Industry codes of conduct - the way forward : proceedings of the symposium on codes.L

Various (Department of Industry, Science & Tourism, Canberra, 1996.)
Proceedings of the symposium on codes held in Melbourne, November, 1996. Presentations arranged under several headings - “What is expected of codes?” - “Challenges and opportunities : what makes an effective code?” - “Dispute resolution in codes : how to make it work”.

Caux Round Table — Guide to CSR and Business Ethics CodeI

Summaries of selected corporate responsibility codes and standards such as Amnesty International, ILO, etc.
Category: Codes of Conduct

Industry codes of conduct: their role in the competitive marketplace.L

Tamblyn, John (Unpublished.)
Paper presented at the trade practices commission workshop ‘Cost-effective fair trading for the 1990s - the role of voluntary self-regulation in the marketplace’. March, 1990. This paper examines how regulation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of competitive markets and canvass the scope for the Trade Practices Commission to facilitate self-regulation without unnecessary restriction on competition.

International Labour Organisation (ILO) Codes of Conduct for MultinationalsI

Lists information on different codes of conduct for multinational companies.
Category: Codes of Conduct

Millennium Development GoalsI

Lists the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and country-by-country reports against these goals.
Category: Codes of Conduct

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)I

Website contains information on OECD guidelines and many internationally recognised standards and codes of conduct.
Category: Codes of Conduct

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)I

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment provide a framework for considering environmental, social and corporate governance issues in investment portfolios.
Category: Codes of Conduct

United Nations Declaration of Human RightsI

Provides an overview of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (adopted on December 10, 1948) as a universally recognised framework or guiding code of conduct.
Category: Codes of Conduct

United Nations Global CompactI

Comprehensive, up-to-date site with information on the role and potential of the Global Compact.
Category: Codes of Conduct

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