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How to Manage Your Global ReputationL

Morley, Michael (MacMillan Press Ltd, 1998)

HRN : Various brochures and information leaflets advertising the services offered by HRN.L

HRN (HRN, Philadelphia, PA., 1994.)
An outline of services, particularly Integrated Software Systems to manage External Affairs, offered by HRN .

Hugh MacKay Presentation.L

Mackay, H. (Wavelength Corporate Communication, 1994.)
Presentation by Hugh Mackay highlighting the ways in which business can improve their communication with the general public, using the process of putting meaning into message.

I worked hard. But I got something.L

A.C.T.U. (A.C.T.U.)
A video put together by the A.C.T.U. outlining the benefits of superannuation to the Australian work force.

I.R.R.C. Annual Report 1990.L

Investor Responsibility Research Center (Investor Responsibility Research Center, Wash. D.C.)
The annual report of the Investor Responsibility Research Center for 1990. Includes highlights for the year and services offered by the Center.

IBM in the community.L

IBM Australia Ltd. (IBM Australia Ltd., West Pennant Hill, N.S.W.)
A publication from I.B.M. outlining its policy of contribution to community programs. Three main areas are addressed: education, the environment and human services.

ICI North America’s Community Relations Manual.L

ICI North America (ICI North America.)
A copy of ICI North America’s Community Relations Manual. Headings include - “The Benefits of Being a Good Neighbour”, “Six Steps to Good Community Outreach”, “Nine Effective Community Outreach Techniques”, “Troubleshooting”, “A Way of Doing Business”.

Image - the business ghost that haunts organisations. Corporate Image Survey ‘92.L

Various (National Business Bulletin. )
Results of a survey carried out by National Business Bulletin on corporate image. Includes comments from several top businessmen and leading companies in the field of luxury cars, computers, hotels, commercial banking, copiers, accountants and others.

Image management.L

McKay, E. A. (Research report for M.B.A., Uni. of Melb., 1977.)
A study into how one company in Australia, Esso Australia Ltd., treats its image, and is it promoting itself in the most efficient manner with a minimum of expenditure? Interviews were also carried out with public relations or marketing departments of twenty Melbourne companies.

Image marketing : using public perceptions to attain business objectives.L

Marconi, Joe (NTC Business Books, Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA, 1996.)
This book offers a guide to what should and shouldn’t be done to successfully market an individual, a company, an entity or a product image by exploring specific examples of successes and failures. Key headings include:- “The Rules: Perception vs. Reality “, “The Tools: What People Think of You vs. How People Think of You “, “The Ups and Downs of Endorsements and Sponsorships”, “The Media and the Budget”, “The Negative Option”, “The Image Marketing Casebook - Apple Computer; Benetton; The Body Shop; Disney; Sears; Starbucks Coffee”.

Impact of pressure groups on U.S. budgetary process.L

Unknown. (Unpublished.)
An attempt to quantitatively estimate the impact of pressure groups on the appropriation process in the U.S.A. in the mid 1970’s.

Improving your market share : philanthropy, not charity.L

Unknown (Supermarket, September, 1997.)
An article highlighting the the emergence of cause related marketing, (C.R.M.). Respondents to a survey rated cause related marketing higher than more traditional forms of advertising as an influence in buying decisions. Companies with a clearly identifiable cause such as McDonalds, with Ronald McDonald House, rated highly in the survey.

In denial: the stolen generation and the rightL

Manne, Robert (Schwartz Publishing, Melbourne, 2001)
Published in the Australian Quarterly Essay, Issue 1, 2001. An essay in which Robert Manne attacks the right wing campaign against the ‘Bringing them home’ report that revealed how thousands of Aboriginal children had been taken from their parents.

In pursuit of the futureL

Allen, D.C.K. (Unpublished)
A paper presented at the LNG conference, May 25th, 1992 by D.C.K. Allen, Managing Director of Woodside Petroleum. The paper outlines particular challenges for the LNG industry and Mr Allen’s thoughts and views as to how these should be addressed. Key headings include:- Change and Uncertainty - The Outlook for LNG.

Indicators of excellence based on the 1993 Award Criteria for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.L

Varian (Varian.)
A set of indicators devised by Varian to support their leaders in their quest for Operational Excellence. They form a detailed check list that can be used as a benchmark for good business practice.

Industry and values : the objectives & responsibilities of business. L

Ivens, Michael (ed.) (Harrap, George G. & Co. Ltd., London, 1970.)
A collection of writings from various contributors covering the values and ethical standards of industry. Subjects covered include - Industry’s relations with Government - The conflicting values of management and other groups - Industry’s relations with government - The conflicting values of management and other groups - Industry’s varying responsibilities to shareholders, employees, customers, the community, the trade unions.

Industry as a player in the political and social arena: defining the competitive environment.L

Mahon, J. & McGowan, R. (Quorum Books, Westport, Conn. 1996.)
An investigation into the relationship between the corporation and its social and political environment. Headings include:- The Theoretical Development of Competitive-Industry Political Dynamics - Evidence of Competitive-Industry Political Dynamics from Four Industries, the Cigarette, Beer, Banking, and Chemical Industries.

Industry codes of conduct: their role in the competitive marketplace.L

Tamblyn, John (Unpublished.)
Paper presented at the trade practices commission workshop ‘Cost-effective fair trading for the 1990s - the role of voluntary self-regulation in the marketplace’. March, 1990. This paper examines how regulation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of competitive markets and canvass the scope for the Trade Practices Commission to facilitate self-regulation without unnecessary restriction on competition.

Influence for sale - at a price.L

Unknown. (Unknown.)
A newspaper article explaining the role of the lobbyist in Canberra, the nature of their power, the need to become more specialised such as the environmental group, industry and legal groups.

Influence-pedlars: the new eliteL

Neales, Sue. (Financial Review, June 5, 1990)
An article detailing the increasing importance of Canberra lobbyists in government decisions relating to business. The proposed merger between ANZ and National Mutual, and television ownership debate are discussed in some depth.

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