose - Strategic Sourcing - Bootstrap Finance - The Work of the Leader - Case Study: The Case of the Temperamental Talent - Is Management Still a Science? - The Reluctant Entrepreneur - Mythology, Markets, and the Emerging Europe - MBA: Is the Traditional Model Doomed?

Harvard Business Review. Nov.-Dec. 1994.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston.)
Contents include:- Changing the Role of Top Management: Beyond Strategy to Purpose - The Team That Wasn’t - Power and Policy: The New Economic World Order - The Logic of Product-Line Extensions - Control In An Age of Chaos - A Framework for Risk Management - Medicine, Management and Mergers: An Interview with Merck’s P. Roy Vagelos - Industry Structure and Competitive Advantage - Efficient Markets, Deficient Governance - Managing in the Marketspace - A Second Look at Japanese Product Development .

Harvard Business Review. Nov.-Dec. 1998L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1998.)
Contents include:- Clusters and the new Economics of Competition - What Makes a Leader? - Versioning: the Smart Way to Sell Information - How Venture Capital Works - Covert Leadership: Notes on Managing Professionals - The Case of the Profitless PC - Business Marketing: Understand what Customers Value - The New Math of Ownership - The Discipline of Innovation - Are Networks Driving the new Economy. Includes Index to HBR’s 1998 articles.

Harvard Business Review. November - December, 1991.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1991.)
Contents Include:- The New Productivity Challenge - How the Baldridge Award Really Works - The Knowledge-Creating Company - Barriers and Gateways to Communication - The Way to Win in Cross-Border Alliances - Advice and Dissent: Rating the Corporate Governance Compact - Does Privatization Serve the Public Interest? - The Hard Work of Being a Soft Manager - How Does Service Drive the Service Company.

Harvard business review. November-December, 1982.L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston. 1982.)
Contents include:- An Unmanaged Computer System can Stop you Dead - International Bankers: size up your Competitors - Due process: Will Business Default? - Business and Labour - from Adversaries to Allies - What Effective General Managers Really Do - Rigid Rules Will not Make Good Boards - Germany’s World-Class Manufacturers.

Harvard Business Review. Novemvber 2001L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2001)
Contents Include: CASE STUDY: Are Some Customers More Equal than Others? Where Leadership Starts - The Inner Life of Executive Kids: A Conversation with Child Psychiatrist Robert Coles - Skate to Where the Money Will Be - The Real Person Won’t Change - Corporate Budgeting is Broken - Let’s Fix It - How to Lose Your Star Performer Without Losing Customers, Too - Jim Kelly of UPS: Reinvention with Respect - Changing a Culture of Face Time - Welcome to the New World of Merchandising

Harvard Business Review. October 2004. Vol. 82, no. 10. L

Various (Harvard Business School, Publishing Division, Boston, 2004)
CASE STUDY: The Micromanager HBR CASE STUDY: Civics and Civility. HBR AT LARGE: Presenteeism: At Work - But Out of It - Seven Surprises for New CEOs - Blue Ocean Strategy - How Industries Change - HBR SPOTLIGHT - THE 21ST CENTURY SUPPLY CHAIN: The Triple-A Supply Chain - Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround BIG PICTURE: America’s Looming Creativity Crisis BEST PRACTICE: Cultural Intelligence PANEL DISCUSSION: That Sunk Feeling

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